Welcome to the Wednesday edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, we have all kinds of goodies. First, we'll take a look at the latest in pro wrestling through our Daily Apples segment. Then, we'll review TWO Playstation 2 wrestling games, as I promised I would on Monday.

You know, I just love the critics and/or Tito-bashers. After giving Smackdown and Vengeance very positive reviews, there was utter silence. However, once I gave a C to RAW, I was called the usual "negative" or whatever. Geesh. It's like the liberal media, who pick and choose what to mention for newspapers, magazines, and news broadcasts, which mainly point out the negatives of something and not the positives. Therefore, you critics can just kiss it because of your blindness when it comes to a positive column.

Why not go after other columnists for not liking the recent Smackdown or Vengeance? Call them negative, bother them with annoying questions, like "why are you still watching wrestling". But hey, I guess I'm an easy target since I write daily and for the fact that an occasional sign pops up at wrestling events, in my honor. Just keep bringing it so that I can laugh at you for stupid things, like not admitting that I was positive for 2 out of the 3 recent television reviews that I've done.

For the NES and/or SNES wrestling video game reviews, I just might use Emulators for that. *Gasp*, isn't that piracy? It's only piracy when you get caught. Oh wait, that's not it. I'd only use the Emulators to take snapshots of the games, to use as images in the PDC. That way, if nobody has seen a certain game, then I could educate them.

Anyway, let's get on to the PDC, because I plan on spending some time on the "special project" today.


-RAW scored about a 4.7 in the ratings for Monday's show. Yes, it's an improvement, but fans apparently tuned in to see Chris Jericho as champ, the night after the Pay Per View, and his cage match against Austin drew ratings, too. I wonder what the rating would be if Rock or Austin won Sunday night? Anyway, I'm guessing that the first hour's rating would be higher if there was better booking on the undercard. The WWF has nothing much to brag about in terms of the midcard, and gems like Lance Storm are being jobbed out to a guy who doesn't have to lose weight, based on his friendship with Shane McMahon (Big Show). But hey, if the WWF wants to keep flushing their product down the tubes, when it could be made obviously better, then let them do it.

-I found it rather strange that Canada's TSN, the cable network that Canadians can watch RAW on, would censor the brass knuckles shot from William Regal on Kane. Do they not want the youth of Canada going ot a local pawn shop or military novelty store, and buying a pair of brass knucks as protection? I could see and agree with TSN censoring such acts as WWF valets getting powerbombed through tables, but a brass knuckles shot? That's hardly the most violent thing on RAW, as spots on the Spike Dudley-Undertaker match and the Kurt Angle chairshots were way more violent.

-I wouldn't get so "wet" about Smackdown once again becoming the top-rated show for UPN. Both Enterprise and Buffy the Vampire Slayer are in reruns right now, as they began those last week when November sweeps ended. I know for a fact that Enterprise was a rerun, as I came home from Mrs. Tito's, only to watch a repeat that I set the timer for on the VCR. Once January or mainly February arrives, both Enterprise and Buffy will be ahead of the WWF, once again. I guess it's sort of nice, though, to see that the WWF is still carrying on in a season of reruns.

Mr. Tito's PHAT Video Game Reviews

Thanks to my good friend Rustoleum for letting me play his Playstation 2 for the games being reviewed today.

Smackdown: Just Bring It (Playstation 2)

Smackdown: Just Bring It sort of resembles the very first Smackdown for Playstation One, in my opinion, but with better, clearer graphics and much smoother gameplay. It seems to play a lot faster as well, leading to hours of gameplay that any young wrestling fan would like for Christmas.

The Hell in the Cell feature is very good. The capabilities of PSX 2 are shown there, as just the overall movements around the cage are spectacular. It's funny how the WWF adds the Hell in the Cell feature, despite only having a few matches in it, ever.

THQ, as always, has placed a good wrestling engine in for a great selection of moves and control. Ever since WCW Revenge for the N64, THQ has truly understood how to make wrestling games, whereas other companies still have no clue. I believe that you can hit a finisher, early on in the match, as I saw Steve Austin drill my friend with a Stunner off the get!

LAST WORD: I really don't have too much to say about this game, other than the fact that it looks as though it's a much improved Smackdown for Sony. THQ rules the wrestling game industry, so please recognize that. We'll go


for the grade on this game. However, this isn't the type of game that would get me hooked enough to buy a Playstation 2, much like Wrestlemania 2000 did for the N64 for me.

Legends of Wrestling (Playstation 2)

First of all, I really like the idea of this game. Why? Because it gives many wrestlers one last spotlight in the business, whereas many are dead, surfing the independents, or retired due to injuries. The roster of wrestlers is absolutely fabulous, as we have wrestlers such as the Von Erichs, Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Ricky Steamboat, and many many more! The roster, alone, is enough to ignore the fact that it's an Acclaim game.

Oops, there I already go. Acclaim is the maker of this game, therefore, the choppy gaming engine follows. It seems as though the moves become too repetitive, whereas in Smackdown, you have a nice variety of moves to hit. Also for Acclaim, the graphics on the wrestlers look a bit too cartoony. You'd think that they'd add a bit of realism to the wrestlers' look, as King Kong Bundy looks waaaay overweight and Kerry Von Erich looks like he took too many steroids one day.

However, I've heard that Acclaim personally made the gaming engine the way it is and the graphics cartoony to resemble 1980's or early 1990's wrestling games. That's funny, because the majority of buyers are in their early teens, and they would have missed what occurred in video games during those times.

Oh, but you have to check out the beginning segment of this game. Very, very nice and respectful of the wrestling business. Probably the best thing Acclaim has done since they busted their ass to make a near perfect version of Mortal Kombat 2 for the SNES.

LAST WORD: Like the ECW games by Acclaim, it seems as though you can live with the usual gaming engine, as long as you have a great roster of wrestlers to choose from. Current booming WWF star Rob Van Dam is actually on the game, too, as he signed on to the game before joining the WWF. So if you get off on RVD, you may enjoy seeing him whip on some old-timers. I'll give this game a generous


, and recommend it only if you like the roster of wrestlers. Otherwise, it's just another Acclaim wrestling game.

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