Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Tonight, we have our Thursday Night Shows. We have Smackdown on UPN, and Thunder on TBS. Who will win the ratings war there? I'm kidding, Smackdown will dominate Thunder, but what can you expect from a network show. Both shows look to be at least watchable, so enjoy. On to the PDC.


-Wow, Stone Cold Steve Austin's surgery has been moved up, yet again, to January 11th. Before, there was no talk of Austin coming back for Wrestlemania, as he would just be finishing up re-hab then...but by adding two more weeks to re-hab it before Wrestlemania, I'm sure that the WWF creative juices are flowing now! He still won't be able to wrestle, some kind of appearance would be nice considering the main event will be the Rock vs. Triple H, which has occurred many many many many times.

-It's nice to see that TV Guide, the best seller in terms of channel listings, will have the WWF wrestlers on the covers again. They will contain the Rock, Mankind, Triple H, and Chyna. Getting back to what I was saying, TV Guide, you'd figure, would back the PTC...but they are way too smart to do that because every wrestling fan would start suscribing to the Cable Guide instead. I guess that TV Guide is supporting the federation which helped give them record sales when the WWF was last on their covers.

-Tonight's Smackdown looked pretty good, with the Big Show finally getting a good opponent because he's fighting the Rock tonight, and not some garbage heat wrestler like the Bossman. I think that nobody has yet to care about Big Show as champ, and that everyone feels that the World Title is worthless on the Big Show. That's sad, because Big Show has tremendous ability. All he needs is a good attitude, good angle, new tights, new look, personal life out of wrestling, and to stop fighting jerks like Bossman! Now is that hard to do? It sure seems like it.

-I'm sure many who purchased the replay were pissed, as some cable companies censored the Miss Kitty scene. Awww, you payed all of that money just to see a black block. People want to know if this whole thing was intentional or by Miss Kitty's ignorance. Well, do you see Miss Kitty getting in trouble? No, nuff said.


-Scott Hall seems to have suffered a knee injury, which looks to shelve him for a good bit if the MRI comes back negative. That really sucks because I'd imagine that a ladder match with Benoit and Scott Hall would be a classic match. Both Benoit and Scott Hall are known for making their opponents look good, so just imagine what they would do for themselves in a ladder match. I hope that Hall remains on camera because he's one of the best personalities that WCW has right now. Plus, he's been off camera for so long before, so I hope he sticks around.

-In Micheals post earlier you read that Russo has had talks about bringing the Warrior back to WCW. My lord, please don't let them do this. Remember what a joke it was the last time the Warrior came back? Ok, maybe they will have a different angle or gimmick this time around, but still. You are just adding another dinosaur to what you want to have as a young image. The Warrior, these days, is out of style and out of date. The only way I see that the Warrior could be decent is if he came back as a heel...and told his little warriors off. That's the way I'd book him. :)

-Russo is probably wondering why some of his younger guys are being pissed off. Just take a look Russo, you have legends like Paul Orndorf and Larry Zbyszko(sp?) getting center stage along with many of the older wrestlers. However, I agree with what Russo is doing in terms of talent. Many of the younger guys were held back so long before, that they didn't build up properly for a push. They never developed into anything spectacular before getting pushed, and that is what Russo is trying to do. He's having them either wrestle each other or go off on their own strange angle just to develope because they didn't get the chance to do that before. Plus, he's probably get the most out of his dinosaurs before they become extinct!


-When I was reporting about the ECW video game news on Scoops yesterday, I was just amazed at how loaded this game will be! For one thing, it has lots of gore in it, so that would be like getting addicted to Mortal Kombat all over again. This game has all of their current wrestlers, and then some. You can also create your own arena and your own pay per view with 8 matches, and that alone is well worth it. Acclaim is known for making a great create a wrestler, and they say that the one for the ECW game will blow the WWF Attitude one away. It will also feature better graphics and smoother gameplay than Attitude did. Yay, that's all I need is to get addicted to video games all over again!

@That's it for today. Remember, today is your final day to send in a backyard wrestling link for the contest, as I will announce the winner tomorrow! I'll be back with some more goodies, like always, tomorrow, so just chill until then!

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