Welcome to another lovely edition of the Phat Daily Column. I am your host, as always, Mr. Tito. On this wonderful Sunday, just 8 more days until X-Mas, we shall discuss the lovely Starrcade and just rant about random topics. Now won't that be sooo much fun? I know it will be. On to the PDC.

Random Goodies

Argh! I forgot to discuss the recent booking strategy of the WWF. They are now on the booking on the fly method, which means that they book angles or storylines on the night of the event! Before, the WWF planned everything that they did for important storylines, and half ass the rest of the card. Yeah, that was the years 1998 and 1999, when the WWF was REALLY successful. Now, they remain on top, but they are dropping. Oh, so that's why none of the storylines have logic these days. Like many others have said already, just remember that WCW was using the booking on the fly method, and they lost a lot of credibility on their storylines, thanks to it. The WWF should keep that in mind when hitting the panic button about lower ratings and attendance.

Yesterday, I was at the Final 3 Rivers Stadium Pittsburgh Steeler game, where they pounded the overpaid Washington Redskins into the ground. While watching it, I thought of a few striking comparisons to WCW and the Redskins. The team is WCW, and the owner, Dan Snyder, is a mixture or lovechild of Ted Turner and Eric Bischoff. Dan Snyder bought up all of the older talent who used to be great on other NFL teams, just like Turner/Bischoff went after WWF talent. With all of that "talent", it hasn't produced a winning city, which was WCW before they found Hall/Nash, or after that in 1998.

But the really striking comparison was of the Redskin's quarterback, Jeff George, to WCW's Buff Bagwell. Both are decent talents, with egos that ruin their careers. When Jeff George was with the Colts, he bitched about being underpaid, all of the time, like Buff has done a few times. When George was with the Atlanta Falcons, he got into shouting matches with Coaches, just like Buff has with bookers. Then, when George was playing for the Oakland Raiders, he was totally unproductive, just like Buff has been when he doesn't want to do a job; making an opponent look bad. When George was with the Minnesota Vikings, he looked good just like Buff looked good with the great group of the New World Order. Finally, George is with the Redskins, which is WCW in general, and he's just another ego in the bunch. Now isn't that ironic.

If you aren't an NFL fan, then disregard those two paragraphs please.

Smackdown recieved a 4.9 rating, which is pretty strong. RAW's numbers aren't so great lately(don't even say their rating was great this week, as they were unopposed), but Smackdown remains with great ratings. As if it wasn't said before, Smackdown is now the #1 WWF show. I, personally, like it better than RAW since Smackdown has more wrestling than RAW. RAW does raunchy angles to set up the matches on Smackdown. It's just a slow process that could be done with one show, but I guess with two, things seem slow.

Despite what all of you dumb kids think by posting up stupid newsbytes on your Newzboreds, Scott Hall and Torrie Wilson are NOT coming to the WWF. Jim Ross isn't saying this stuff to swerve you, as I'm sure he has better things to do. Hall is an alcoholic, who can never get his life together if he tried, and Torrie Wilson just doesn't have the "knack" for wrestling, although she has the look. Give it up children!

When will the WWF sign Jerry Lynn already? I'm tired of NOT seeing him in my area, who conveniently doesn't have any Hardcore TV. Since ECW is hurting on money, why not let the WWF make the best out of him. But what am I thinking? He'll come in, and make slugs like Billy Gunn or Bob Holly look good, while those others guys get the credit. Now if the WWF were to pick up Rob Van Dam, then we could talk some money with RVD vs. Lynn, WWF style.

While I was in Pittsburgh yesterday, I saw billboards of Mark Madden's "Sports Talk" for the ESPN radio up there, everywhere! But get this: the show runs weekdays from 4 pm to 6 pm Eastern. That impressed me, as I truly wonder where the man finds time. Now, I'm not ripping on him in anyway, but with the WCW announcing, hotline work, and articles/web stuff for them, added with some Penguins columns for a Pittsburgh paper, his own internet page, and wrestling columns for other pages, I wonder how he can handle such a filled plate, every week! Seriously, how can he do that without getting burned out? By the way, you can listen to his radio broadcast on 1250 am in the Pittsburgh area. I'll try to find it next week, and listen to see how his show is, and if he screams like he does when announcing for WCW.


The Superbowl of WCW wrestling..........

(Note: Some of these matches are rumored, so if one match is listed that isn't on the card, just ignore it please. Thanks.)

Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Mike Awesome
That 70's Guy. Do you get it?? Ha, Ha, HA! Both are injured, but Awesome seems to be more healthy at this point.
Tito's Pick: Mike Awesome

Mike Sanders vs. Chavo Guerrero
If it happens, which I might doubt. WCW would want to butter up Chavo some more, so that he won't go to the WWF and become appreciated.... Well, at least "more" appreciated than WCW.
Tito's Pick: Chavo

Ladder Match: Jung Dragons vs. Karagias/Noble vs. 2 Count
Match of the night. Period. I predicted that Noble/Karagias would win the last one, and I was wrong. I think they will pull the victory out of their asses tonight. WCW better let these guys have time to shine, because a spectacular match here will turn some heads, if you know what I'm saying.
Tito's Pick: Noble and Karagias

Hardcore Title: Crowbar vs. Terry Funk
Damn, this one is a hard one to call. I'm not sure how long Terry Funk will be with WCW, but maybe he could put over Crowbar and the Hardcore division tonight? It would be a shocker to me, and I'll go with it for this match.
Tito's Pick: Crowbar

Jeff Jarrett and the Harris Morons vs. the Filthy Animals
Teasing of a break up here will happen, and Jarrett and the two bald DOA members will prevail.
Tito's Pick: Jarrett and Creative Control

Kronik vs. Vito and Reno
I thought Reno and Vito were long time enemies, and that Marie was Vito's sister, who was in love with Reno? Maybe I'm wrong. But anyway, they are brothers going into this match, and their yummy sister will be the one to screw them over, since she has paid off KroniK this whole time. Not a bad ending to a rather odd storyline.
Tito's Pick: Adam Bomb and Crush

The Cat vs. Lance Storm
If the Cat wins this match, then WCW is totally stupid for not noticing the talent of Lance Storm. Of course, Lance could lose this to take time off to heal his injuries. By the way, Storm hasn't sat out for an injury at all, so shouldn't that say something about a fucking push sometime soon???
Tito's Pick: Better Be Lance Storm

US Title: Rection vs. Shane Douglas
Hopefully, WCW will see the decent heat that Shane gets, and finally gives him the title. Shane is way more marketable than Rection will ever be. Rection is rumored to be injured or whatever, so that should be reason to for the Franchise to win the title.
Tito's Pick: Better Be Shane Douglas

Bill Goldberg vs. Lex Luger
It's sad to see Goldberg's best storyline, since his return, come to an end. At least WCW got something out of Lex Luger; someone who they thought they could do nothing with. Bring on some tougher opponents for Goldberg!
Tito's Pick: America's Unlikely Superhero, Bill Goldberg

World Tag Titles: Perfect Event vs. the Insiders
There could be something fishy about this match, but then again, I could be talking about the combined duo of Shawn Stasiak and Chuck Palumbo. But really, Nash *could* pull a swerve on DDP, but I doubt it. Insiders rule again, as this rematch with the Perfect Event was just something decent for them to do. It's funny how WCW pushes the Perfect Event more than the far superior team of Jindrak/O'Haire, as Jindrak/O'Haire always does the Perfect Event's dirty work. Is it because Stasiak wrestled in the WWF?
Tito's Pick: The Insiders

No, drunken Scott Hall isn't showing up with WCW either, so knock it off!

World Title: Scott Steiner vs. Sid Vicious
Pretty good build up on this one, although it's going to be an eyesore to watch Sid wrestle Steiner. Hopefully, Steiner makes short work of the Millennium man or whatever. This loss to Sid gives him time off to get ready for Softball season, which is right around the corner.
Tito's Pick: Big Poppa Pump

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Also, keep an eye on the Wrestle Palooza Real Audio Show for a possible preview show for Starrcade!


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