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Welcome to today's edition of the Phat Daily Column. I am your host, as always, Mr. Tito. Today, we'll take a look back on the WWF Pay Per View that was: WWF Vengeance. I'll give it a review based on my very own opinion, although I've never said that my opinion is the right way to think, nor is it fact. Some people tend to forget that.

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What?!? On to the PDC.


Truly excellent opening promo at the very beginning. The WWF production crew does some of the greatest pieces around. I marked out for the whole thing, especially for the flashes of past champions, in both the WWF and NWA/WCW. Glad they showed Sting in the segment. I hope that's a way for the WWF to open a door to the Stinger, once his AOL/Time Warner contract expires sometime in 2002. It would be a bad, bad decision for Sting to join the XWF, because matches alone with Steve Austin, Rock, Triple H, Undertaker, and whatever WWF wrestler would do more for his career than to work in the XWF, which is just another WCW in 1999-2000, where Sting found it miserable to work.

Vince McMahon came to the ring to do an Opening F'N Interview to start of a PAY PER VIEW! Isn't it amazing how big his ego is growing? Instead of adding a few minutes of wrestling to other matches, Vince feels the need to talk and make absolutely no sense in what he says, whatsoever. What a dumbass. He wonders why the attendance has been shrinking, ratings have been dropping, and buyrates are now being hidden from the public. Dumb, dumb, dumb.... Ric Flair would come out to end the nonsense, and then get the show started with Scotty 2 Hotty/Albert vs. Test/Christian. Oh boy, let's waste even more Pay Per View time on a match better suited for Smackdown or RAW.

Scotty 2 Hotty/Albert vs. Test/Christian was an OK tag bout, but hardly anything for anyone to get off or wet about. I didn't like the ending, as it had a now worthless Albert pinning Christian, who is one of the best heel midcarders around. Albert has no potential, despite the woody of Jim Ross, and Christian has loads of potential, which can be shot down by a miserable jobbing. But hey, this is the WWF in 2001 we're talking about, where they no longer listen to crowd reactions when pushing wrestlers.

Next match was William Regal vs. Edge. Decent bout, but it seemed apparent that Edge and Regal's styles don't really mix well. After writing my column on Saturday, I remembered why I picked Edge to win. Regal needs some kind of facial surgery to repair whatever causes him to have nose bleeds all of the time.

Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy was next. Good match overall, and I'm not going to be so negative towards it like the rest of the internet is. I believe that everyone and their mother was expecting either one of the Hardys to nearly kill themselves on a big stunt, instead of working an actual match. I liked the ending, which had Lita missing her boyfriend Matt's foot on the ropes. Looks like this brotherly feud is FAR from over.

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........ The next match was Kane/Big Show versus the Dudley Boyz. I expected the two big sloths to get the win, but the Dudleys retain. All 4 of these guys are seriously stale, and are bringing no interest to the tag division right now. The WWF should dig deep into Ohio Valley Wrestling and bring in a brand new tag team to freshen things up. However, it appears that all of that great OVW talent will continue to rot forever, while the same faces continue to NOT gain any new ratings on current WWF television shows. Match wasn't anything special, and it appears that we may see Kane vs. Big Show very soon. Happy Happy, Joy Joy.

Rob Van Dam vs. Undertaker was the next match. I really hope that the Undertaker FINALLY respects RVD after last night's match, for RVD carried his old ass and bumped around for him the whole time. RVD busted his ass to make that match watchable, and I hope he gets rewarded for his efforts. I do hope, however, that the Hardcore title gets buried from the Undertaker's victory because it's now a worthless title.

Very nice promo for Triple H, featuring U2's "Beautiful Day". I'm sure the WWF went to U2 for that song, since I doubt that Bono or the rest of the band are wrestling fans. Do as the WWF says, and buy their recent album! It's quite good. Speaking of Triple H, though, is this what the Vengeance ads were hyping, since they were always hinting a Triple H return?

Yikes. Rikishi is sooooo year 2000.

The Women's title match, pitting champion Trish Stratus against Jackie, would have been nothing if it weren't for Jackie hustling during the match. She was really laying into Trish with some stiff kicks, and really nailed her with a legsweep. The crowd gave some "ooooh"s for whatever Jackie was drilling Trish with. The ending was pathetic, though, as Trish beat Jackie with a backslide pin. Bad ending, after Trish got the living shit kicked out of her. Jackie carried the match and made it ok to watch.

Our first World title tournament match was Kurt Angle vs. Steve Austin. Solid match overall, as both guys have a great chemistry with each other. The match was probably their worst out Pay Per View match together, but that's against 2 (or 3) really great matches, especially the Summerslam match. Of course, neither guy could go balls-out since one was going to wrestle a second match that night.

Good match with Chris Jericho and the Rock, as they too have good chemistry together. They have strong storyline heat, which always has the crowd into their matches. Technically, Chris Jericho won cleanly, as the ballshot seems to be somewhat legal now.

There was great drama with the Chris Jericho vs. Steve Austin match, as it seemed as though the Title Unification finally meant something. Too bad Vincy-Poo or Vince McMahon felt the need to get involved for all of Jericho's matches, but hey, Jericho is the unified champion, and Austin and the Rock aren't!

FINGER OF SHAME to the WWF for not delivering Triple H, after constantly hyping his return on their Vengeance promos. I'm sure a lot of fans could be turned off from the WWF because of no Triple H last night. Triple H was reportedly telling WWF officials that he didn't want to debut, yet, until January, and he apparently got his way. Still, the WWF kept using the same promos, over and over again. Duh!!

Matches: 9
Clean Wins: 6
Screwjobs: 3
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 0

LAST WORD: A good Pay Per View overall. However, the constant pushing of Vince McMahon's ego and not delivering Triple H gives this show a


(B Plus) instead of something in the A-Range. I really liked the 3 final matches, aside from Vince's over-involvement. Undercard was decent, but could have been slightly better. Still, it had a great ending with Jericho as champion, and the show adds some intrigue into watching RAW tonight.

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