Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. This holiday season is wearing me out, as I'm sorry for the delay today. Both Smackdown and Thunder went down last night, with myself only seeing Chunder. Oh well, there's always Livewire I suppose. Anyway, on to the PDC.


-I saw Thunder, for the most part last night, and I must say that it was rather interesting. Lots of crazy stuff going on in and out of the ring. Juvy is funny as a commentator when he doesn't act like the Rock. I hope that they keep Scott Hudson there too...or maybe move Tenay out? The matches were quick this week, as that's what I heard they were last week. The House of Pain match was rather lame to watch, and it pretty much proved the Scott Hall injury. I liked how the Total Package dressed up as Sting and was attacking him. The Package is one of my favorite characters in the Russo era. Wow, Kanyon beat DDP! Nice to see him back. David Flair showed some promise in his wrestling skills, as he might become a superstar afterall. My God!

-I like how Vince Russo is blaming those Standards and Practices for the reason why RAW has beat his ass the past 3 weeks in the ratings. Ha! Can the great Vince Russo write a show without all of the sleeze that he normally writes? NO, obviously not. He's stressing because smut television is all that he seems to write. You could say that he's a genious for booking all of those good matches week in and week out, but I think it's just the choice of talent for that. His angles are the true reason for losing the ratings. No, it's not without the smut that's hurting him, but weak angles like Disco Gambling and the anti-American Revolution along with the confusing heels/faces situation is what the real reason for the low ratings in the Russo era. He needs to shut up or put up.


-I received tons of e-mails asking me why Stephanie didn't give her new man, Triple H, a world title shot on Monday Night AND Smackdown. Well, as I reported from Scoops yesterday, Triple H has hyper extended his knee at Armageddon. I remember seeing a big, white bandage wrapped around his knee, and I was wondering what he did to it. It's really sore right now, and that's a good reason why he was just in a tag match and not in a high profile singles match. That's probably why Test fought most of the match on RAW, and Triple H mostly stood on the outside. Triple H will probably stay out of singles matches until he fights whoever for the World Title at Royal Rumble...

-It seems that the WWF won't give the Big Show the main event title match with Triple H, as the WWF plans to somehow have Mankind defeat the Big Show real soon. The Royal Rumble match will most likely be Mankind's final match, if they decide to have him in that match. It would be a great tribute to Mankind to have him in a main event and go down as a champion, instead of having some kind of injury angle. I'm sure that Triple H would break character at the end of the match, and show appreciation for Mick. Well, if you see a match for RAW which lists Mankind vs. Big Show, you can pretty much sum who wins that one.

-I heard that Bozell or whatever runs the PTC is rather pleased with the toning down of Smackdown, but he's still insisting that his Cult continue to attack the Smackdown sponsors. See, did I not tell you that this war wasn't over? The WWF gave in, and he's still attacking. He hates the stuff like "suck it", and some small sexual references. Smackdown is the only one he watches, as the WWF seems that they can get away with anything on RAW or Pay Per View. Going back to Smackdown...no matter how much they tone it down, the PTC will always be there attacking. They don't hate the content on the WWF, they just hate wrestling in general. They are jealous of its success, and they are mad that their children love it. It doesn't seem like many sponsors are buckling under pressure by the PTC this time around.

-It seems that X-Pac and Triple H are the main ones that really dislike Chris Jericho, as shades of the old Kliq are present. The old Kliq consisting of Triple H, Nash, Hall, HBK, and X-pac used to control the backstage, as they had too much starpower to mess with. They would put down and dislike up and coming wrestlers in order to keep their position. Little did they know that they were the best, and their jobs weren't in jeopardy. The old Kliq was close with WWF management, and that allowed them to get their way. Triple H and X-Pac still seem to have that power, as they have a few members of the WWF management against Jericho. Ha, of course, the leader of the Kliq back in the day, HBK, is the one still in hot water with the WWF...so they aren't that powerful to worry about. I doubt that Jericho has anything really to worry about, and besides, Jericho brings the WWF a lot of money!

@That's it for today. I'll be back tomorrow with some more column, so until then, just chill..till the next episode. Sorry for the delay!!! Be sure to watch ECW on TNN at 8 pm Eastern time tonight!!

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