Welcome back to yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. Armageddon is tonight, and of course, today I get to botch up my predictions. I haven't faired too well on WCW or WWF pay per view the last two months, but oh well, I'm not perfect. Enough small talk, on to the PDC!


-Damn, I forgot to mention that Thunder received a 2.3 in the ratings this week. This could have been higher due to the better wrestlers on the show this week. BUT, as with Smackdown, I forgot about the Football game on ESPN where we saw Eddie George run the ball down Oakland's throat. Ooops, my bad. As for Thunder, you might have been shocked to see so many of the superstars who had guarantees not to wrestle Thunder on the card. I heard that they've been negotiating with the superstars all week about doing away with the clause for the sake of the company. Looks like it worked!

-Why the hell doesn't WCW release Lenny Lane and Lodi already? Seriously. They cut away some very hard workers, they cut away people who haven't seen in ring action forever, but yet they let Lenny Lane and Lodi sit around. Of course, they cut them loose, the WWF will immediately snatch them up and make them stars...unless they have that year clause after a release, and maybe then Paul Heyman can make them into stars. Like I've said before, at least let the duo wrestle house shows!! Nobody cares about houseshows, especially WCW's, so why not? They were getting some attention, and the controversial way they got kicked off of television is well than enough to get some notice for houseshows. It's either that, bring them back to television, or let them collect checks for absolutely nothing.

-What's with the WCW's Standards and Practices? Well, they practically rule WCW now, as they turn down every angle which they somehow feel as "unfit" for television. I personally think that it's good because I know Russo can create some horrible smut for television. These Standards and Practices are what probably makes weak angles like Disco gambling among others. I just wish that the S and P would also strike down lame angles like the anti-American Revolution. That would be nice...


-When I did the report for the Ross Report Friday, I overlooked something completely. In it, Ross had the spelling of Taz as Tazz. I thought absolutely nothing of it, as I thought it was a typo of some sort. It wasn't a typo. That's how Taz's name will be spelled in the WWF due to the owners of WCW really putting the shaft to them. Think for a second...Warner Brothers. WB is who would let ECW use the name of Taz. Warner Brothers is a part of Time Warner..duh. This is one of the smartest moves that I've ever seen by WCW. Just looking at the name "Tazz", you just think how lame that looks. Ahh, I doubt that will matter. You'll probably only see that name when referring to him on websites, magazines, or whatever. We all know the Human Suplex Machine by now.

Armageddon Predictions

=Kurt Angle vs. Steve Blackman. One wrestler is one who will probably wrestle Jakked after this matched. The other, the WWF has held back on houseshows and dark matches forever, but now the WWF wants to push him. Winner: Kurt Angle

=X-Pac vs. Kane. I have this feeling that Kane will finally get the win that he deserves. He's been jobbing a lot lately, and today will be a payoff! Winner: Kane

=Tag Team Battle Royal....ummm, how about the Hardy Boyz?

=Rikishi Fatu and Viscera vs. the Hollys. They better get a reinforced ring for this superweight battle! I smell some interference by Too Cool which will allow the Hollys to get squashed. Winners: Fatu and Viscera

=Miss Kitty vs. Jaqueline vs. B.B. vs. Ivory in an evening gown match. This one is worth the price of admission/pay per view fees alone. It's obvious that Miss Kitty will win since she says she doesn't wear underwear. Listen to Jerry Lawler for this one, because I know he'll go crazy. Winner: Miss Kitty

=Val Venis vs. British Bulldog. Both of these guys are a step below what they want to be, but Bulldog will win this one to retain the title so that the WWF doesn't have to push him as a main eventer again. God, that was terrible. Winner: British Bulldog

=Rock N Sock vs. the New Age Outlaws. It's obvious that the Rock will win the Royal Rumble next month, so he'll be starting to get pushed as a singles wrestler real soon. Plus, I think that Al Snow will ruin Rock N Sock's final hour of glory to maybe set up one more final hardcore match for Mick Foley to fight Al Snow. Winner: New Age Outlaws

=Chris Jericho vs. Chyna. Break the Walls Down!!! Jericho's moment of glory has arrived, as he will finally defeat Chyna. His in-ring performance has improved, and the crowd gets louder for him everyweek. Winner: Chris Jericho.

=Bossman vs. Big Show. Big Show, I really hope, wins this match, but I have a bad feeling about this one. I will be truly pissed at the WWF if they make Bossman champ. Winner: Big Show

=Triple H vs. Vince McMahon. This one will be a very entertaining match-up, and it's also worth the price of admission/pay per view fees. No matter what, I feel that Triple H will win this match because the World Title is his come Royal Rumble time, whether it's from Stephanie turning or not. Winner: Triple H.

@That's it for today. Keep sending in those backyard wrestling links to win to see who wins the award for next week. Until tomorrow's column, which will have the usual Monday Night preview, just chill...till the next episode!

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Take Care, and Enjoy Armageddon.

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