Well, well, well... Two straight nights of WWF wrestling. The night before was the poor show of Armageddon, and last night was the RAW that followed it. You know, the show that is supposed to start new storylines after a PPV blowoff show? No Nitro to review today, since WCW is too stupid to notice that TNT had other plans on Monday Night. So let's review RAW!

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The WWF started out with Kurt Angle, Edge, and Christian bragging about their surprisingly clean victories at Armageddon, which was a good thing. Then, the Rock comes out to cut a boring promo, they make their typical challenges and trash talking, and then a 6 man match is offered. The Dudleys came out for the Rock, setting up the match. Yes folks, a good 24 Minutes of our time. Those 24 minutes set up the main event if the first hour!!!!!

Radicalz and the Hardy Boyz put on a decent match, although the Hardyz are bugging many by stealing Tajiri/Whipwreck's move. Funny finish with Dean Malenko liplocking with Lita, which makes me want to be the man of a 1000 holds.

FUCK Billy Gunn!!!!! What a piece of shit! He almost killed Chris Benoit off of a powerslam, which he shouldn't have fucked up. Good thing that Benoit put his hands up at the last second, or we would have been talking about a broken neck. Gunn totally sucks, and this is twice, in two nights, that Gunn has almost broken Benoit's neck from poor working. Shove him on the midcard and throw him on the Jakked shows forever. He's worthless, and now, he's a danger to anyone who wrestles him! The match, tonight with Benoit, was the most retarded booking I've ever seen. After getting his ass kicked last night, Gunn kinda dominates, and "looks" to be the winner of the match until Uncle Eddie ran in. Stupid!

Hey... could we be seeing the return of the evil Undertaker??? Or better yet, the Demonic Undertaker? I don't know... Undertaker isn't quite as mobile as he used to be for the classic, evil Undertaker, and the Demonic Undertaker was so stupid. The WWF is giving him some edge, and I like that. Good job there WWF.

The Rock/Dudley Boyz vs. Edge/Christian/Angle match was a good match, and it should have been THE main event. But nooo, the ego had to come out, which we'll discuss later. By the way, are the Hardys going to attack the Dudleys for screwing them out of the titles last week?? Poor Buh Buh, as he accidentally hit that table leg on the way down. OUCH!

WWF broked rule #656, and that is to never give Chyna the mic for long periods of time. They should have had Chyna win the lady's title, that way, she would have been the first inter-gender champion, ever. NOBODY could say that except for her in WWF history. Plus, I'd love to see her wrestle Lita or Molly Holly for a change. Chyna needs something new.

T&A vs. the Acolytes was an OK match, but it would have been more logical to have these guys fight at the Royal Rumble, no matter how bad it could suck. That way, you could at least build it up or so? A rematch's stock has already been lost.

It was nice of the WWF to give Jerry Lawler the win in his own hometown crowd, as it got BIG cheers for his team, with K-Suck and Road Suck. Too bad that's the only time you'll ever hear a pop for when K-Stink and Road Jobb wrestle as a part of a team.

Al Snow vs. Raven. Big deal! Why not give some background to Raven in the WWF before putting him in a match. Al Snow's career is worthless in the WWF, as they did the same thing to him as they are doing to Raven right now. They didn't bother to give a good build up to Al Snow back then, and look at him now. By the way...... mark your calendars, as it's a main event for both Raven and Al Snow, thanks to the last segment of the night.

DOUBLE FINGER OF SHAME to Vince McMahon for doing yet another long interview as the last segment of RAW, again! Such an egomaniac, as he talked and talked for a good 20 minutes or so. It's such a joke to have the owner of the company being the one who is ruining everything. Why involve William Regal to be a fallguy too?

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 7
Clean Wins: 4
Screwjobs: 1
Disqualifications: 2
No Contests: 0

Last Word: I can't wait until the ratings come out, later today. I'm hoping that the ratings show that Vince's little ending isn't a ratings draw, and maybe, just maybe, he'll realize that his position within the WWF is to control the stuff backstage. Decent wrestling here and there, although Billy Gunn should be depushed for his bullshit. I'll give it a


due to the LACK of a main event and the horrible final interview with Vince McMahon. That's total garbage if you ask me. I won't predict the ratings, since I don't know how they will do on TNN unopposed.

Yeah, and be sure to call me negative or disgruntled. The fact remains that I enjoyed the WWF product, very much, during 1998 and most of 1999. Those years, the booking made much more sense, and wrestlers were used much more properly. Now, the WWF has the best talent roster in the history of wrestling, and they aren't sure how to use a single one except Stone Cold, Triple H, or the Rock, and even they can be mishandled and booked into ridiculous angles at times. Back in 1998-1999, the main eventers had compelling storylines, and the undercard, although much weaker than today's, and excellent storylines.

Now, there's an exclusive group up top, and bad storylines for the undercard. Nothing near like it was during the great times during 1998 and 1999, when the WWF's ratings audience were much better than they are today. It's NOT a wrestling trend, it's the failure of the WWF to become much larger than their peak. They could have gone beyond their peak, but they decided to coast it out, and as a result, ratings and attendance are down. Those are facts, and if you don't like that, then you need to check your own head and question what is wrong with you, and NOT what is wrong with me since I'm such a negative person, right?

You can hear me rant about RAW along with Bill Edgar and "shooter" Shawn Valloric on the Wrestle Palooza Audio Show in Real Audio Format if ya like.

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It's official. Mario Lemieux is coming back! Penguins will rule the World again!

@That's it for today. I shall be back, tomorrow, with RAW ratings analysis, and Nitro impressions. It's going to be weird watching WCW two nights in a row, but I've seen two nights of the WWF in a row, so on well. Just chill....

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