Welcome back! Welcome Back....to the PDC of course! I hope everyone enjoyed their Thursday Night shows, as I wonder if Thunder made any difference in the ratings(yeah right). Just make sure you enjoy this, as Thunder will be moving to Wednesdays come 2000. Wow, maybe that will lead to WCW actually getting good ratings for a show! Ok, enough of this, on to the PDC.


-Bret Hart and Bill Goldberg are now your world tag team champions, as they defeated my new favorite tag team, Creative Control. Gee, this looks like the WWF with two of the top face wrestlers tagging up to win the championship....anyway, I'd imagine that they will wrestle a team like maybe the Outsiders Monday or something to drop the straps and blame one another for the loss. This should lead to some heat for the match-up, and not this I have respect for the other garbage!

-Good ol' Torrie Wilson has made a home now with WCW, as she finally came to terms on a contract. She'll probably make way more than two-thirds of the wrestlers in WCW, which was my point yesterday. I'm sure that WCW is happy with this because the WWF wanted to get their dirty hands on her. She almost jumped, but in the end she knew that WCW is the place to be to pick up a higher paycheck, ain't that right Hall and Nash? It will be interesting to see what WCW does with Torrie considering she has no stable to manage with the Filthy Animals out. It doesn't matter...the creative team could use her to manage anybody, just as long as they can make her wear skimpy bikinis.

-I think it's funny how WCW is trying to cover up the fact that the new feud, resulting from the real life fight backstage, is a total work. Shame on them, as they should know how much news spreads now. If you haven't heard already, WCW is going to make this feud somewhat like Chris Benoit and Kevin Sullivan a few years back. Benoit would be with Sullivan's Woman, and it really heated up the feud. It appears likely that the same thing will happen with DDP and Buff. The more you try to forget history, the more it comes back to haunt you.


-Oh my, Stephanie McMahon might turn DX? That's what the rumors are saying, as it could be her helping out her new man, Triple H, to defeat her father Vince. If that happens, the WWF would go to show you that everything revolves around what the McMahons do. I, personally, don't think it will happen. I somehow think that Stephanie and Test will still have their feelings for each other, and Test will continually climb the ladder to fight Triple H, AGAIN, to determine if Stephanie can get free. Whatever happens, Triple H will WIN that match come Armageddon.

-I hear Shane took another nasty bump last night on Smackdown, as he was thrown off the stage. Shane just goes to show you that he'll put anything on the line to attract interest. He's a goldmine, literally, as his matches always create attention. I hope that the WWF includes him for one of the matches on Wrestlemania, just like they did last year. Shane isn't afraid to put his body on the line, which is more than most of the WWF wrestlers can say. Give that man more matches, more spots, and more television time because he's one hell of an entertainer.

-According to Wade Keller at pwtorch.com, Lenny Lane's contract doesn't expire until August of 2000. Will WCW release him early? Hell No! Why let him go early when he can just sit around and collect checks? Also, why let him go early when the WWF would snatch him up and make him a superstar. You can't allow that. August of 2000 is a ways away, as you should figure WCW can make the most of it...like making Lenny wrestle the house show circuit as it's in desparate need of wrestlers, and Lenny would fit nicely. Hell, let his good buddy Lodi wrestle there too, and tag them up as well. This way, the controversial tag team can maybe attract some fans to actually come to a WCW House Show without dreading it. Now wouldn't that be fun?

-I heard that Lucas mentioned the other day about Shawn Micheals maybe making it back to the WWF around Royal Rumble time. I mentioned this a few days ago, but that made it somewhat official. I guess these ECW talks that Micheals had have literally lit a fire under the WWF's ass to finally bring him back to the WWF. Thank the lord, because the WWF was being an ass to him for his small, yet very true, comments. Now many e-mailers have told me that Micheals was the same way as Austin was back in the day. True, he was, but when it came time for the match, he was always willing to lay down. He willingly layed down for Bret at Wrestlemania, and he agreed to lose at Survivor Series until the famous screwjob happened. He also was willing to lose to Austin at Wrestlemania 14, at a time where he knew Austin would become huge after defeating him. Of course, he also purposely lost that because his back was pretty messed up during that time, but he did agree to lose that match a while ago.


-Oh joy, ECW on TNN is tonight at 8 pm Eastern, as it will feature a debut of a legend. I can't say how it is since this is NOT a spoiler column, but it makes you wonder on the recent events that have happened. Oh well. I wonder if ECW will keep the streak of becoming 3 weeks in a row above the one ratings. Now you watch, it will drop down to 0.9, which they started with, again. Just watch the F'N show!!!!

-Where will this Limp Bizkit angle lead to? Right now, ECW is working hard for the group, or at least Fred Durst, to make an appearance on a few upcoming ECW television shows. Limp Bizkit, who are in real life big ECW fans and supporters, might possibly be in negotiations with ECW to appear. Paul Heyman would love to have them on his TNN show to maybe attract more ratings than they currently get. In this case, having Limp Bizkit on ECW television would gain much more attraction than any No Limit Soldiers, Kiss, Motley Crew, Megadeth, Insane Clown Posse, or any other music group trying to be a part of wrestling.

@That's it for today. Thanks for reading, and I'll be back with some more tomorrow with some possible ECW on TNN impressions. Until then, why not check out some new columns at the Phat Farm?

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