Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. It's been one hell of a news week in wrestling as compared to how slow it was last week. We have Armageddon just around the corner, and the WWF is hoping to present some shock value for that pay per view. Anyways, lots of stuff to cover today, like two television shows and a special contest, so on to the PDC!


-WWF Smackdown is down again this week as they recieved a 4.3 in the ratings. How can this be? Aren't the other shows having re-runs right now? Did a stacked Thunder actually take ratings away or did the negative publicity take some viewers away? Nah...I think that it was a weak card. Looking at the card ahead of time, I mentioned that it had a lot of repeat matches from past times. From the feedback that I recieved on the show, many were telling me that I was lucky not to have UPN for that night, so go figure.

-There is a strange rumor that the Undertaker might reveal himself to be the Big Show's real father either at Armageddon or the night after. That's seriously f*ucked up, as a few odd things had to happen for the 'Taker to be his father. For one, the Undertaker would have been around 13 or younger to conceive the Big Show, so he would be like that one kid who was porking his teacher. Of course, the WWF will make something up on how the Undertaker is of the supernatural and he never changes age. Whatever.

-Jim Ross layed the smackdown on many of those darned rumors flying around yesterday. He said that the WWF never had any negotiations with Torrie Wilson. Of course, other sources claim that she was about to take a deal with the WWF had she not received a larger deal from WCW. He also said that the WWF has had NO conversations with Diamond Dallas Page. Page probably just sent feelers within the WWF, and they probably laughed at him for the amount of money he might demand from the WWF at age 44. Also, the WWF hasn't had any negotiations with Eric Bischoff about coming to the WWF, however, Ross never ruled out the possibility of Bischoff one day coming to the WWF. Rather interesting, as I feel that Bischoff gave the WWF so much heat by taking their wrestlers and constantly badmouthing them. Oh well.

-Ross also announced that Sean Stasiak was released from the WWF. You probably saw a few days ago that he was suspended for tape-recording other wrestlers conversations. I suppose his dignity fell when he lost his Meat gimmick, which I knew a bunch of fans truly loved him. When he lost the Meat gimmick, he lost his fans, and his wrestling skills diminished. He was jobbing left and right to other wrestlers. I have heard that he's somewhat odd to be around backstage. I don't know what he was doing back there, but it could have factored into his release. WCW should jump to pick up Stasiak quickly, and maybe bring him in for something like he was screwed from the WWF or something...that could work!

-If you saw my report from yesterday, you saw that there is a rumor floating around about how USA is considering moving WWF RAW is WAR to 10 till midnight! Yes, it would probably get those darned idiots from parental groups out of the WWF's hair for a while, but by moving to that timeslot, you are targetting an adult audience. You are pretty much alienating your children fans, as I doubt their mothers would let them stay up till midnight on a schoolnight! If you alienate them, who will buy your toys WWF? Also, you are giving Nitro total control over the prime time slot of 8-10, as that would enable WCW to slowly gain their fan base that the WWF eliminated a few years ago. I say move to 8-10 to combat WCW! Screw these parental groups, as you have the advertisers that didn't leave. If they didn't leave along with the rest of the weak advertisers, then they will stick with you on anything. So by moving to 8-10 you'd continue your dominance on Monday Nights, WWF. Just my opinion.


-I caught Politically Incorrect late last night, and I must say what a prick Bill Maher was for that show. He was trying to make himself look good and embarass the wrestlers at the same time. They did some horrible vignettes with Piper and Maher making commercials about folding chairs at the beginning. Maher started out by asking the 4 WCW employees (Sting, Madusa, Heenan, Piper) if the fans knew that it was fake..but he used the phrase "are wrestling fans in on the joke". All 4 must have misunderstood it as they all went off on him when he asked it. Especially Piper..he pulled down his pants to show the scar on his hip..and he was shouting all kinds of stuff on how wrestlers were injured and he mentioned Owen Hart during that time too. Maher was asking how kids emulate wrestling for real life situations, and Sting said some real great stuff on how the parents should raise their kid so that they don't believe or emulate what they see on television...great words of wisdom by the Stinger. The show went on with lots of arguing back and forth, and Sting would later shout at Maher for being a prick in a queer-like voice "You're so sensitive". Haha, funny stuff. Maher was a jerk, and this show never really took off. It probably would have been better if it was a 1 hour show too, as it seemed to be over in no time.

-Ha, it seems as though WCW is in a panic right now about Russo. After a few months of scripting, Russo is back at the ratings in which he started. WCW management isn't thrilled about this, as they want quick results, and now! Now you could say that this stuff is all garbage because it takes time to build up an organization, especially on that was in ruins like WCW. What had happened was that Russo took some WWF fans away when he had the 3.4 rating, but I felt that it was during the time when the WWF was slacking. The WWF started these wedding angles, and BAM, they are back dominating again with better shows than before. Every Nitro, in my opinion, is stacked from head to toe with great wrestling matches. With Russo's booking style, he has those lame-ass surrounding angles which will cut off those matches or the matches themselves will be cut short. One thing that I'm enjoying from all of this, however, is the fact that many WCW employees were bragging when they had the 3.4 rating...and they are oh so quiet now. They don't make the excuses, they mumble about something else. Those losers. I also like how cocky Russo was about how he "wrote the WWF" and that he was the reason for their success. As you can see right now, the McMahons can write television just as well as Russo did....don't believe me, look at the current ratings. The scary thing that might happen would be when Hogan comes back. If Russo's power is fading backstage, Hogan will most certainly take it and rule everything in WCW again. Might as well close WCW after that.

-WCW is soo desparate for heat, that they are truly considering turning either Bill Goldberg or Bret Hart heel. Both are respected wrestlers, but they don't get cheers everywhere they go. I feel that Goldberg would be one hell of a heel, as he could be very mean and violent. He's unstoppable as a face, so what says you can't stop him as a heel...especially when he's a part of the Powers the Be. Why not have it that way? Do NOT turn Bret Hart heel again, because it will only ruin his career again. Now look, they will turn Bret Hart anti-American again...that's all we need.

-Wow, wrestlers will now get fined for being late to live wrestling events. $3,000 will be the cost of anyone who wants to try to test the new administration, which seems to be happening a lot lately. Before Busch, wrestlers did what they pleased in WCW. They all came in late, they goofed off, and I imagine that they could skip shows or events and still get away with it when I look at their houseshows back then. Sure, they have this new fine around, but how long will it take for WCW wrestlers to get around that?


Oh my, Dusty Rhodes is in ECW. I was nice enough not to spoil everyone's fun by not mentioning that Dusty was going to show up last night. You've probably heard about how he might fight Terry Funk in a legends match..hmm. Wasn't the Dusty firing a work from WCW? I guess a few people missed on that one, as I hear he's in ECW for a good while. Great working relationship right there though, because he helps host some kind of motorsports on TNN. I'm glad to see Rhodes beat up on that panzy called Steve Corino. Anyone gets my respect when they do that.

I liked how they showed all of those clips that will be on ECW Hardcore!!!! Or, I'd have to go to shitty ECWwrestling.com, wait five years for the adcast and the pictures to load, and then see the clips of that show online.

I feel really bad for any large wrestlers who have to RUIN their careers by losing to Spike Dudley. If I was a large wrestler, and I was presented with either a loss to spike or go elsewhere, I'd be long gone from ECW. Oh well, Spike has wrestled mainly young or washed up big men, so I doubt he'd have any chance in hell against somebody good.

Too Cool Scorpio came out to fight the not-so-known ECW world champion Mike Awesome. Now don't get me wrong, Awesome is one hell of a wrestler, but people still have no clue that he's world champ. If you would ask a wrestling fan who knew about most of the things in the wrestling world and you ask him who was ECW champ...I bet you would probably get an answer of Rob Van Dam. Good match with Too Cool though, but that powerbomb took forever to set up on the top rope.

Anyone else hate the Impact Players like I do? They are just like the Filthy Animals in that they are always trying to get cheap heat. When Justin says his usual phrase, and then Lance Storm takes the mic and out of now where says "from Calgary, Alberta, Canada", I'm like "what the hell? Where did that come from?" Talk about out of sync on a catchphrase. I don't like how those impact players give out the beatings, but they don't receive them. Sure, they might take a bump here or there, but they don't constantly put their bodies on the line like the others. The match with Sandman was good, but the Sandman needs to sign some kind of long term deal so that he can beat jabronies like Credible. I'm just glad that Raven didn't run out this time around and cry after the match: "I did the right thing! I did the right thing!" Of course, they did meet Raven backstage after that, maybe getting on him for not helping out.

ECW on TNN Phat Stats

Matches: 3
Clean Wins: 2
Screwjobs: 1
No Contests: 0
Disqualifications: 0

Last Word: Gee, I was rather brutal up top, don't ya think? Hey, I just tell it how it is in my mind, and I'm not afraid to pull any punches. Overall, this show was decent. I would have liked to see the two best wrestlers in ECW, Sabu and Rob Van Dam, and I would have also liked to see a New Jack match, but I guess I have to find someone who has UPN Pittsburgh to see them. Anyway, good, decent night of wrestling for ECW, but it could have been better.


Why a B? I'd imagine that they will get a 1.0 for this show. No significant change.

New Contest: Best Backyard Wrestling Federation Page

That's right!! I support Backyard wrestling, let me tell you. Wrestling fans have a god-given right to have fun in their life, therefore, what's wrong with Backyard wrestling? It gives them a chance to be creative and enjoy time with their friends. Hey, it's much better than doing drugs, right? Therefore, I am starting..as of today, a Backyard Wrestling Webpage contest which I will run until next Friday when I announce a winner!! How do you enter this? All you have to do is e-mail me your link to your backyard federation, or a personal favorite backyard federation. What am I looking for on the pages you ask? Well, I'm looking for creativity of your federation and wrestlers, how well organized your wrestling page is, and how truly hardcore the backyard fed truly is. Now many of you have noticed that I endorse the Valley Wrestling Federation which is a result of some good friends online. I'm using this page as a measuring stick, as I feel that it's the best one that I've seen yet, and I've been to all of the links on Yahoo. Well, anyway, like I said...if you have a Backyard Wrestling Federation webpage, send me the link. What will you win if you get the most votes by my panel of voters? Just some good old fashioned recognition. Send in your links, as you have until Thursday Night!

@That's all for today's monster of a column. Remember that this column is based on my opinion, and MY OPINION only. So until tomorrow when I truly botch up my Armageddon predictions, just chill till the next episode!!!

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