Welcome back to the ONE and only Phat Daily Column. The rumors were true about Stephanie McMahon, as she sided with Triple H. Awwww, poor test. I was 6-4 this time around on my Amageddon Predictions, thus finally getting out of my horrible WWF slump. Look for nothing to really matter for the ratings tonight, as the WWF is going to destroy Nitro in the ratings because of the after pay per view effect..no matter how good of show Nitro puts on. Anyways, on to the PDC!


-Miss Kitty has done what in the WWF have refused to do, and that's expose themselves in front of a live audience, willingly. The WWF has wanted the likes of Sable and Debra to expose themselves "accidentally" on live television, but it never happened. Sable and Debra both turned it down due to the young children watching in the crowd. Then you have Jacky, who exposes herself when not told. Miss Kitty was probably asked by management to do it, and she actually agreed unlike others. This is going to cause lots of problems for the WWF as those darned parent groups will be coming at full force now. They will probably make the argument that if the WWF has nudity on pay per view, what says they won't do it on cable or network television? The WWF is in for it on this one..which is sad to say.

-The rumor was true that Stephanie would side with Triple H at Armageddon. The war with Triple H and Vince has only begun! Triple H won the match, which gets him a world title shot...for probably Royal Rumble. He's going to beat the shit out of the heatless Big Show, and he'll meet the Royal Rumble winner, the Rock. I just hope Triple H establishes a good feud between he and the Big Show. Big Show is in need of a quality opponent after putting up with stupid Bossman for the past months. I wouldn't doubt, however, at Royal Rumble, that the Undertaker stabs the Big Show in the back during the main event to cost Big Show the title.

-Gee, Val Venis won the European Title. That's a big step down considering that the WWF wanted him to be a main eventer. Oh well, his day will come. As for the Bulldog, the loser of the match, I wonder where his career is going. Will he jump right back into the main event scene, or will he keep hovering around the European title the rest of his life? I say find the man a good tag team partner, because he's much better off as a tag team wrestler. Hey, the Anvil is under WWF contract...but WCW tried to pair Bulldog and him, and we all remember what a borefest that was.

-Finally, Kane defeated X-Pac!!! After a few months of feuding, Kane put the hurting to X-Pac in the cage, and it gives me some hope for my favorite WWF wrestler. I hope the WWF decides to push Kane to the moon, and make him a main eventer that they are sorely missing. He's payed enough dues, so why not?

-Jericho finally wins WWF gold, as he defeated Chyna last night. Does this win show that the WWF has confidence in Jericho? Does it say that the rumored backstage heat is gone? Only time will tell for that, but the IC title will definately make life better for Jericho in the WWF.

-What can you expect on RAW tonight? Lots of Triple H I'd imagine as he and Stephanie will work the mic tonight for some explanations. Also, I'd imagine that Vinnie Mac will probably enlist the services of the Big Show once again, and use that to give some heat to the Royal Rumble main event. You will definately see more of the Al Snow/Mankind/Rock saga, as it should reach new heights since Snow ruined the Rock N Sock's final run at the tag team championships. It should be a very interesting RAW, so check it out!


-One thing I LOVE about WCW, is the fact that they announce a good chunk of their matches beforehand. Tonight, you will see an epic tag team war between Bill Goldberg and Bret Hart vs. the Outsiders where I'm thinking one or the other(Goldberg or Hart) will turn on each other, and cost them the titles, thus adding heat to their match at Starrcade. You will also see Jeff Jarrett vs. Chris Benoit in a Bunkhouse match which is just a stupid tag for a no-disqualication match. I smell lots of interference in that one. Sting and DDP vs. David Flair and the Total Package is an interesting bout, as the Total Package got the short end of the stick for this match. Hey, Sting and DDP wrestled on Thunder..I wonder if that will have any effect. You can tell the WWF-like booking style for that match. Finally, you have Tank Abbott vs. Meng in what could be a very violent and stiff match.

+I just hope that WCW fine tunes their show this week because they are going to need it against a very powerful Monday Night RAW. They need to eliminate those small annoying angles which I know causes people to turn the channel. If the duo of Russo and Ferarra are soo great, they would recognize what was causing the ratings to remain the same. If they can't fine tune this, then you know that they weren't completely responsible for the WWF's success like they brag how they were.

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