BAD TITO - The Extra Column done by Mr. Tito, who also writes the Phat Daily Column.  Sort of call this a column to blow off steam or just to have fun writing.  Originally a special part of the Evolution, it now makes it home on the Phat Pharm.  Enjoy.

-Mr. Tito

Hello Bad Tito fans.  So what has it been?  1 whole month and a few days since I've had a Bad Tito up?  Oh damn.  Well, the fucking retards who run these corrupt NewzBoreds aren't worth bitching at anymore, since they haven't bothered me in sometime.  Plus, I haven't been to those pussy sites in a long time, so I don't know what's going on.  Therefore, they won't be the target this time around.

But there is something that fucking pisses me off.  Many wrestling sites, including the official ones, are resorting to a bad internet tactic.  To "spice" their sites up, webmasters are putting FLASH on their sites.  Flash is a type of presentation which can be seen with Shockwave on an internet page.  I'm fucking tired of that shit on wrestling sites, especially when I'm on a modem.  That's what I'm bitching about today!


Stop Flashing Me!!!


Everywhere I go, whether it be the Official pages or just these retarded wrestling pages, webmasters are throwing Flash on their sites.  They use it in two ways:

1.  As an opening page.  I guess it's great for first time users, to see a good presentation, but after a while, the Flash gets pointless.  Thank God you can just bookmark the second page to avoid that Flash shit.

2.  All over the page.  I hate when Webmasters try to spice their site up with Flash on it.  Can't they just do some HTML?  It's not that hard to make HTML look decent.


Why am I bitching about Flash?  It fucking kills me whenever I'm on a modem.  Not only does it take fucking forever to load through a phone line, but it lags everything on your computer as well.  If you accidentally stumble onto a page with Flash, then you're fucked for the rest of the time you are online. 

Flash makes your modem a bitch, and if you try to browse, it become a pain because the scrolling bar moves soooo slowly, as opposed to before, when you haven't used Flash yet. 

The thing that none of these sites realize is that the majority of internet users are STILL using modems.  Not everyone is on a Network, using Cable, or DSL, which is what they don't realize. 


Sure, maybe in a few years, Flash could be better utilized as technology gets cheaper, but for now, the majority is still using a modem.  So why screw the majority?

If you have Flash, anywhere on your site, it discourages modem users from coming back because your site lagged their computer.  Yet, the official sites or retarded webmasters elsewhere, don't fucking get it yet.

Hey, it's only more hits they are risking.


Who has whoring out to Flash lately?  Well, forget about going to any Pay Per View sites, or you'll be fucked.  Sure, they look great if you are on a Network or any other great connection, but it takes forever to load on a modem.  So, when it comes for days when I want to check out the latest WWF PPV card, I'm fucked, because I must go through their shitty Shockwave to get the needed information.

A HUGE-ASS FINGER OF SHAME to for having Flash all over their site.  Firstly, you have it on the intro page, which looks good the first time, but it's tiring after a while.  Then, has Flash all over their page, for their menus and shit!  That's two types of annoying Flash that they are using, so shame on them for doing that.  They wonder why their shitty site doesn't get the hits that does.

Then, there are a bunch of NewzBoreds out there that have Flash on them.  Yes, those same sites that hype having NUDE pictures of Trish Stratus, when they are lying through their teeth.  Most of the Flash is half-assed on those sites anyway, so their attempt to make their lame sites look "professional" is failing.


Basically, I'm not only concerned about my pains about Flash, I care for others.  The majority of internet users, again, have modems.  So why say a big fuck you to them, while catering to faster speed connections? 

If they'd care for everyone, then their hits would be much larger than they are today.  More hits equals larger ad revenue, which is logical.  Duh!

But what can you do to your site without the use of Flash?  I suggest using compressed images and a limited use of JAVA and tables to create a strong design.  It will load faster, and it's easier to manage than Flash.  Not to mention the fact that it ends headaches for modem users.


- Mr. Tito