Mr. Tito has gone mad!! He's gone insane, he's going crazy!!

Well, no actually, this is just a new column by the maker of the Phat Daily Column. It's a brand new and uncensored column in which I will rip the hell out of anything and everything. If there's anything in the wrestling world that Mr. Tito doesn't especially like, then it becomes a prison to my mental wrath. I will also have a re-butal to e-mail. Watch what you say or you could end up on the Phat Choping Block. Now onto the Show!

Yes, this is Bad Tito...the evil and dark side of the man they call Tito. Welcome to my forum. If you don't like it...then like stupid Rick Steiner says, Bite ME! Oh well, enough about these intros..

It's Evolution Baby!!!! I've been getting some strange e-mails lately complaining about the content of the Evolution. People just say that we just bitch and bitch about the internet. Well, that's why this is a special column forum. It was never intended to be all wrestling. It was basically a forum where writers like myself, Christopher Michaels, Historian, Tys Corgan, and everyone else who writes the Evolution mainly do it for fun. We just do it to rant or tell it like it is, which we can't normally do when posting on newsboards.

Besides, with my 'Bad Tito' column, I'm strapped for topics. I write 7 Columns a week, which basically contain most of my wrestling thoughts and opinions. I sometimes have to resort to recycling a topic to curse about just for this column. That's a big reason why I bitch a good bit about the internet here. Other than that, I see a lot of bullshit that goes around on the internet, therefore, I'll use this column to tell it how it is since I've overused wrestling topics. I write a good 8 columns a week, and this is usually the 8th one I write each week, so I need something fresh to write about.

Basically, I do this column for fun. That's all. There is no harm intended for this column, and it's strictly my opinion. This is a column practically for me to blow off steam from rough weeks. So when I see some criticism about the Evolution, I basically blow it off. I know this section is not to be taken serious, but it can be a good read to others. I mean I have fun doing this, so why stop writing the same way for the Evolution? I don't think so.

First Family. They are the worst stable ever in any federation. I would rather choose to see Savio Vega's stable than that crap. You have Jerry Lynn(the best out of the bunch), Brian "I can't sell a shot if my life depended on it" Knobbs, and of course you have Hugh Morris. They are so boring to watch, and everytime I see any member of this group come on television, I change it quickly! The duo of Morris and Knobbs don't sell any shots taken in tag matches. They are more worried about making their stupidasses look better than actually working the match like they are supposed to. WCW has been trimming the fat lately, so why not trim the first family!

Hardcore? So far, with the new ECW on TNN show, I haven't been impressed that much yet. The first two shows were pretty good, but the recent shows bored me. I thought ECW was supposed to beef that show up? No, they probably care more about their infomercials...which make much lesser money than the TNN shows. ECW has the potential to become a force, even on Fridays. All they have to do is put a little more effort into their shows, and not just try to impress everyone by having Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn shoved down our throats.

Wifebeating Wrestling Federation What the fuck has the WWF become? First, they have Chyna taking a few shots. But of course, she's actually going after wrestlers...so if you want to wrestle the big guys, then they should be able to hit back. Then, you have Jeff Jarrett beginning his war against women. He beat the shit out of Jackey, and he hasn't stopped since. Figure Fours for everyone! You name it, either young (Miss Kitty, Debra, the shitty ring announcer) or old (Fabulous Moolah) has been attacked by Jarrett. That sets such an example for any young fans watching it, but then again, the parents should be monitoring what their kids watch...and that's another column itself. Getting back to the subject, you then have Stephanie getting injured by the Bulldog. Ok, that might have been an accident, but still. Women keep getting hurt or attacked in the WWF. I'm a grown up wrestling fan, and I'm disgusted by this shit. It just isn't something to look up to, and it tarnishes the image of the WWF. First they are an adult show, and now they are a domestic violence show. But hey, the WWF loves to get cheap heat..and they are sure getting it.

Oh darn, I think I've wasted enough of your time already. This is it for today's evil and twisted BAD TITO. Just stating my opinion...so don't all pissy about it.

Your brother's cousin's uncle's nephew's former room mate,
Mr. Tito

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