Welcome back to the ONE and ONLY Phat Daily Column. Well, I have lots to cover as I have the usual goodies, the ECW TNN show, and I have to announce the winner of the Backyard Wrestling webpage contest. Enough small talk, on to the PDC!!!


-Wow, now stuff is going around saying that Vince McMahon and Chris Jericho had a heated argument at Smackdown last Tuesday. Rumor has it that Vince offered Jericho a release, but who could find that out because they were the only two in the room. Did Shawn Stasiak tape the conversation? Ok, getting back to reality, this can't be good for Jericho and his oh so bright future in the WWF. He's crossed the boss somehow, and that's not a wise thing to do. All of this heat seems to be coming from HHH and X-Pac, who you could say are jealous of the future of Jericho. Why Vince is listening to them makes no sense, as I'm sure he didn't listen when they wanted him to push their past Kliq buddy, Aldo Montoya(now Justin Credible). Triple H just has some hard feelings because Jericho accidentally gave Chyna a black eye a few nights before Survivor Series in a tag match. Of course, anything that Triple H dislikes will rub off on his buddy X-Pac, and thus the whining about Jericho. Why Vince is listening to this is unknown, but I doubt he fires Jericho, because Jericho = Big time $$$$.

-Well, Smackdown did a 4.4 in the network rating, as it's slightly up from last week. Can I make excuses for the rating? Nope. I don't have UPN, remember. Of course, I could just rant about it after seeing Livewire in a little bit, and that's if I strap myself to a chair to watch that one. I guess I can say that it's good that a toned down show is still getting good ratings. Of course, the PTC wants more!!!! Did I not call this one? The WWF agreed to tone it down, but the PTC is still attacking their sponsors and they still want a few more things toned down. All I can say to the PTC is to look at the other shows now. Since Smackdown is more of a "wrestling" show now, you can look at other network shows and see the filth and the smut on those shows. But nooooo, that would be too easy. This prejudice against wrestling will never end, and the WWF was wrong in the first place to agree to their terms because it's never going to end!


-Thunder got a 2.3 this week, as it's the same rating as last week's. I'm really scared if Nitro becomes a two hour show. Thunder, the past two weeks, has been a model for Nitro when it becomes 2 hours in the year 2000. It has very fast matches, and everything it totally rushed. If you think that Nitro is rushed, think again! If this is how Nitro will be when they switch to two hours, they are going to be doomed. They only thing that the switch will do will be to eliminate some of the horrible midcard angles from getting airtime, and that's it. Nitro at 3 hours now has good, long matches which will definately need to be cut short once Nitro is a 2 hour show, and that won't help for me to decide their Monday Night Grade.

-The results of Scott Hall's MRI haven't been released yet, as he had one of those evil MRI's yesterday(god, I hate those!) Hopefully, everything is alright with him, and it's just a minor sprain. Scott Hall has been away for too long to go away once again. He's really made a tremendous comeback for his character, and I felt that he didn't lose a step when he came back. Others would be weaker when coming back, but Scott Hall came back and showed the whole world who still oozed Machismo. I hope the MRI results show that Hall is alright, because he's easily one of the top performers now in WCW.


Baldies getting airtime? Yes they did, and they got their asses kicked by New Jack and Mikey Awesome!! Yipee!! Ahem. The only thing cool about the Baldies is that they inflict pain with a staple gun, but that's so unbelieveable..but it's wrestling, right?

Mike Awesome is a DUD! How can a world champ drop so easily to a small guy like Spike Dudley. Sure, Spike has beaten some tough guys, but Awesome is supposed to be your World Champ! If there was a referee in sight, Spike would be your champ! Seriously! This sets up Mike Awesome vs. Spike Dudley at for the World Title at the next pay per view, and it's a great reason NOT to buy the pay per view. Way to book that one Heyman! It makes me wonder that if Mike Awesome could have a ref for his impromptu match, why couldn't Spike have one for his?

The 3 way dance was exciting, but did anyone care about the 3 individuals in the ring? No! Sure, they put on a good match, but they are ratings material to new TNN viewers. Good thing Sabu interrupted that match up just to add some interest to it. I liked when Sabu put everyone through that table. It really took it to the 3 jabronies who just fought the match.

Credible/Storm vs. Rhino/Candido was a great match, and everything around it was exciting. Man, I love the Rhino spears, as he really puts some force into them. That's one man I would never want to run in to. Sandman came down, and he got his too. Ha. This segment really saved this show from demise in my gradebook, because ECW should book stuff like this for the whole show! The other matches were fun, but I doubt anybody cares about the Baldies or those 2 who fought in the 3 way dance. You can have main eventers in a one hour show, right?

Other stuff included many many backstage vignettes, which I Fast Fowarded from. I saw that Francine was listening to Raven at the end, but I Fast Fowared that too because I'm tired of hearing Raven whine.

ECW on TNN Phat Stats

Matches: 4
Clean Wins: 2
Screwjobs: 1
Disqualifications: 0
No contests: 1

Last Word: Well, I just totally ripped ECW up there, but I tell it like it is. Seeing New Jack and Mike Awesome was good, but give them both better opponents. Having Spike embarass the world champ and making him the weakest champion in the land left a bad taste in my mouth, and I feel it will really put over the television title now. Oh well. ECW gets a


in my gradebook this week. I think they will get a 1.0 in the ratings when they come out next week.

The Winner of the Backyard Wrestling Contest is....

Extremely Extreme Wrestling

When I saw this page, I immediately knew that these guys were truly hardcore. They had it all on their site. They had a great design, great features, and all the information that you needed to know about the EEW. The character listing was well organized, and each wrestler had a great biography with picture and lots of information as well for the character. Heck, it even has a chatroom. Ok, that's not what matters, but everything else was great. The information was good, as you could find out their title histories and what happened at their events. Heck, they even had a section where they won awards for their wrestlers. They also have a place called the Darkroom where you can see pictures of their superstars. This federation looks to be well run, and it looks to have lots of participation. So congradulations to EEW, the best Backyard Wrestling federation online! Thanks to Lars270059 for sending the link to the EEW in. CLICK HERE to check out their great site!

As for the rest of the pages, I will say that there wasn't a bad one out there. It was fun to look through all of the other webpages, as I enjoyed seeing how creative many of you could be. I'm glad to see that there was lots of links submitted. I'm just sorry that I somehow couldn't put all of your great pages over, as I know you all spent many many hours of hard work on those.

@That's all for today. Maybe I'll have another kind of these contests in a few weeks. Anyway, thanks for reading, and just chill till tomorrow's column which will have Starrcade predictions!

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