Hey, I'm back! Also, I am so glad LoP is back, as I love reporting for it! Anyways, on to the Phat Daily Column!


-Giant as of now, just wants to finish up his contract, then he will decide where to go from there.

-Sandman and Chastity are confirmed as being involved with Raven. Also, Raven is set to recieve a huge US title push soon.

-Sting is getting ready to star in some small movie roles. Sting will be ready to return come Febuary.

-Bret Hart's groin injury is very severe. He won't return to wrestling in about a month.

-I think the whole Bischoff-Flair angle is bullshit!!

-Wrath wants out of WCW, and he will leave WCW once his contract runs out soon, to return to the WWF.


-The WWF lately has been real impressed with the Hardy Boys.

-Stone Cold is out rehabbing the muscle tear in his back that he suffered at Rock Bottom. He also was very sick during the week before. He will return in a few weeks when he recovers from everything.

-WWF was real impressed with how they crushed Nitro without Stone Cold or Undertaker. I hear they will have to do it again this Monday.

-The man that attacked Triple H was a wrestler that will be called "Test". He has wrestled many WWF house shows lately, and he dresses in Diesel wrestling attire. He was a wrestler in Canada, and he was a personal favorite of the Canadian WWF President.


-Tammy Sytch has been contacting WCW about work. If she goes, Candido will probably follow, and become another victim to get lost in the shuffle.

-ECW seems to be starting to fall apart. They are constantly losing talent, and their booking has been boring lately. I'm sure Paul E. will find some more talent, get ECW better, only to lose the talent to WCW or WWF.

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