Welcome to the Sunday edition of the Phat Daily Column. It's Armageddon day, as the WWF tries to rebound off of a sour Pay Per View, last month. The WWF has had shorter time to hype this one, although they didn't quite hype the show as early as they should have, if you ask me. Also today, I'll make a final conclusion about No Mercy for the N64 and it's lovely problems. All of this and more, so on the PDC.

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THQ Gave us No Mercy for the Holidays

When THQ released the latest N64 WWF game in November, it was expected to be the next best video game in the already successful series. No Mercy promised to have better graphics, moves, features, and options. However, it gave many, headaches.

For one, THQ packed this game to its limits on memory. Claim what you want, but there is a slowdown on the tag mode, and it's very evident with the music on. Yeah, many claim that the slowdown is helped by turning the music off, but you never had to do that with Wrestlemania 2000 or even WCW Revenge. Basically, you have to rig the game so that it MIGHT work better.

Then, you have the memory glitches. I've received many complaints about stored information getting erased and about how the game freezes. Funny thing is that THQ and other places give you solutions to "fix" these problems. They claim that you must take off the Game Shark, take out the memory pack, or hit certain buttons to make sure that something could work. Now that's ridiculous, because a well looked at game shouldn't have any kind of problems like this.

THQ tried must not have a staff of video game testers, or something, because for a company that has become huge lately, they are sure look like the weak company they once were before the wrestling games. They should find out the problems, and have a massive recall on those video games since they have ripped so many people off on this problem.

It discourages anyone who has wanted to buy it.

New ECW Video

The new ECW video entitled Path of Destruction is now out in stores, and I'll review that badboy after Christmas, since I'm getting it for X-Mas. Now, I would have bought this video anyway, but I'm rather intrigued by the matches that ECW has put on this tape, and that's in a bad way.

The tape features decent matches, but not some of the great ones that they should stack a tape with. I'm talking about the many Eliminators vs. Rob Van Dam/Sabu matches out there, which were easily, some of the best tag matches EVER! How about putting the Tommy Dreamer vs. Raven "loser leaves town match" or any of their other great matches on it? Hell, why not put any of the Eliminator matches, including their 3 Way Dance matches with the Dudleys and the Gangstas. How about some of the Dreamer vs. Brian Lee matches, which were soo brutal? And many more!

Instead, we get other matches on these tapes. We get the Stairway to Hell match between Sabu and the Sandman, where they mess up EVERY single spot in the match! Then we get Jerry Lynn vs. Tajiri vs. Super Crazy, which is a good match by all standards, but not their best. Also, you'll get Ian Rotten vs. Axl Rotten, which is the same match they've performed a zillion times. However, the 4 way for the TV title is a good match. (If you get the censored version, you do get the good Malenko vs. Guerrero 2-out-of-3 falls match, which is damn well worth it!)

Now again, I'm not saying this is a bad tape to get, but I'm saying that there are sooooo many other great ECW matches that they aren't bothering to include. ECW sort of blemished the Eliminators by showing their match with Bam Bam Gordy and Dr. Death, which was horrible until the elbow drop. I guarantee the newer ECW marks would cream if they saw one of the few Tables and Ladders matches between Rob Van Dam/Sabu vs. the Eliminators.

By the way, the best Tag Match in ECW, ever, was Doug Furnas/Dan Kroffat(or Phil Lafon) against Rob Van Dam/Sabu. It was when Sabu and RVD hated each other, with RVD begging Paul E. to convince Sabu to be his partner. Simply magnificant match there, as I wish it could be featured on these "videos".

I review Path of Destruction after Christmas, and probably the Angle and Jericho tapes too.

Armageddon Predictions

Too Coo/Steve Blackman vs. Lo Down/Tiger Ali Singh
Nothing like a thrown together match for the Pay Per View. This isn't ECW, is it? Well, I guess Blackman and Singh are feuding, although I have no idea where Too Cool and Blackman met up to decide to be a team. Blah. I have no idea how long the WWF wants this feud to continue, but a Singh/Lo Down win would dangerously kill the crowd, especially since Singh's stupid music is used instead of D'Lo's! Faces prevail.
Tito's Pick: Steve Blackman and Two Fools(Credit: Tazz on that name)

Chyna vs. Val Venis
Now this will be a bad match! Val Venis's weak heat from lame gimmicks won't help, either. I see an RTC screwjob on this match, which will make me not give a fuck.
Tito's Pick: Val "I suck without a decent gimmick" Venis

Hardy Boyz/Lita vs. the Radicalz
Hey, we might actually see Eddie Guerrero in this match! I'm hoping that the WWF actually extends this Lita-Malenko thingy, because it was way more appealing than anything involving a McMahon. Oh, did I just say that? I see Lita fooling Malenko, causing the Jobbers I mean Radicalz to lose. Hey, Malenko has finally done something worthwhile, Eddie Guerrero was good with Chyna, and Benoit is putting on great matches. What about Saturn?
Tito's Pick: Hardys and Lita

European Title: Bob Holly vs. William Regal
The save on RAW and for the fact that Holly "knocked out" Regal with a sleeper on RAW should indicate the winner of this one. The rightful winner at that. If I see a flying steel forearm, which gives Holly the win, I'll pass out from shock.
Tito's Pick: William Regal

Last Man Standing: Chris Jericho vs. Kane
This match has been weakly promoted, if you ask me. But anyway, it's about time to give Jericho a big win here, since he's as over as the Twin Hogans, and maybe more. It would be ignorant to continue this feud longer.
Tito's Pick: Chris Jericho

Women's Title: Trish Stratus vs. Molly Holly vs. Ivory
Gee, I wonder who will carry this match. No, it's not the model turned wrestler, nor is it the lady who looks like a punishing school teacher. It's the lady who was training Ms. Hancock, Paisley, Torrie Wilson, Midajah, and Major Gunnz to be wrestlers. Molly Holly will make the match good, and evil Trish will get the title as a reward for her recent hardwork, I mean ability to look good, thanks to Molly.
Tito's Pick: Trish Stratus

By the way, I really hope that the WWF throws Tori into this division. At one time, she was the best ladies wrestler around as Terri Powers. The Tori vs. Molly matches would be spectacular, even if you aren't a wrestling fan and you only enjoy the eye candy. :)

World Tag Team Titles: Dudleys vs. RTC vs. Team Get Rowdy vs. Edge/Christian
I have an odd feeling that Edge/Christian might get this win since they jobbed away to the stupid Team Get Rowdy, but I don't know for sure. My theory is that the Dudley Boyz are WAY overdue for those titles, and that having the RTC retaining them is just retarded. Having Road Dogg and K-Kwik win them is just as worse. No matter what, the WWF better do something about the Dudleys and the Hardys, since the Dudleys did screw them out of the titles.
Tito's Pick: Dudley Boyz

World Title Hell in the Cell Match: Kurt Angle vs. Triple H vs. Rikishi vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. the Rock vs. Undertaker
I doubt that Angle will retain, as he'll go down as one of the biggest jokes of a champ ever. If he does retain, it will be in a very cheap fashion. Either one of the Twin Hogans(Rock and Austin) will win it if you ask me. Undertaker could win it as a shocker, but I don't see it with him diminishing each month. Rikishi is so out of the question, and Triple H is too banged up to be a fighting champ. Since Rock had it recently, I'll say that Austin will win it since the WWF wants to see how he'll do with the "ball". I have an odd feeling, though, with Vince McMahon's involvement, since both he and Triple H hinted to last year's Armageddon, where Stephanie turned on Vince. Hmmm...
Tito's Pick: Stone Cold Steve Austin

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