Welcome to the Monday Edition of the Phat Daily Column. Starrcade came and went, and now it's time to focus on the Monday Night Shows. Yes, what's still important to WCW, but no so important to the WWF now, since Thursday is their day. I'll throw some opinions at Starrcade, and give you a PHAT Monday Night preview to wet your appetites for tonight. Well, probably not, but I'll at least try to hype it all. On to the PDC.



Starrcade just about lived up to it's hype of being the best PPV of WCW, with mostly solid booking. I say mostly because that garbage with the Misfits in Action in the Shane Douglas is just intolerable. I still can't believe that anybody with booking power has confidence in this no-draw group of individuals. Shane Douglas, when used right, could have been a great heel champion. Instead, the MIA got the nod.

However, the booking team pulled a good swerve on the "smarts", by making Reno the actual one who paid off KroniK. Many insiders were predicting that Marie would be the one, but it wasn't. Reno rejoined the Natural Born Thrillers after this good swerve. Good job on that one.

The Insiders won the titles; no shocker there. Mike Awesome got the win, as did Lance Storm. Let's hope that WCW finally finds something GOOD for Storm to do. He's decent on the mic, and can draw heat. Oh yeah, he can actually wrestle if nobody has noticed yet.

Terry Funk won the title. I was expecting Terry to be there for a one shot deal, but now he's the champ. Terry, no matter what age he is, always brings some odd excitement to the table. As old as he is, that man can take a beating like no other. It would be good for WCW to build up Crowbar to get revenge on Funk.

Odd stuff with Luger vs. Goldberg. It looks like Buff will be the newly washed up WCW Superstar to fight with Goldberg. I hope that WCW does some good storylines, because I'm thinking that Buff *might* get excited about this kind of angle. He just might.

3 Count or 2 Count got the win, again, which means that they could be getting pushed right now. Oh wait, the Insiders already destroyed them. How about having a decent feud with Jindrak/O'Haire or something? Make 2 Count into some kind of tag sensation, and people will keep watching!

Scott Steiner retains the title, but it could have been better without Jeff Jarrett being involved. I never knew they had such a close connection lately, since they've been away from each other for so long. The real question out of this match should be: how long will Sid stick around?

I went 7-3 on the Pay Per View, with being satisfied with 2 of the ones I got wrong. MIA is the worst booked stable of all time.

-Nitro Hype-

WCW should put on a top-to-bottom good show tonight since Starrcade was a very strong effort on their part. They should put Steiner in the main event, easily, since he's oddly a tough draw against RAW is WAR. They should have Rection drop that strap, like they screwed up tonight. They should also push 3 Count for their big win last night.

That's all I can say, since WCW.com doesn't have a Nitro preview this early after Pay Per Views!


-RAW Hype-

Lots of Vince McMahon. Need I say more?

He'll come out and discuss how his wife was "sick", and then tell the crowd how he doesn't care for her at all. This interview should last around 20 minutes, and we won't mention how many backstage scenes we'll get.

The whole show will revolve around what McMahon does that night. If he happens to brush his teeth, everyone will speculate that his brushstrokes will determine the main event that night. Hey, maybe we'll see some possible "hoochies" for Vince to start dating. Oh yay.

Maybe we'll see Stephanie crying again, since Vince is such a low bastard. Oh wait, that's what he WANTS you to believe, because he's putting himself over as much as he can. He wouldn't have to do that if he wasn't half-assing his booking for the past year. The storylines are a mess right now, and the only innovative thing that Vince can think of is to have multiple guys in one match. That's all he knows.

Ratings and attendance wouldn't be down if Vince McMahon didn't drop the ball on his booking.

Eliminators Feedback

Wow, lots of e-mails about the Eliminators PDC the other day. Many of you enjoyed the short time that they wrestled, too. Thanks for the links to the "Best of the Eliminators" tape as well, from everyone who sent that in.

At the end of the column, I basically shared my dream idea that it would be very nice for Perry Saturn and John Kronus to reunite, especially to fight the great WWF tag teams. Well, many of you proved that John Kronus is now incapable of recapturing the glory of those great days. I saw some XPW pictures, and man, he's definitely no where near the shape he was in ECW. Plus, my theory is that Perry Saturn has changed as a wrestler too, but in a better way. He's a lot larger now and more solid as a wrestler. Sad thing for Saturn is that his attitude and look certainly aren't working in the WWF.

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