Mr. Tito has gone mad!! He's gone insane, he's going crazy!!

Well, no actually, this is just a new column by the maker of the Phat Daily Column. It's a brand new and uncensored column in which I will rip the hell out of anything and everything. If there's anything in the wrestling world that Mr. Tito doesn't especially like, then it becomes a prison to my mental wrath. I will also have a re-butal to e-mail. Watch what you say or you could end up on the Phat Choping Block. Now onto the Show!

Ah yes, another swell fucking edition of Bad Tito. I just love doing these. It lets me just be free, and say whatever I want. Well, enough of this bogus intro, time to be evil!

Oh yeah, I've decided to ditch the sections like 'Mail This' and 'Hate Me' for now. This column will just be a pure lashing out column, no segments.

WCW needs to buy a clue! What the fuck is WCW smoking? They have NO RAW, NO Monday Night Football, and they still can't put up a top quality card! What the fuck! Seriously, if I booked that card, I would have had every main eventer that I could think of wrestling on that card. Hell, I would have stacked hour one. WCW had way to many mid-carders wrestling. Now, I think many of those mid-carders have talent, but WCW has been holding them back way too long to get the proper heat they deserve. When they wrestle, everyone wonders why they get no heat. THEY HAVE BEEN HELD BACK UNTIL NOW!!! It's pretty funny how WCW tries to make up for their fuck-up with Benoit vs. Malenko by giving Benoit a world title shot. Nice for Benoit, but what does Malenko get out of it? Not a damn thing.

Too many idiots dissing the TNN show. God damn, I'm tired of seeing everyone bitch about the ECW TNN show. Now, I do agree that there are too many fucking commercials, especially that ignorant Monster Truck madness commercial, but hey, ECW has to get paid.... I mean they are just starting out as a show. Once they get higher ratings, then they can cut back on the commercials. Speaking of ratings, many have wrote about how weak the first two ECW shows have done. The first week pulled a 0.94, and the second week pulled a 1.025. Those are respectable numbers, considering only the East knows about ECW. Also, TNN didn't promote it very much. Also, it's on a Friday. Considering that most of us have lives on Friday Nights, we go out. Friday at 8 is a bad time, because many are at High School football games, like myself. Everyone is taping it, so therefore, the ratings won't be super high. Besides, high ratings take time. Give it time to develop, and it will gain higher ratings. How about a little fucking patience!

Too much wrestling on television? Damn, right now you practically see wrestling on every night. Well, not really, but still. With the edition of Smackdown, wrestling might possibly flood the market, making interest go down(possibly). For one, you have the Monday night battles. That's 1 hour you have to watch of Nitro, then 2 hours you must watch of two separate shows. See, you can cut down on you time watching it by channel flipping, but what if you miss something? If you tape one, then that means you will spend an extra 2 hours watching wrestling. Also, you can watch Smackdown...then tape Thunder. Watching them both means you can see them both in 2 hours. Taping one, and watching the other means that you will have to spend another two hours watching yet another show. Then you have ECW on TNN, and ECW Hardcore on syndication. 1 hour a piece there. Hey, WWF livewire in the morning, and Shotgun(or Jakked) at night. 1 hour a piece there. Then you have WCW Saturday Night, still 2 hours?(Can't remember, I haven't watched it in a while). Also, WCW Worldwide to watch, which is another hour. How about WWF superstars and Heat? Two more hours for you there. Not to mention all of those independent shows floating around. What does all of this nonsense mean? If you watch everything that is on television, you spend a great deal of your week watching wrestling. Especially if you watch one and tape the other. That's a lot of wrestling, and if you expect top notch shows everytime, you will get disappointed somewhere. Can you say a possible wrestling burn out?

Internet Bitching: Hotline Reports The other day, I made a comment about news concerning the booking at Thunder, which was on the Observer hotline, which Calvin Martin reported. After he reported it, many other newsposters immediately followed, and they too seemed to call Meltzer's hotline. Or did they? Fuck no! All they did was steal Calvin's hotline report, and credited Meltzer for the news. Instead of getting off their ass and spending some money, they saved money by stealing Calvin's report. This happens all the damn time.

The main ones who call the hotlines, like the Torch, Observer, and the WCW Hotline are Calvin Martin and Kirk Huffman. They spend good money every month to provide top notch news from those hotlines for everyone to read on the sites they work for. What does that give them? Other so-called reporters rewording their reports and claiming they too called those fucking hotlines. Yeah right. Just look closely sometimes, because when Calvin or Kirk doesn't call a hotline, those reporters don't either. Kinda ironic, don't ya think? Basically, when you take their hotline without crediting them for calling it, you are ripping them off for their money as well, as they are calling the hotline for you to steal as your own.

Many credit internet legend Micasa for when he gets a newspiece from Meltzer of Keller. Does anybody credit Huffman or Martin? No, they just credit and thank Meltzer or Keller, unlike what they do for Micasa. That's not right. So basically what this whole bullshit thing is sayin it to grow some balls, and credit the hardworking reporter who calls these hotlines. They don't spend hundreds of dollars each month for someone to come around and steal their reports and claim them as their own. NO! They just do it for the fans to read. I'm sure they don't mind if you use their hotline as long as you credit them. Reporters need to recognize that fact, and to know their role, and credit them for calling. So if you see one of those reporters stealing a hotline report, get on his ass about it. Tell them that the ones who call spend good money not for any stupid asses like you to steal it. So reporters, quit being douchebags, and start crediting hotline callers!

That's all for this fucking edition of Bad Tito. These comments are from my own personal thoughts, and they are opinions..so don't have a shit about them!!! Anyways, thanks for reading, and thanks for coming to the Evolution as well.

A fucking badass, Mr. Tito

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