Mr. Tito has gone mad!! He's gone insane, he's going crazy!!

Well, no actually, this is just a new column by the maker of the Phat Daily Column. It's a brand new and uncensored column in which I will rip the hell out of anything and everything. If there's anything in the wrestling world that Mr. Tito doesn't especially like, then it becomes a prison to my mental wrath. I will also have a re-butal to e-mail. Watch what you say or you could end up on the Phat Choping Block. Now onto the Show!

Bad Tito is back in your face today, and I'm not pulling back any punches. I've got lots of rage in myself today, so fuck this introduction, and let's get on with this shit.

Why no Grades this week? is the most frequently asked question this week. Well, basically, I was getting tired of getting the same fucking mail everyweek. The mail I'm talking about is the Mark Out e-mail. You know, the ones who love one side or the other, and they lack maturity to disagree with you without cursing. I get shit everyweek like "Fuck You! WCW SUX" or shit like "You God Damn WWF Mark". After weeks upon weeks of that shit, I just got tired of it. Now I don't mind good feedback, like if someone e-mails me with explanations why they disagree with me..you know, the mature way. Not that immature shit. I ditched the grades this week because I wanted to cut back on the immature bullshit. Instead, to my surprise, I got lots of requests to bring the grades back. So, next week, the Monday Night Grades return, but I only ask for the ones who love to send me the annoying e-mails to realize that my columns are opinionated. They aren't life or death, and they factual at all.

Speaking on Maturity, I'm getting sick of the lack of it lately. Everyday, someone shows it to me, as they will of course send me shitmail, or they will try to stir shit with me when chatting. People you think you know just suddenly turn on you, and try to get you to feud with other people. Either that, or when they start bashing you, and when you bash them back, they can't take it. I go through this shit everyday, as a few individuals just can't help themselves by annoying me. I don't mind a nice clean chat, but when they always try to get me to say shit on another say reporter or columnist, it's rather ignorant. It's basically shit I don't need to worry about. Of course, I've recently too measures to stop some of that shit.

Other stuff I see on the net, just frustrates me. Reporters and pages..just feuding with each other. Reporters stealing news without crediting. Hate pages, which rip on reporters or pages. Reporters or webmasters hacking other people's sites. It's fucking stupid! People just need to grow up, and worry about themselves. Once again, a total lack of maturity.

Something I've noticed is that other columnists just love to take their shots at me. Oh joy, rip me apart. Do you think I care? Well, I used to, until I decided to worry about what I was doing, and that's writing columns everyday for fun. Those other columnists need to get heat, so they bash others or myself in attempt to get attention, when they are just making themselves look bad by bitching all of the time. They should worry about themselves, but instead they write hate columns about me. I like how they always suggest for me to get a life, when it's really them who needs a life because they have nothing else to do but whine about Mr. Tito. I just hope those columnists would just grow the balls and e-mail me if they had a problem with me, instead of trying to get public heat by bashing me in a column. But wait, they are probably the ones who send those shitty e-mails like I've talked about above...so I guess they need to resort to columns!

Lack of originality is what is making many of those internet wrestling pages just disappear. They close down after months of hardwork, and no hits to show for it. Why? They were just like every other news or multimedia page, and they did nothing spectacular to grab attention. Webmasters of various pages just don't understand what I mean by this, but look around at the pages that get a large amount of hits. They have something unique or original about them, and that's why they are on top and continue to be on top. Other pages resort to having reporters or webmasters board-whoring on many other pages and plugging their sites on their posts to get hits. They only get hits because they post for about 20 sites, and they practically beg you to come! All I'm saying is that you need originality webmasters, and maybe those hits will come on their own.

Getting back to immaturity, I'm still sick of the internet feuds. People still don't get it...they continue to have high profile feuds, or again, they just bash them in their columns. Does anybody not get it? Readers don't want to see your shit about how bad a certain person sucks or how bad you hate this dirty motherfucker. They just want straight fucking news! Does anybody understand that? Certainly not, as I even see high profiled internet personalities giving it to each other. Oh well, they will just continue to lose respect, as well as mine, when they do that.

Why not some wrestling rants? Hogan leaving WCW? Well, I keep seeing all of this bullshit about this whole situation being a work. It probably is, considering Hogan makes Millions......and Millions of WCW Dollars every year. Well, I really don't mind it, except if he reforms the NWO..then I'll have a problem with it. Just look how it worked back in early January. Ratings dropped like a motherfucker! Hogan is still a big draw, no matter how old he is. Fans everywhere still remember him, even if they aren't watching WCW nowadays. Russo and Ferarra need to re-establish his character, and refresh him. Why not give him a new move too, because a fucking leg drop shouldn't pin nobody.

If you smell...what the Rock's moves are really like. As many readers have pointed out to me, the Rock has some very weak finishers....just like Hogan does. Who on earth can pin somebody after giving them an elbow..especially one that takes a long time to execute. The Rock Bottom isn't so big of a move, as it's equivilent to a body slam. How can that shit pin anyone?!? Ah fuck it, who cares...he's the most over wrestler in the business today! He can get away with it, even with weak finishers in my opinion.

Missing Monday Night Grades

Alright, I'll give you my Monday Night grades from last week here. Basically, the marking out pissed me off..and I know after grading this week's shows, I'd get hammered with it because I felt both shows were less than par. Here goes nothing:

RAW- I give this show a C just because it had horrible endings to their main events, plus it was going off the deep end a little bit. Nothing too impressive with this show..but hey, that was my opinion!

Nitro- I give this show a D+ just because it totally my interest. The main event matches were weak this week, and the midcard was absolutely horrible. I did, however, think that the Saturn belly to belly suplex on Kidman was spectacular..but in my mind, it was the only highlight of the night..but that's my opinion!!!

Remember, those grades are from my opinions of the Monday Night Shows!

Understand? Cool.

That's it for this fabulous editon of Bad Tito..so you better recognize!! Remember, this column is opinionated...so remember that because I keep repeating it over and over!!!! I at least said it 10 times in this column...oh well, just stating this this column, along with my other columns, are from my thoughts, and not fact! So like I say in this column, please don't have a shit about it.

Just trying to entertain you with something to read,
-Mr. Tito

I think the image explains it all.

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