BAD TITO - The Extra Column done by Mr. Tito, who also writes the Phat Daily Column.  Sort of call this a column to blow off steam or just to have fun writing.  Originally a special part of the Evolution, it now makes it home on the Phat Pharm.  Enjoy.

-Mr. Tito

RUN!!!!!!!!! Bad Tito has returned! It's been 3 harsh internet columns in a row folks, and it has put soooo many tears in little kiddies' eyes. Awww, should I care? Well, I don't. They can keep bashing me on message boards, columns, or chat rooms all they want, and they can also keep hyping their lame wrestling pages with SHOCKING news or NUDE, but not exactly, pictures all they want. They will NEVER grow up, they will NEVER come to me with a problem, and they will NEVER notice their own faults. So for this week, I could care less about stupid-ass internet politics. Fuck them all!

Besides, if I did one more internet type column, I'd be becoming repetitive like the WWF storylines. Ouch, that's gotta make some readers see red! All the more for today's topic, which we'll get to right now.

It's NOT 4:20 right now!

Gee, as I look at my watch, I don't see that it's 4:20. In fact, I NEVER want to see 4:20 in my life because I don't want to associate with it. WAIT!!! For those of you who don't know what 420 is, here is the definition:

420: The police radio code for having spotted someone consuming cannabis publicly, or you could say "pot smoking in progress". However, it's just a legend or a myth, but it's been associated with cannabis use, or marijuana, pot, dope....whatever you want to call it! It has other hidden meaning, but it's mainly aimed at weed usage.

So what the hell does it have to do with Bad Tito? Well, let me tell you, I DO NOT USE ANY DRUGS, so I'm NOT promoting this stuff. Maybe a few of you who are just reading this just found out what 420 means today. See, not everyone knows about that damn stuff. It especially concerns me when professional wrestling uses references like this on television. Each of the big 3 federations are guilty, and they will be ripped today!


It concerns me, especially, because wrestlers use drug references quite often. They could be just joking, but it's obvious that they are talking about their own personal usage and that they want to get their message across to fans that it's "fun". It's not fun, as it's dangerous. Drugs are harmful, and promoting drugs on television is probably a good reason why hate groups like the PTC are chasing down advertisers to stop sponsoring wrestling.

Now, if you current use weed or whatever, then do it if you want. Smoke all you like, but understand where I'm coming from. Wrestlers are looked at as role models. Hell, you'll get kids repeating the Rock's catchphrases, telling each other to "suck it", or flexing like Hulk Hogan. Each week, many viewers watch wrestling to somewhat reflect upon themselves. They admire wrestlers as great athletes, and at times, like Stone Cold attacking his boss, Vince McMahon, they live their lives through a wrestler. So really, what I'm saying is that whether you agree or not, wrestlers are role models.

Toys, merchandise, and video games aren't sold quickly for no reason. They are sold because individuals love the wrestlers. Hell, all of us wrestling fans have acted like our favorites, and at times, we'll do whatever they do. So when you see your favorite wrestler making a drug reference, and you admire him, what could you do? If it's cool for a wrestler to do, why not do it yourself? That's the EXACT mindset that it could trigger folks, and it's dangerous, especially, to the younger audience.


Now for a very critical bastard that I am, I care very much about the wrestling product in general. I don't want to see wrestling taking the blame for the bad things in life. So to me, when you see a wrestler making the references, I get mad as hell because I don't want to watch that crap, and I don't want to see those references emulated within wrestling fans. It's not right at all.

Go ahead and call me a PTC supporter for this column, but marijuana is illegal, remember. Don't they have drug testing within the federations if they suspect any wrestlers doing it? Well, in most cases, the federations allow the wrestler to make their little drug references. So for that, the federation should be held accountable. Hell, just for letting a wrestler even do that should make a federation accountable for their actions.

Want examples??? Let's go through each example from the federations:


First, really, is the original I'd say. Rob Van Dam has publically admitted to smoking pot regularly. He enjoys doing it, and he strives to be on the cover of High Times. I say fine. If that's what he wants to do with his life, then whatever. However, he introduced the 420 into ECW, riding off the Austin 3:16 gimmick, which was huge. Rob Van Dam had the following for his little scripture:

RVD 4:20: Cause I just SMOKED your ass!

Gee, as if the 420 reference wasn't bad enough! Rob Van Dam is one of the most talented wrestlers in the world, and many fans, of all ages, love the Whole Fucking Show. They look up to him, and they will then follow his little scripture. Rob Van Dam also jokes about it in his promos, saying "it's about 4:20 right now", getting a laugh from those who use it.

Do I laugh? No, I find it VERY degrading to wrestling because RVD is such a talented wrestler. He doesn't need to joke about pot like that, especially with more and more younger fans being able to see ECW every week. By the way, many say RVD is very loyal to ECW. I don't think so in my opinion. I think that the WWF or WCW would sign this guy to a HUGE contract if they wanted to. I think his very obvious drug usage is keeping him from the spotlight. Damn shame!


Next, we have the WWF Wrestlers. If you've ever seen the early DX, the Road Dogg and Xpac would make their little drug references here and there. In fact, if you buy "Degeneration X", the video, you will see them make many references to it, and they are probably high for that whole video. I know that video has a warning on it, but in the television shows, they made lots of 420 references and other kinds as well. Yeah, REAL nice, especially when the DX shirts were a top merchandise seller. Might as well just tell the kids they worship potheads.

The worst, however, was the Godfather. I couldn't stand his damn phrase "let's light a fatty, for this pimp daddy....and light this blunt up and say 'PIMPIN AIN'T EASY'". I used to like the Godfather until he started using that catch phrase. It's extremely embarassing as a wrestling fan to see the crowd chanting those catch phrases with him. Hell, I think that's fucking bullshit!

The Godfather and Road Dogg really pissed me off on the Owen Hart tribute RAW. I've never mentioned this, as I held my thoughts back about it. Godfather and Road Dogg were supposed to wrestle, but instead, they got on the mic and had other plans: "Let's light a fat one and tell Owen stories". Talk about degrading one of the BEST wrestling performers ever with a god damn drug reference. I was fuming with emotions for this show, and when I heard them say that for Owen, it was just garbage. The WWF shouldn't have let those guys fucking do that, and you wonder why the Hart family didn't like the tribute at certain parts.


WCW isn't innocent either, as they have Kronic. Duh, Chronic, which is the correct spelling, is another name for marijuana. How the Standards and Practices let this one go by, well, I don't know. They even use the phrase "it's about 4:20 now", and they have moves named after certain pot references, like their finisher the "High Times" or whatever. This is WCW's World Tag Team champions here folks, and they emulate guys who use weed or at least sponsor it? Please!

It's probably a main reason why I bash Kronic. I hate the gimmick and what it stands for!!! However, Kronic never made me more angry than they did at the Thunder Tapings I attended a few weeks ago in Wheeling, WV. Good old Bryan Clark jumped in the left corner, right in front of me, and held his fingers up to his mouth like he was smoking a joint. I was furious! It's like, is this what wrestling is lowering themselves to get over these days? Apparently so, as Clark got his little cheap pop for it.


DRUGS SHOULD HAVE NO PART IN WRESTLING is what I'm trying to get across here. If wrestlers want to smoke pot, then fine. If they want to do drugs, that's their choice and their risk that they are taking. As for acting it on camera, in front of thousands fans and millions of viewers, please stop. It degrades the product, and it's a VERY bad influence on wrestling fans.

Now I'm sure many of you enjoy the drug references, and will bash me for this very column. I'm speaking from the heart in this column because I'm always concerned with the wrestling product. I don't want any reasons for those sickfuck Parental organizations to attack, and I don't want to see younger wrestling fans get into something they shouldn't be in....all because wrestlers act upon it during a show.

Serving you 420 apples,
-Mr. Tito