Welcome back to another edition of the Phat Daily Column. Yes, it's late today, but I was up all night watching Chunder, and I had to catch up on behind e-mail on my new account. So anyway, today is WCW day, where we will discuss good old Thunder, current issues, and give the Jackson 5 of the top 5 wrestlers. So on to the PDC!


While watching the late, late version of WCW Thunder, I realized something. By watching it late at night, it totally changes my opinion of the show. Why you ask?

Well, when you watch it during the late evening, I suppose you could be more alert when watching it, therefore, expecting way too much. But when you watch it late at night, like from 1 am to 3 am, you are much relaxed while watching it. It's true. For the past 3 weeks, I've watched both Nitro and Thunder that way, and it seems to reflect, oddly, in my reviews. I'm much calmer, I'd say, when critiquing the shows. Hmmm, either that or WCW has been really decent lately.

Decent opener with the 3 teams of 3 Count/Jung Dragons doing battle. Odd booking, though, with those same teams fighting each other just before the Pay Per View.

I really don't know what the purpose of having the Perfect Event fighting Chavo Guerrero, unless it was to somehow set up a rematch with Mike Sanders at Starrcade, which WCW hasn't announced yet.

I'm actually proud of WCW for booking the Lex Luger vs. Bill Goldberg match to have some interesting things behind it. Why couldn't they have done it last month? Oddly enough, it's also helping to promote Goldberg's book, too, with the involvement of the Sarge and Luger always complaining about how he's not in the book, when he actually is. Luger got the win over the Sarge last night.

I just like how, out of the blue, that WCW announces that Reno and Big Vito are brothers, and now Marie is their sister. Someone over at PWtorch.com predicted that Marie will turn out to be the one paying off Kronik, which I totally agree with.

Very odd interview by Shane Douglas with Mike Tenay. I thought that they should have let Shane say more, like they have for Nash and Goldberg. At least Stevie Ray didn't half-ass interview him, thank God.

Hmm, I wonder if WCW will turn Kevin Nash on DDP at the Pay Per View? I believe that was the purpose of not having Nash run in and save DDP, since Nash was "knocked out" by the NBT. Something could be up, which is good booking by WCW.

Now Meng is a tough opponent for Scott Steiner, and a good credible win for him heading into the Pay Per View, even though Meng has been Goldberg's bitch about 5 times. Sid proceeded to come down after the match and deliver a Chokeslam on Steiner. This is a well hyped up match too on WCW's part.

Decent Thunder overall with a few loopholes, as I'll give it a B-. Hopefully, I can remember to grade Smackdown tomorrow, which I totally forgot yesterday.


NITRO Ratings Analysis

First Hour: 1.5
Second Hour: 1.9
Composite: 1.7

For it being on an unhyped Tuesday, it did pretty good if you ask me. WCW didn't even know, themselves, that they'd be pre-empted. Dumbasses! It's called "being organized". They should try it sometime, and they'll get better ratings.

CNN, today, said that the FTC or Federal Trade Commission has approved the merger of AOL and Time Warner, which should officially take place very soon. Probably during the beginning of January, as intended. So if WCW is to be sold, since it has lost around $50 Million this year, it should happen very shortly. The only one who wants to buy is the idiot group who has been convinced by Eric Bischoff that he can make it a winner again. His idea for making it a winner is to bend over for Hulk Hogan, again.

WCW is upping their offer to Torrie Wilson, and I wonder why. What purpose does she even serve to Shane Douglas? She's one of the worst valets, ever, and it's NOT for her looks. She's a fitness model, and a fitness model only!! For the 2 years she's been in the company, nobody has noticed that yet. WCW doesn't need to pay big bucks for someone they don't really need, so let her go. It's not like she'll be poor, since she's on the cover of EVERY fitness magazine out there.

WCW Jackson 5

5. Lex Luger: Hey, why not? He's been good to watch lately.

4. Bill Goldberg: Although he'll destroy Luger, at least he has a solid storyline to work with.

3. Diamond Dallas Page: Bang! I'm glad that he's back.

2. Jeff Jarrett: Work that midcard!

1. Scott Steiner: He's beat up two big WCW slugs this week, while working with Sid pretty well. His match with Sid, however, shouldn't be much to watch though.

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