BAD TITO - The Extra Column done by Mr. Tito, who also writes the Phat Daily Column.  Sort of call this a column to blow off steam or just to have fun writing.  Originally a special part of the Evolution, it now makes it home on the Phat Pharm.  Enjoy.

-Mr. Tito

Run and hide!!!  BAD TITO is back, and back with a vengeance!  

Well, where has this oh so lovely column been?  Well SORRY, I've been fucking strapped for time lately, as my college schedule likes to give me lots of senseless reading to do.  Joy, joy, joy!  

But this Bad Tito came back for a purpose.  I felt that the TRUTH about something MUST come out.  No, I won't expose MONKEY again for his fucking "NUDE TRISH STRATUS SUCKING DILDOS" promised plugs.  Oh no.  But he does work for that site.  *gasp*

Yes, I said the word SITE.  Now normally, I don't mention names of sites, but for today, we'll bend that rule and damn near break it off!  This site is one that I USED to work for on the side of being a part of LoP.  Yes, it's the good ol' Top Rope.  *gasp*

Why?  Well, this column has been the MOST requested topic for Bad Tito.  Many readers who hopped on over from Top Rope have been BEGGING for the "behind the scenes" story about my times there, and why I left Top Rope.  Since it's been a while since I left Top Rope, and since Nick Evanish, co-webmaster felt that it was his duty to steal Ponton's WOW Results without credit, it seems like a good time than ever to FINALLY tell the truth.

The absolutely truth on my relationship with Top Rope, and nothing but it!

The History of Mr. Tito at Top Rope

Top Rope, the site that has turned into a place where you can not only get cheap wrestling news, but an assortment of Britney Spears and other pictures of NON wrestling celebrities.  It wasn't quite like that back in the day... meaning the early months of 1999.

Around 1999, I was coming into my own as a columnist.  I could see myself improving, and slowly, signs began appearing on shows in support of my writings.  So with that, Nick Evanish, the Co-Webmaster of Top Rope, then known as Chill-N, approached me to post my column for his site.  Top Rope, then, was winning critical acclaim for being one of the up and coming wrestling sites during the Internet wrestling boom of 1998 - 1999.  

Nick posted news for LoP then, too, and as a favor for him working on LoP, I joined his site.  I was willing to help out any associate of LoP, then, when asked.  So now I was with LoP mainly, and just posting my column on several sites including Top Rope.  Most of them were mainly based on favors or business relationships.  I wasn't boardwhoring like MONKEYS do these days.


Top Rope took a hard hit by the WWF soon after I joined, since they posted over 400 stills of the WWF shows.  To many, that was a reason to visit Top Rope.  I remember I once dared one of the picture takers to hit 500 stills one night, and about a week later, the WWF put the clamps on Top Rope.  It would have happened sooner or later, so don't blame me!  They didn't have to accept the dare.  :)

But now, Top Rope would have to survive off of columns and their newsboard.  Their newsboard had the same reporters that every other board had, so mark that down.  Also, they had many childish reporters on their side, who would double post news or make up news to post.  It diluted a lot of Top Rope's credibility, which I talked to Nick a lot about back then.  

To attempt to regain credibility, Nick slapped together a Fantasy Wrestling League.  The idea was great, but it had a lot of problems running and operating.  With that Fantasy League, Nick and the other Co-Webmaster(who we'll get to in a second) made a new design, which ran all off of CGI.


Now the CGI part, which does all of the posting for newsboards or anything else, made the Webmasters of Top Rope lazy.  While they claimed to be working on the Fantasy League, they did NOTHING for the remainder of the site.  Reporters continually threw up crap on the newsboard, without Nick or the "other" Webmaster doing a thing.  Top Rope lost a lot of hits because of the weak newsboard.  I offered my services, one time, just to keep an eye on their newsboard and to strengthen, like the great Calvin Martin does for us at LoP.  Nick declined, thinking that there was nothing wrong with the site.  Little did he know that I kept an eye on his Hitbox stats, therefore, I saw the hits dropping.

Around this time, I had dropped all of the sites BUT LoP and Top Rope.  I decided to remain on Top Rope because I got along well with Nick Evanish, and for the fact that he lived only about an hour and a half away from me, to which I thought we could do some promotional work at a wrestling event locally or something?  (He lives in Pittsburgh, and I live on the Ohio East Coast)  But I saw the quality of Top Rope dropping, which troubled me greatly.  

But I was doing well at Top Rope.  My column script didn't even go to the Main Newsboard, as I had my own Column board.  That Column board had more hits than the Newsboard, and my columns drew twice as many readers as any other columns on that site.  Not knocking their columns (as I liked them), but those are the bare facts since Top Rope featured counters at the bottom of boards and posts.  So in essence, I was carrying the page.


Now if you thought Nick became lazy for the site, the other Co-webmaster was even worse.  His name is Alan Waldron, named Play-A back then, and he was an arrogant fool!  I tried to talk to Alan on several occasions, and all I got was pure ego.  He didn't care about the site, except for the fact that it made him money off of banners.  He even told me so on AOL, which I saved.  Exact quote:

"The site runs itself on CGI, so we don't have to do anything.  I don't give a shit about the reporters or columnists there, as long as the banners pay up."

Absolutely no compassion for those who made him the money, namely me.  When I left Top Rope, it was the ONLY time he was nice to me.  Why?  Because the top hits gainer at his site just left, and he could be out a few bucks.  


At the end of the summer in 1999, I was getting fed up with the half-assed running of Top Rope.  I enjoyed the readers very much, but I didn't care much for the lazy webmasters or the one egotistical webmaster, at that.  Plus, I was becoming an even larger part of LoP, and I wanted to show loyalty to Calvin Martin for giving me a lot of opportunities.  

I talked to Nick about this, and he begged me to stay.  Apparently, he had a major deal in the works to where the company that owned for ownership or something else.  Plus, he had the Fantasy League coming back, and he felt that if I left, Top Rope would go down in flames and all of his deals would go down with it.

So after a long talk, I decided to stay.  It was somewhat out of Friendship too, because we bullshitted a lot online.  RAW is WAR was coming to Pittsburgh too, and I talked to him about going with him to that show.  It would be good for both LoP and Top Rope to promote each other there.  Nick "claimed" that he looked into the tickets, and said that they were ALL SOLD OUT.  Plus, he "claimed" that the tickets were too expensive, anyway.  So we weren't going to the show, right?

At least I wasn't.  Soon after I departed from Top Rope, RAW from Pittsburgh went down and little did I know that the guys from Top Rope actually got tickets for the show in the first place.  Good thing I left before that show.  Fucking dickheads.


My one year anniversary as Mr. Tito arrived in October of 1999, and Calvin gave me the gift of becoming Assistant Webmaster of LoP, a great honor, to which I still am today.  Out of loyalty to LoP, the best site on the Internet, I decided to officially become exclusive to them.  

So I gave Nick Evanish my 2 Weeks Notice, which is always the proper way to leave something sort of important.  That was very formal of myself, I've always thought, and the good ol' boys at Top Rope didn't quite understand that.  

Suddenly, Alan was very nice to me, and he began begging for me to stay.  I knew what he said before about not giving a shit about his columnists or reporters, so I ignored that asshole.  Nick, too, tried to talk me out of it as well.  My mind was set, and I planned on leaving Top Rope... but in a good, professional way.  I was intending on making a nice goodbye, and encouraging readers to stick with Top Rope.  That didn't quite end up that way, and it wasn't my fault.


Nick Evanish apparently hired a "replacement" daily columnist in my place.  Nick hired his roommate and drinking buddy, Crimedogg, to now write daily columns.  Dogg has written for Top Rope before, and I actually got along fine with him... BEFORE.

I forget the title of his column, but it was meant to be a Daily Column with a lot of swearing and references to drinking/women.  That's fine and dandy to me, but in his opening paragraph of his very first column, he took a mean shot at me.  He suggested that he might not be able to write everyday because he "had a life, unlike Mr. Tito".  This is a guy who I got a long with, and he takes a cheap shot at me like that.

So I went to Nick, and questioned why the fuck he'd let someone take a shot at me like that, since I worked hard for his site over the last 10 months or so.  Nick said he couldn't edit the post because the server didn't let him, but I've seen him edit out posts before.  Fucking liar.  So I said fuck the 2 Weeks Notice, and on the Next PDC at Top Rope, I announced that I was leaving Top Rope and encouraged my readers that if they wanted to follow my work, they could find it at  

I was going to put Top Rope over in my leaving, but their ignorance, no respect, and lying kept me from leaving in a good way.  Instead, it started a large buzz all around the internet, or at least on the ones who follow internet sites closely.


Nick and Alan were now in a panic, and it was their fault for being dickheads, after I politely gave them my 2 Week Notice upon leaving.  Both discussed closing down the site, as they knew they actually had to do something since I was leaving.  Their top hits guy (stats proved it) had left, and their hits were dropping!

As I told you before, I keep a close eye on Hitbox.  About two weeks after I left, their hits dropped by 3000 hits!  Amazing.  I doubt that would have happened, had the fellas at Top Rope been a bit professional about my leaving.  I never had to post at their site to begin with, nor did I have to stay as long as I did.  They didn't give a shit about that!

So Nick and Alan FINALLY got to working on their site, and lowered themselves to Women of Wrestling galleries, and now other Celebrity galleries.  Hey, if that's what gets them the banner money, then they are doing what they want.  They still have a bunch of suspects posting and stealing news on their Newsboard, who plug their sites with false hype.  Nick is even close buddies with the MONKEY, the most arrogant prick on the net who also cares about banner revenue only.  


There ya have it.  But what's the moral of the story???  Well, I've been very happy at, and only LoP, being exclusive, and I guess the fellas at Top Rope are enjoying their success, if having picture stills of NON wrestling Celebrities works at all.  

But all I say is that in one way, I didn't want to leave the way I did, but in another, I'm glad I did.  Being shown a lot of disrespect throughout my time at Top Rope made it a great ending to my Chapter over there.  

The main thing, though, is that we at LoP have a lot of heart in what we do.  I take my affairs with my column seriously, and I don't care about the almighty dollar.  Nick and Alan do, and that's what affected my relationship with them.  If their hunger to be entrepreneurs in the Internet wrestling world is what they want, then fine.  They'll just do their thing, and I'll do mine.

How about them apples?