Welcome, one and all, to another spectacular edition of the PDC. Today, we discuss the wonderful world of WWF ratings, to which many are oddly praising. Also, WCW's pre-empted Nitro was on last night, therefore, we have to look at that wonderful show too. So on to the PDC!

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WWF Ratings Analysis


First Hour: 5.7
Second Hour: 5.8
Composite: 5.75
Composite Last Week: 5.0
Composite Last Year: 6.1

-Time Machine for RAW Last Week-

Last Week's First Hour: 4.7
Last Week's Second Hour: 5.3

WWF Lower End Shows

Livewire: 0.9
Superstars: 0.8
Sunday Night Heat: 1.8

So you are meaning to tell me that the WWF only jumped up 0.75 points in the ratings without Nitro and after a Pay Per View??? Now granted, many are praising this increase in the ratings as the next coming of the WWF, already. I don't think so. I thought that RAW was a dragging show, which followed the WWF's worst Pay Per View of the year. That's my theory, if you ask me.

The little jump is obviously from fans who flip back and forth, or just hardcore WCW fans who wanted to watch wrestling on a Monday Night, since they weren't told by WCW until Thursday about the pre-emption. The beginning of RAW did the worst rating, as usual, with the boring set up of the 4T match later in that hour. The 4 T match, with the Dudleys/Rock vs. Edge/Christian/Kurt Angle did a strong 6.1 rating for the two segments which it ran in. Impressive, as I would have chosen that to be the main event instead.

DANGER: Vince McMahon's segment drew decent ratings. Yep, the Sports Entertainment fans fell in love again, as they got off on the 26 minute Vince segment. That's not good for us oldtime WWF fans, who are going to puke at the thought of more Vince on TV talking about nonsense for 20 minutes, and probably more since he drew ratings.

Everything else did ok, but remember, no competition from the other end, even though WCW's numbers aren't much of a threat.

The lower end shows went right down this week. Although it's understandable about Heat with the PPV, Livewire and Superstars are both down on the week of Armageddon. Now that's bad, and when those shows go down, that is a good indicator that the demand for the WWF is down.


Nitro is guilty of the long opening interview, but luckily, Ric Flair is more appealing than Vince McMahon.

I'm tired of WCW wasting Lance Storm on stupid feuds. This Cat feud is just horrible! Cat is only good when talking, and NOT wrestling.

Kickass!!! Terry Funk came back to WCW, in a funny fashion, to challenge Crowbar to a Hardcore Title match! Yipee!! I only wish that WCW did this last week, so that they could get the word out better or hype it for a longer period of time. Great stuff.

Sid returned to the ring to demolish Mike Sanders tonight, still showing that he's all look and no ability in the ring. Sort of like a Billy Gunn, but much taller! Well, nobody is worse than Billy Gunn. NOBODY. At least Sid was able to work a good match with Chris Benoit, and my point has been made. Sid would later brawl with Steiner at the end, which was sort of horrible.

Good cheap win by the Perfect Event, which helped to hype the Insiders vs. Perfect Event match at Starrcade.

Odd stuff with Bill Goldberg and the Sarge tonight, with Lex Luger laughing all the way. WCW has done a decent job with this feud, although it should have been done well last month.

Corporal Cajun or Lash Laroux continued to show that he's on his "seefood" diet, by working a bad match with Shane Douglas. Shane better win the title this weekend, because he could make that belt look good as a heel champion.

Good work with Jeff Jarrett and the Filthy Animals, as I'm still baffled at the midcard working by Jarrett. I guess he's now doing what the WWF intended him to be?

WCW broked rule #765, and that is to NEVER have A-Wall(Get it???) in a main event. Remember his main event match with Hulk Hogan a while back? Ugh. Although, I do sort of agree with the notion that these midcarders, Stevie Ray, Rection, and A-Wall(Get it?) are helping to slowly build up Steiner as a stable champion. I don't know, we'll see how it pays off in the ratings.

Nitro Phat Stats

Matches: 8
Clean Wins: 4
Screwjobs: 2
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 1

Last Word: Pretty solid show on WCW's part, with it's few flaws here and there, MAINLY FROM THE MISFITS IN ACTION. Ahem. Did I mention the MIA sucks yet? The matches were built up pretty good here for Starrcade, as they have been for the past few weeks. The return of Terry Funk was a very wonderful surprise. I'll give this show a


just for the fact that anything involving the MIA totally sucked, and plus, WCW had a lot of interviews and such. Still, a decent showing to hype this weekend's Pay Per View spectacular, if you call it that.

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