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BAD TITO - The Whole F'N Return!
By Mr. Tito - Tuesday, August 7, 2001 at 1:15 PM EST

Because you, the readers demand it, BAD FUCKING TITO has returned!!!!! That's right, so please run and hide if you can't read a column which tells it like it is! This is the one true column who yells at Monkey and BaBoone for their ignorance. This is the one column that tells the TRUE problems of the internet.

No, it's NOT the negative columnists. Think about it shitheads. Columnists are presenting opinions. That's it. Greedy fuckers like Monkey and BaBoone are ripping off ad companies in any way possible. Isn't that fraud? Therefore, I think just presenting a simple opinion, WHICH CAN BE IGNORED, is much less dangerous to professional wrestling and the internet community as well.

But does anybody, besides myself, ever talk about what these guys actually do? Of course not. They are all ripping off ad companies themselves, or at least receiving a cut from it, so they keep their mouths shut. Bunch of no good pussies.

Speaking of pussies, I want to issue a challenge to either MONKEY or BABOONE to be featured in an one on one interview, through AOL or something. I won't even flame you, either, for I just want an honest interview to be performed to maybe find out the REAL story. So if Fred Cook or Matt Boone would like to e-mail me for an interview to be featured in the next edition of Bad Tito, please email me. Yes, those are their real names.

Randomness... is a Warm Gun

-Like I've always stated when someone bashes me, publicly, in a column: have the nuts to e-mail me about it. Recently, a columnist bashed me in an interview, and the second I confronted him in an e-mail about why he had a problem with me, he avoided giving a real reply to me. Jesus aged Christ, have some balls here. Whenever I really have a problem with someone, I e-mail them about it. Nobody does that when they have a problem with me, for they'll just whip up a column or make a message of it on a message board. Is everyone that chickenshit to even dare to email me about a problem? God, it's not like I'm some bully or anything like that.

-Ahhhhh, get of my back you bunch of marks! It just seems that whenever I remark about a federation as a whole (ECW), or corporate wrestlers as a whole (Chyna, Rock, etc), I get lots of e-mails using lots of curse words like the following: Tito, U fukin a-whole! Rock rulzzzzz!! And does that look familiar? Wow, it looks like the severely ignorant ICP Fans who used to send me death threats for whenever I ripped on ICP for appearing on wrestling shows (Note: these are SOME ICP fans. Not all ICP fans are like this). I mean, if you are going to even challenge Mr. Tito on an opinion, at least make it professional. If you write with good grammar and can back an argument up with some good proof, then it won't bother me to see a reader having a good point. Just don't start cursing at me like a trucktriver with 4th grade reading skills.

-And what's this I hear about time obligation? I've seen various posts on message boards bashing me because I haven't been as "daily" as I used to be. What, you mean 5 columns per week is a bad pace? But I mean, many are thinking that I'm obligated to pump out a column every day of the week. Believe me, I really try to do so, and I was doing that during my first two years as Mr. Tito. Lately, like I've said many times, I've been more busier than ever with work, school, and anything pertaining to my personal life. Plus, it's summer time, and don't I have a reason to get up and get out of town every once in a while? I think so. Just remember that being Mr. Tito is just a hobby, as I don't get paid a dime for pumping out at least 5 columns a week. I enjoy doing it, very much, which is why I still do it today. Duh huh.

Blah! Holding back on ripping on Monkey or BaBoone is keeping me from writing some good material this week. I really hope they accept my invitation for a one on one interview, because maybe, we could understand why they do what they do.

The PHAT PHARM is Hiring! Yes it is, and if you read in the previous post, you'll find out the details. Be sure to send all columns to and not my regular account, or else. Just remember that this is just the internet world, and if I turn you down, that life goes on....

Hopefully, we can get another Bad Tito up here soon, with an interview. Hell, if not, maybe I could just rip on them again to make up for it. But honestly, accept the interview, you guys.....

Until next time, FEAR BAD TITO!