Welcome to another edition of the Phat Daily Column. Well, the WWF "attempted" to end the year with a bang with Armageddon. Did they? Well, I'll let you know my thoughts on that show, as well as giving you some MONDAY NIGHT HYPE. Yes, it's that day of the week, so let's get to it! On to the PDC.

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-Nitro HYPE-

Holy cow! Nitro is on a Tuesday for this week! Why on Earth should I hype it on a "Monday Night Hype" when it's not even on tonight?

In fact, WCW didn't even know that they would be pre-empted to Tuesday until AFTER Thunder, which shows you how organized this federation truly is. I suppose I'll start a Tuesday Night Hype for Nitro?


Armageddon: One BIG Finger of Shame!

Firstly, Armageddon started off hot with a good match between the Radicalz and Hardys/Lita. Good work by both teams, with a good continuation of Lita and Dean Malenko. By the way, did you hear that heat for Eddie Guerrero???? How ridiculous of the WWF to not play off that in anyway by depushing him.

Then, the WWF has long promos, hyping the main event, and a Kurt Angle interview. Crowd dies a little.

Next, we had William Regal vs. Bob Holly. It had good heat at first, with the awesome promo by Regal. The match was so so, with confusion created when Raven screwed Holly out of his match. The crowd didn't quite react since WWF crowds don't know or care for Raven. That's why you build him up for something like that, which the WWF has failed badly at.

More long ass WWF promos, about the main event, and a worthless Rikishi interview. Crowd dies some more.

The third match of the night was Chyna vs. Val Venis. Chyna hit Val with a million forearm shots, since that's the only offense she can handle. Not much crowd reaction in this match, since both performers suck, and that the WWF didn't ride on the first match's heat. Val got the win after Chyna tried to chase around Ivory. I'll laugh if the WWF makes Chyna win that Women's title, since she doesn't want it.

Stephanie and Triple H talk, with the Game giving his usual promo on how much of a badass he truly is. Then, we get a LONG Undertaker interview in the Cell. And if things couldn't MURDER the crowd's heat anymore, Vince McMahon stroked his ego with a long 10 minute live interview. The crowd is totally shot, and it's NOT their fault!

Kane vs. Chris Jericho was poorly booked, with the wrestlers leaving the arena, coming back in, fighting in the entrance way, and having long 10 counts which the crowd didn't get into. You may thank the earlier segments for that crowd killer. The ending was so stupid too, as they repeated a spot on the table. Wrestling rule #1: never repeat a spot. Then, Jericho got the win by pushing attached barrels on Kane, which would have no way of even hitting Kane, or allowing the referee to see him get up from a 10 count.

More Hell in the Cell hype. Mick Foley cuts a usual promo, and they show HBK at WWF NY. These were decent segments, but it must have been hell in the arena to wait 10 minutes for the next match, which was.....

The tag match. A very weak 4 Way match here, with Edge/Christian unexpectedly getting the win. I made the comment that they MIGHT have been paying their dues Thursday, and damn it, I was right... but I picked the overdue Dudleys to win it. I don't care here though... As long as the RTC or Team Get Rowdy aren't the champs, then I'm happy. I guess the WWF wants to maybe recapture some magic of the Blond Duo as the champs. They are the funniest team in wrestling. I really hope there is a feud between the Hardyz and the Dudleys from what happened Monday. If not, then the booking is more half-assed than I thought.

More F'N Hell in the Cell Hype! AHHHHHH!! More backstage crap too!

Ok, Billy Gunn proved me wrong tonight. NOBODY CAN MAKE BILLY GUNN LOOK GOOD, even Chris Benoit. Gunn is a horrible performer, who is all charisma and look, with NO wrestling ability to carry a match. Benoit couldn't do anything with Gunn, and was even about injured on a botched Tilt-a-Whirl that Gunn failed to execute. I guess since Benoit is depushed to IC champ, it at least gives him some kind of purpose in the WWF, besides being the main eventing punching bag.

Stupid interview with Steve Austin, who has been up all night!

The ladies match was nothing but Molly Holly bumping all over the ring for the untalented Trish Stratus and the brawling Ivory. A smart move would have had a title change here, but the WWF has lost braincells smoking something lately.

More boring promos for the Hell in the Cell, which gives you the impression that the main event will be better than ALL of the Hell in the Cell matches combined. The Rock cut a bad promo, since he tried to be mean in it.

The Hell in the Cell match was better than what I expected, and I expected a total waste of a match. It featured some good brawling, mainly with Triple H taking the most bumps. By the way, he's very injured you know... Rikishi took a set up bump on a stupid bed of a truck, which was heavily padded. But at least he wasn't KILLED, and that's what I care about. However, the ending was soo stupid, although I'm a big fan of Kurt Angle. By having Angle win, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING was accomplished for the storylines. These 6 guys will STILL feud because there is NO such thing as advancing storylines in the WWF now.

This is, by far and without a shadow of a doubt, the WORST WWF Pay Per View show of 2000. Shows like this help prove that it's NOT a wrestling trend that's creating lower ratings. It's poor booking by the WWF which is killing them. They keep it up, then the whole interest in professional wrestling will drop like it did in 1993, and just maybe, competition will catch up in the long run.

You can hear me rant, in person, on the Wrestle Palooza Audio Show's post Armageddon show.

Wrestle Palooza Audio Show: Click Here to Listen to the Post Armageddon show, and go here after RAW, tonight, for a Post RAW show!

-RAW Hype-

Hopefully, something good will come out of this mess tonight.

Expect long interviews and disappointing main events, like all RAWs these days.

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@That's it for today. I'll be back tomorrow with something on RAW, and I hope to not be as disappointed as I am today. Just chill. Remember that my e-mail is currently down.

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