Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Monday Night just went right by last night, with WWF following a pay per view, and WCW trying to combat that. Who came out on top in my mind? Let's find out, on to the PDC.

Monday Night Impressions

New format!!


Lame-ass angles turned to matches this week, as the Mob fought Disco/Laroux and the Revolution fought in a tag team match. Anything that has weak angles like this will ALWAYS keep WCW down in the ratings. Nuff said. I wonder how much WCW spent on the opening match between Maestro and the TAFKA Prince Iaukea. Spend your money on something good, not that crap. This whole Madusa/Karagias thing is getting stupid fast, so get their match over with. I hate Evan Karagias. Too many interviews happened tonight, as well as backstage happenings. I know if I was in the crowd, I'd be pissed at that! Remote control crap..oh please. Jarrett vs. Benoit was a good rumble, with Jarrett somehow pulling that victory out of his you know what. If I was a WCW wrestler who has been there for years, I'd be pissed that Jarrett gets all the spots. Meng has finally found some wrestler who he can trade stiff shots with in Tank Abbot. Joy. Oh my, I see dissention between Booker and Stevie over Midnight. Great! I hope it gets Stevie Ray away from Booker T, eh Coolbeans? Block matches are lame no matter what screamin' hardcore champ you put in there. Nice of WCW to give that special boy a chance to manage his hero, Sid. Anyway, Sid probably hit his best powerbomb in a while tonight, as Dr. Death really got it. Sid vs. Nash won't be that good because those two, for some reason, put on bad matches together in my opinion. The Sting/DDP vs. David Flair/Package match was chaotic, and it was easily the most entertaining part of Nitro. Sting fighting DDP all night was great, and David Flair turning on Luger was classic too. Great to see Kanyon back, but this time he has the guy who was a lawyer with Jim Cornette and a manager of the Nation of Domination in the WWF. Poor Kanyon..that guy won't take his career anywhere. Paul Orndorf returns, but he was less than wonderful. I hope that Piper gets off television soon. Oh no, Outsiders are champs! Like nobody saw that coming..just like nobody saw Stephanie siding with Triple H on Sunday Night. Lame! Scott Hall is really earning the gold ever since he's been back! No heel turns for either Bret or Goldberg.

NITRO Phat Stats

Matches: 14
Clean Wins: 9 (can be disputed)
Screwjobs: 2
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 2

Last Word: This Nitro has NO CHANCE IN HELL in the ratings this week, because for one they are up against an after-pay-per-view show, and two, they didn't do anything surprising this week! Nothing has changed at all in terms of how this show is run, as it still has the weak angles, and it keeps centering around the same main eventers. It was a decent show, but it's NOTHING that can take WWF's ratings away.


Yes, they are making progress, but they still look like lightyears away from making a difference in the ratings lately. I'd imagine that a 2.5 will be their rating in the head to head ratings.


Good opening match with Jericho and X-Pac. That's probably their best so far. I think the WWF reads my column because they haven't had one of those boring interviews to start the shows off anymore. Mark Henry sleeping with Mae Young that was shown on G-TV had me on the floor laughing..no lie. Hey, G-TV is back for those speculating that Shawn Stasiak was behind it the whole time. Stephanie McMahon really took control of the night, as she first told her father how it was, and she ruled the show. Ha, she even set up Test, who she was supposed to marry. I loved that! Rock N Sock vs. the Dudleys was a great match...as I was hoping for a third fall! Since Stephanie and Shane sent that special ref to count, and they were in control, then it's legit!! Dudleys proved tonight that they can hang with the big boys. Kitty vs. Torrie in chocolate pudding. Wrestling has really changed lately. Hey, I wonder if Earnest Miller will sue Miss Kitty for changing her name to the Cat. Ha! Acolytes better get a title shot soon! Pete Gas took a mean chairshot! Ouch! Sure the Edge/Christian vs. Hardys was a good match, but that ending was oh so familiar. Ever see, I think, the Summerslam Spectacular with the Steiner Brothers vs. Money Inc. in the cage? Exact same ending!!! Why does Kane lose all the time? Push him!! I'm glad to see that the Big Show destroyed Prince Albert and Bossman. I hope that the feud for them is finally over. The Tazz vignettes had him talking this week. God, I hate adding another "z" to his name.

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 8
Clean Wins: 4
Screwjobs: 1
Disqualifications: 1
No contests: 2
Unknown during Rock N Sock vs. Dudleys match: 1

Last Word: Good, solid RAW after a Pay Per View. The WWF put up their best superstars tonight too, as they chopped off the fat that bored me for the past few weeks. Stephanie was pure evil tonight, and that's making for a great angle. I would have wished for a third fall between the Rock N Sock connection and the Dudleys. Oh well, overall, a great follow-up to a pay per view.


This show will easily surpass Nitro in the ratings with a 6.5 rating in my opinion.

Overall, a good night of wrestling. Like the new Monday Night Impressions format? If so or not, let me know.

Other Wrestling Stuff

-ECW on TNN stayed in the ones again this week, as they tied their best rating ever with a 1.2. Wow, they've been in the ones for about 3 or 4 consecutive weeks now..that was unheard of before. I noticed that their first half of the show is their lowest rated part, so I guess that means they must beef up the whole show now. That first half hour is usually packed with a Super Crazy match. Nuff said. I guess these consecutive weeks means that ECW on TNN might have a chance to be big afterall, as they are growing slowly. I'm sure their ratings will jump higher now with the winter season coming around.

-Yesterday, WWF apologized on WWF.com about Miss Kitty's flashing during Armageddon. I think they've heard some angry phonecalls, so I guess they put that apology on to maybe stop more of them from coming in. If you noticed last night, the WWF made absolutely no mention about what Kitty did last night. They kept it quiet, and that will really help them to stay out of trouble. Now if they were to brag about it, I'm sure more annoying groups like PTC will chase them and their sponsors down. I still think that more parental groups will come after the WWF because of the flashing. They will say that since they would do it on a pay per view, what says that they wouldn't "accidentally" do it on television as well. Not that I'm for it, just saying that it will happen. Those groups are picky about anything that their children watch...even pay per views, and they will think that the pay per views will reflect on television.

-Tonight, the Armageddon encore is expected to be HUGE tonight due to Miss Kitty's flashing. I'm sure the word got out in all the schools, and many will want to see this first time event along with the many decent matches on the card as well. Many will bash the WWF for what they did, but I guess it gets them a HUGE encore buy rate, right?

-It seems that the Undertaker is set to come back at the Royal Rumble, and by the way the WWF announcers were talking last night about who Big Show's father was, it seems that those shitty rumors about the 'Taker being Big Show's father might be true. That's a shame and a retarded angle. Big Show needs something else besides ripping on his personal life to get him over. He's the world champ, and nobody cares! Having angles where his past family is involved has proven to be a failure to get him over, so try something else!!! Like I said before..if they make the Undertaker his father, the Undertaker must have been a good 13 year old pimp.

-Yes, I've heard the rumors about the Wrestlemania 2000 main event being the Rock vs. Chris Jericho...which I don't believe at all! From this standpoint, it's easy to see that Triple H will win the WWF title at Royal Rumble, and the Rock will win the battle royal to become the #1 contender. I think the WWF will take their time with Chris Jericho and develope him into a contender for the world, and not immediately. Jericho is going to earn it just like the Rock and Triple H did before him.

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