Finally. The PDC has come back to the internet. Yes indeed, as I bring this column to you EVERYDAY of the week, as there is no such thing as a day off. Well, I have the lovely Starrcade predictions to botch up today, as I'm hoping that I can break my slump for them just like I did for the WWF last week. These new bookers are making it much harder to predict anymore, but I try, right? All this and more in today's Phat Daily Column, so let's jump on it!


-Jim Ross denied reports that the meeting between Jericho and Vince were very heated like it was originally reported. Ross said he was there, and they just discussed some problems within the WWF. Who do you believe in this case? The WCW employees that reported originally about the heat who weren't there, or the WWF employee who was there and said there was no heat? Well, it could be just a WWF cover-up, and it could just be a way for WCW employees to stir up some trouble in the WWF. Whatever the hell went on, Jericho did meet with Vince McMahon no matter what now, and there are some problems with Jericho; whether it be heat with other wrestlers or if Jericho hasn't lived up to the WWF's expectations in their minds. I'm sure those problems will be eventually aired out by both parties, and everything will be cheerful in the WWF again, right?

-Ouch. Sky TV in the UK has decided not to air the Royal Rumble. This is probably making the WWF second guess about doing another nude shot on a pay per view, because it's very obvious that Sky TV decided against it because of Miss Kitty flashing the world. The WWF probably thought that they could get away with anything on pay per view, but it's starting to bite them now. This could be the first pay per view carrier of many in the world that could decide to not carry WWF shows due to content. I guess we won't be seeing anymore nudity on pay per views, eh WWF?


-ECW did some Winter cleaning, as they released Axl Rotten, Chris Candido, and Tammy Lynn Sytch after rumored outside of ECW problems. I've heard that these 3 were given many many second chances to work out their problems in ECW, but I guess they didn't come through. All 3 are probably welcome in ECW, but it makes you wonder if either of the big 2 will pick them up. Like my good friend Christopher Micheals told me, WCW would be the best place for Candido and Sytch, as I guess they haven't burned down any bridges there yet. I've heard that WCW doesn't want to get them due to their past problems, but nobody's perfect. Give them a chance!!! I'm sure Axl Rotten will be surfing the indy circuit for years on, as I doubt that the Big 2 would really sign him. Not to knock his ability, but he just doesn't have the "look" that the big 2 seem to love..but that's my opinion. He could enter either one and become huge!

WCW Starrcade Predictions

Dr. Death Steve Williams vs. Vampiro
Since Williams has to honor his All Japan deal which means he's leaving real soon, Vampiro will finally defeat this man. Vampiro has jobbed to everyone and their mother recently, and I think he's payed enough dues. I just hope this is the final time we see Oklahoma if this is Dr. Death's final WCW match for a while or ever.
Tito's Pick: Vampiro

Revolution vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan and 3 Mystery partners
How Shane Douglas can wrestle in this one will be a mystery, and how Asya is allowed to wrestle in it as well is another. Whatever happens, I imagine that Duggan's team will win, as it could be predicted that Anderson, Orndorf, and Zybisco(sp?) will be Duggan's partners. Revolution doing janitorial duties equals ratings, right?
Tito's Pick: Duggan's team

Big Vito and Johnny The Bull vs. Disco Inferno and Lash Leroux
Hopefully, this ends this damned feud and angle which has left me constantly changing the channel. Please end this at the biggest pay per view for WCW of the year. Please!!!
Tito's Pick: Disco and Leroux

David Flair vs. Diamond Dallas Page in a Crowbar on a poll match
If David Flair defeats DDP, something is truly wrong with WCW.
Tito's Pick: DDP

Evan Karagias vs. Madusa for the Cruiserweight title
Evan Karagias is a horrible worker, and I think the creative team knows this as he's had his ass whipped for the past few weeks now. Why not give some extra interest to Madusa to keep her happy?
Tito's Pick: Madusa

Meng vs. Norman Smiley for the Hardcore title
I've got this feeling that Norman will pull this one off, as I think that a certain Tank Abbott will cause a nice screwjob to allow Meng to lose. Hopefully, Meng will lay down for Sting one day to pay back some dues...
Tito's Pick: Norman Smiley

Sting vs. the Total Package
Sting has been paying WAY too many dues lately, as I personally feel that it's time for Sting to finally shine in the Russo era.
Tito's Pick: Sting...the true WCW franchise!

Creative Control and Curt Hennig vs. Harlem Heat with Midnight
I smell dissention between Booker T and Stevie Ray about Midnight, and wouldn't it be interesting if Stevie Ray turned a member of creative control? I really hope not, but for whatever happens, Harlem Heat with Midnight will lose in my opinion.
Tito's Pick: Creative Control and Curt Hennig

Jeff Jarrett vs. Dustin Rhodes in a Bunkhouse Brawl
I hate that title of Bunkhouse Brawl. Why can't they just call it a No Rules match, or a Hardcore match? Idiots. Anyway, since Jeff Jarrett is Vince Russo's boy, Jarrett will defeat Rhodes and show him who has the stroke in WCW.
Tito's Pick: Jeff Jarrett

Kevin Nash vs. Sid in a Powerbomb Match
No matter how much Nash sucks up to Russo to try to win this one, I feel that WCW is going to keep trying to push Sid. Besides, Goldberg has beat his ass for TWO straight pay per views! Plus, Sid is working very well in WCW.
Tito's Pick: Sid Vicious

Bret Hart vs. Goldberg for the World Title
I smell a weird swerve going on in WCW for this match, but I have a feeling that it's going to be Goldberg's time. Since Russo is in slight trouble these days, he'll instantly push Goldberg to the moon!
Tito's Pick: Bill Goldberg

Those are my picks, and if they are totally off, remember...I'm not perfect.

@That's all for today. I'll be back with some news coming off the pay per view, and the usual Monday Night preview. Thanks a million for reading, and please check out winner of the Backyard Wrestling federation contest, Extremely Extreme Wrestling!

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