Welcome ot the Thursday edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll take a look at some recent wrasslin' headlines, and then proceed to hype tonight's edition of WWF Smackdown. It's just that simple!

Interesting feedback about the video game reviews yesterday, from the few e-mails I was able to read. It appears that some people are really hooked on Legends of Wrestling, even if they have to put up with Acclaim's fighting engine. I know that many were hooked on the ECW games, so it appears that Acclaim's games are addictive if you really like the roster of wrestlers within the game.

But it's not enough for me to buy a Playstation 2. If there was a system, of today, that I'd buy, it would be the Nintendo Gamecube. Why? Well, besides the fact that the Star Wars game is fantastic, Nintendo can be counted on for some excellent games, especially when working with Rare. I'm a loyal Nintendo player, too, so that has something to do with it as well.

But for the older wrestling games, for the NES or SNES, I might just review them in order, as long as I can find the games on an Emulator. Maybe provide a history to show the evolution of wrestling in video games, or something. I just need to find a site that has all of the roms, and I'm set.

Anyway, on to the PDC.


-I absolutely laugh at Larry Zbyszko's finger pointing at the WWF for letting Chris Jericho call himself the "Living Legend". Zbyszko claims that it's his gimmick, as if he trademarked it somewhere or something. He's also assuming that today's wrestling audience has even seen or heard about Larry Zbyszko, especially since a good bit of WWF fans started watching in 1998, when WCW was on its way down and Larry was an announcer for Thunder (or Chunder) and weekend syndicated WCW shows. And he expects that everyone "got" the Living Legend mention on RAW? Oh please. Now if it was used when Larry actually wrestled, then yes, it would have been a shot at him. I'm betting that Jericho just called himself that as a shot to Ric Flair in the storyline, since Flair is called a Living Legend by most of the wrestling audience, whereas it used to be Zbyszko's gimmick.

-Sting!!! Don't join the XWF!!! It's a trap!!!! It's like the many attempts Sting tried to team up with Ric Flair or join the 4 Horsemen. He always got his ass kicked for that, and his wrestling career will be tarnished if he joins the XWF.

-Oh boy, the XWF is really getting a winner with Rick Steiner. Steiner fits in because of the oldschool WCW Good Ol' Boy System that runs XWF, as we have Kevin Sullivan booking the shows, and various corrupt WCW road agents, like Mike Graham, backstage as well. Looks like Rick Steiner will get pushed to the moon in that company, and you can watch it if its your cup of tea. I know I wouldn't watch the XWF with Rick Steiner there, as I didn't like how Johnny Ace pushed Steiner down my throat in the final days of WCW.

Hopefully, the Rick Steiner signing wasn't a way to butter-up Scott Steiner to join the XWF, too. Although he's a crazy mofo, who seems to rage a lot, he'd be better suited for the WWF and he should know that he'll make a lot more money in the WWF, too.

-You know, I'm a big fan of Jim Rome's "Last Word", insomuch that I salute the show by saying "LAST WORD" for the final grade on a television show. This Friday, it looks like former WWF waste Chyna or should I say Joanie Laurer will be on the Last Word to probably put over her new edition of Playboy, which isn't selling well, and to probably point the finger, again, at Triple H and Stephanie for whatever excuse it is this time for ruining her relationship with Triple H. I seriously hate seeing Chyna sob all of the time, especially when she claims to be a strong woman.

-It's really nice of the WWF to finally tour Asia, but they are missing a very large opportunity. In the early Fall of 2000, World Championship Wrestling toured the continent of Australia, and found out that Australian wrestling fans were a very hungry group of individuals for LIVE wrestling. For the next 2 Nitros and 2 Thunders, WCW experienced sellout crowds that cheered for everything that the American fans didn't bother watching. WCW didn't experience hot crowds for a long time until they toured Australia, and by then, WCW was really on the way down.

So with that, why the hell is the WWF avoiding a tour of Australia? What did that country/continent deserve to get ignored, time after time, by the WWF? Sure, the WWF has sent a few wrestlers down there to meet and greet fans, but it has never resulted in a tour in which the WWF could rake in the dough. It would definitely gain the Australian wrestling fans' respect, and allow them to watch the WWF much more because the WWF took the time to tour their country. Instead, though, the WWF will over-visit New York City on wrestling tours, and continue to tour the same venues that barely sellout anymore.


Well, it looks like we'll be seeing some revenge by Steve Austin on either Vince McMahon or Booker T. Oddly enough, if this Booker T feud continues, and Rock is unfortunately feuding with Test, that means that a heel Chris Jericho is left with NO faces to fight. Oh wait, isn't Triple H making a return soon?

We're likely to see much more of Vince McMahon tonight. Oh boy, he's the reason I keep watching (sarcasm). I'm guessing one 20 minute in ring interview, and about 6 backstage segments that he'll "star" in. It is funny to see how happy fans are that Shane and Stephanie aren't on television, but yet Vince keeps himself on. Vince just has no confidence in the wrestlers he spends millions on.

Oddly enough, only one match has been officially announced for Smackdown. Just one. The Rock and Rob Van Dam will team up to take on the Undertaker and Chris Jericho. The WWF has yet to explain why RVD and the Rock tag up, by the way. Remember, it was a few weeks ago on Smackdown, where their backstage was cut, which explained why they tagged up to fight the Dudley Boys. I believe that RVD believed that the segment would be taped at 4:20 or something, so it was thrown out.

But anyway, that looks to be the Main Event of Smackdown, unless Sports Entertainment takes over, and we'll see Austin vs. McMahon 2847474763663, and not "2", like Vince threatens.

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