Mr. Tito has gone mad!! He's gone insane, he's going crazy!!

Well, no actually, this is just a new column by the maker of the Phat Daily Column. It's a brand new and uncensored column in which I will rip the hell out of anything and everything. If there's anything in the wrestling world that Mr. Tito doesn't especially like, then it becomes a prison to my mental wrath. I will also have a re-butal to e-mail. Watch what you say or you could end up on the Phat Choping Block. Now onto the Show!

Hey, I'm back!!! After taking a week off from doing Bad Tito, I'm back in your face with this latest edition of Bad Tito! I would have had one done for you last week, but I had studies and the one year anniversary column to work on last week. Oh no, the Bad Tito streak has ended! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Anyway, lets get to the ranting.

New Nitro is yes, getting ratings, but at what cost? The cost of losing their oldschool base fans. The fans who were part of the 2.5's everyweek who tuned in to see just pure "wrestling". Now, what they hated on RAW, has really invaded their show. After all of them were ripping RAW for attempting to use sleeze to get ratings, now their show is doing the same. Will they watch? I doubt it, as many readers have wrote me about this situation. They are furious about the new creative team turning their show into RAW. What could happen is that the overall fans who did like the WCW of before, could just stop watching wrestling now all together. That would take about 2 or so off the ratings, and wrestling in general would be hurting. Both federations usually combine to equal 9 points every week, and to have a chunk taken out of that would make it a fight to take WWF's fans.

Even a New RAW? If you were watching closely Monday, you should have noticed that RAW was much slower than normal, and that WCW was the one rushing matches. That's rather interesting, as RAW will now become it's own show, while Nitro will become what RAW was. I think you are slowly seeing the WWF return to their grassroots, which is more wrestling matches!! Hey, that certainly works for me, as many interviews and backstage happenings can annoy me fast.

Good to see ECW get some recognition on their TNN show, as their ratings are starting to grow. I was really hoping that this deal wouldn't fail, as many insiders stressed it would. Got to remember that TNN has no other show pulling in the ratings that the ECW show does, so I doubt it'll go anywhere just yet. What TNN needs to do, is to let ECW be Extreme. Let them have adult themes, let them use vulgar language, and let's see some blood!!! That's what many viewers tune in for, and when that's held back, they change the channel. Oh well, I'm just hoping that one of these days, the ECW TNN show can really grab some ratings.

Internet Bitching as today I will discuss the oversaturation of wrestling sites. This topic has been discussed by many columnists, so I figured that I could throw my two cents in. Alright, everywhere I look, there are wrestling newsboards with EXCLUSIVE NEWS on them. Ok, this is the EXCLUSIVE NEWS that is on every newsboard, and not just yours. It seems with the wrestling craze, many people felt it was their duty to make a newsboard type page for everyone to enjoy. Which is ok, and it should be treated like a hobby. But it got out of hand. Many sites emerged and caused a flooding of the internet market of sites. Many of them had the same exact features, and they had the same reporters, features, etc. Usually, the webmasters would do anything, and I mean ANYTHING, to keep their site somewhere on sHitbox.

+They would bash the other sites, steal other site's reports or multimedia, just to beat the many pages that were flooding the net. I myself, and not to be cocky, get hammered with requests to post my columns with these pages everyday. I see various sites from Hypermart, and pages that somehow contain the word "wrestle" in them...like wrestleass, wrestleidiots, wrestleshit. Well, those aren't pages, YET, but you get the idea. But hey, who am I to bitch? Many of those webmasters enjoy what they are doing. That's cool, and that's how it really should be. But hey, if you get sick of one site, you have MILLIONS to choose from!

Wrestling ads. Alright, here I go defending sites for their ads. Ok, I've seen a few sites bash others for having too many ads on their site. They claim they are just in it to screw you out of money, and that's not the case. Many webmasters have to make an honest living out of their page, so they have to make money somehow. If you had many hits and no ads, you'll end up with nothing. To have idiots bash them for having an adcast frame on their site or a couple banners elsewhere is ridiculous, as they don't understand that being a webmaster to a top site is a job to others.

And finally, why is everyone bashing Backyard Wrestling all of a sudden? I think it's hilarious, but everyone insists that it's the devil. It's just like tackle football without pads when you were younger, so lay off of it! They are doing it to imitate their favorite sports stars, just like they would when trying to imitate a basketball move that they saw on television. Nothing wrong with it, just pure fun. I've had the pleasure of seeing a few of these Backyard Wrestling events, and I was very entertained! Many of the wrestlers in those have absolutely no talent whatsoever, but they try, and they have fun doing that. Then you could argue something about the Extreme Backyard Wrestling federations which have hardcore matches non stop, and many of their wrestlers bleed. Ok, then my question to argue back is "where are the parents to stop allowing this?" I thought so. Keep the Backyard revolution going!

#Well, that's it for today's BAD TITO. I hope you've enjoyed the return, and I hope to have another unfortunate one for you next week as well. PARTY ON!!!!

Living dangerously,
-Mr. Tito

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