Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. That's right, and I have lots to cover today. Ratings are in! Did WCW make a significant difference, or did RAW tell them who their daddy truly was? Let's find out, shall we? On to the PDC.

Ratings Anaysis

Monday NITRO

First Hour: 3.6
Second Hour: 2.3
Third Hour: 2.6
Composite: 2.8


First Hour: 6.1
Second Hour: 6.1
Composite: 6.1


RAW: 6.1 Tito's Prediction: 6.5
Nitro: 2.5 Tito's Prediction: 2.5

-Once again, RAW prevails with a good show, and WCW goes down even further to the worst of the era before Russo came. I could say that they need time, blah blah blah blah blah! I would say that, BUT they were getting cocky when Nitro pulled a 3.4 one night. That's right, and they thought they would constantly climb ladder very easily, but that was when RAW was lazy. Now that RAW is actually good these days, they are showing who is the true muscle on Monday Nights. This ratings loss could prove fatal to the booking style of Russo and Ferarra, and if it continues the next few weeks, it will revert back to what it was a few months ago, with wrestlers in total control. Like I said last week...I think that it's the fact that they have lame angles in between their so-called spectacular matches. Oh well, this is for WCW to worry about because they are losing badly anymore.


-Smackdown looks to be a decent show this week, and you can read Calvin Martin's spoilers by CLICKING HERE. Well, anyway, here is a NON-spoiler preview of Smackdown:

Chris Jericho vs. Prince Albert
Test vs. Kurt Angle
Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy
Tori vs. Stephanie McMahon
Al Snow vs. Mankind
Acolytes vs. Mean Street Posse
Too Cool and Rikishi Fatu vs. Hollys and Viscera
Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco vs. the New Age Outlaws
The Rock vs. the Big Show

It has the making to be a decent show. The Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy alone should be worth watching Smackdown. Look who Big Show has to fight! Finally, some tough competition this week. Hopefully, this match will impress WWF officials in giving him a better angle rather than something that rips on his family. The Stooges vs. New Age Outlaws should be a funny one to watch. God, I have to find somebody in this area that has UPN! I'm hurting here!

-There's a lovely rumor floating around that Miss Kitty received a lovely bonus for flashing at Armageddon. So far, the WWF hasn't had much flack from any parental groups about this, but I bet many parents who watched Armageddon with their kids won't buy another pay per view for them again! If the WWF doesn't get any angry parental groups on their asses, look for every pay per view to have a nice, quick shot. I'm sure everyone wants to know who will be the next to flash the world.

-Tazz is set to debut anytime in the year 2000, as you all should know by now, since he's still under ECW contract or at least verbally agreed that he can't wrestle anywhere else until the year 2000. When he comes in, don't expect an instant push like Jericho recieved. He will probably have a grand entrance, and he'll pound some midcarders to get to the top. I've heard that the WWF plans on making him a heel so that he can be like a killer in the ring. I think that Tazz will eventually surpass the likes of Jericho because Tazz has way more ability than Jericho does. It will only be a matter of time for that to be proven.


-Those darned Thunder spoilers are around too today, and you can access them by CLICKING HERE. Like I did with Smackdown, here's a NON-spoiler preview:

Midnight and Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Asya and Perry Saturn
Vampiro vs. Buff Bagwell
TAFKA Prince Iaukea vs. Evan Karagias in a non-title match
David Flair vs. Norman Smiley
Dr. Death Steve Williams vs. the Wall
Chris Kanyon vs. DDP
Sid vs. Chris Benoit
Outsiders vs. Bret Hart and Bill Goldberg in a cage match

This show looks to have some confusing points in terms of interviews turning into matches. This show seems to have lots of interviews contained in it, and some odd finishes to the matches. Check it out anyways, because it's one of the last week's you'll get to see Chunder on a Thursday!

-Poor Dean Malenko suffered a neck stinger during Nitro when he hit his neck on the bottom rope last Monday on Nitro. They said he'll be alright, but I'd get it looked into. I've seen a few athletes get major surgeries to end their career due to stingers. Sterling Sharpe, former Greenbay Packer, suffered a neck stinger and he had to get his neck vertebrae fused and it ended his career. Malenko better get his checked up properly, and try to take a few weeks off just to be sure.

-I've heard some rumors that Starrcade is really the last chance for Russo-Ferarra to shine before a good bit of their power is taken away. Well, I guess with the below 3 ratings that they've had for 3 consecutive weeks, the pressure is on to produce. It's very hard to judge someone based on a pay per view since WCW was in a major hole in terms of pay per view sales in the past. I don't know..there's a part of me that's saying that the creative team are failures, but there is also a part of me that says that the creative team is cleaning up the mess that was left before them, and it will definately take time. We'll see in a couple months how this situation is then.

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