BAD TITO - The Extra Column done by Mr. Tito, who also writes the Phat Daily Column.  Sort of call this a column to blow off steam or just to have fun writing.  Originally a special part of the Evolution, it now makes it home on the Phat Pharm.  Enjoy.

-Mr. Tito

Oh my dear Lord!!! BAD TITO HAS RETURNED!!!!!!! Yes indeed, so run away while you can. Our last edition of Bad Tito sure did strike a nerve! Many of those reporters e-mailed me, complaining that I used them in my column. Many readers, and I'd say just about all of them, agreed with me 100% on what I said last week. In fact, many of them are now going after those wonderful posters and cracking down on them. I love it! Let's get these ignorant webmasters who will do ANYTHING to get hits for their sites when they plug bullshit in their columns.

By the way, if you didn't know yet, this column is nothing but a way to go off. Sure, I'll cuss and attempt to be a major asshole, but I guess you could say that's the gimmick of this column. I'm just having fun with this, so if you hate this column....well, don't read it! That simple!

Oh yeah, I had so much fun making fun of the plugs...that I just might do it again today! Yipee!!! But first...


A Gigantic FUCK YOU to whoever decided to paraphrase or copy and paste my spoilers WITHOUT CREDIT this past Wednesday. It's not like I spent my whole night at the Thunder Tapings scribbling down everything that happened, and then spending hours of my time, which I could have been sleeping, typing those spoilers up for some motherfuckers to come around and steal it! I guess you don't really notice it until your hard work really gets ripped off.

You know, I was actually proud of what the whole internet was doing lately. There wasn't as much copying and pasting of news like there was before, when the Bad Tito was running on it's second incarnation at the Phat Pharm, when it first started. Back then, little kids would come to LoP or other sites, and copy and paste their compiled news, and "claim" it for their own. Hell, they'd even steal chunks of my column and post them. They'd steal my own opinions and post them as that's funny!

But lately, it hasn't been seen as much...but I got a big whiff of this shit when I saw my Thunder Spoilers reworded and stolen. So sad. Why can't you give someone a little credit for their work? Is it that much to you to be a bastard? Apparently it is, because these kids will do ANYTHING to have an **EXCLUSIVE** Thunder Spoiler reporter on their site. God, they can all just kiss my ass for all I care.


Back to the Plugs...

I did, however, have a few webmasters or posters who told me "thanks" for pointing out their problems, and they will deal with them or try another way to plug their sites. I have some suggestions for plugs instead of the bullshit we saw in the last Bad Tito: Another great wrestling site, with some interesting features for you to check out. Please Check out My Wrestling Site

ARGHwrestling: Click Here to Check out my special features including a good Women of Wrestling Section, Message Board, and Newsboard

It's just that easy, and it will keep your viewers there in the long run. Why give a fan something of shock value for one day, like a false NUDE Stephanie McMahon, when you could please a viewer with some interesting features for them to come back to or bookmark? Why not? That's where I'm getting at. With that being said, let's look at what you should NOT plug your site with:


Forget Chyna ... Stratus bears all in the swimming pool! HOT photos **CLICK HERE**

This kind reporter reported something on Chyna's Playboy shoot, and plugged it like this. So when Trish Stratus "bears all", that means she will get way more nude than Chyna's Playboy Shoot, eh? Actually no. This so called "bears all" pic was NO WHERE to be found on this pussy site. Gee, I guess this individual didn't read last week's Bad Tito, now did he.

HOT Photos of The Trish Stratus & Triple H incident at Smackdown **CLICK HERE**

In other words, if you are retarded, and didn't see Smackdown or watch it closely, you'd think that Trish and Triple H were fucking! Well, she was in a bent over position, and he was behind her, and this reporter wants you to go to his site and jack off all over your computer screen, over his pictures he took off the television. When you go to his site, make sure you scream the reporter's name when you are tossing off!

The MOST Detailed Byte This! Report AVAILABLE!

If it's SOOOOO detailed, why not request that you should be the Byte This! guy for the site you posted this plug at? Why hold back on great news? If I were a webmaster of this site, and I saw shit like this, this guy would be canned in an instant! He is obviously posting to get hits, as proven in his wonderful plug.


** EXCLUSIVE **-HOT Photos of Trish Stratus & Lita Stripping **CLICK HERE NOW**

Again, just a few television pics, but nothing major like this piece of shit is plugging. By the way, an LoP employee asked this individual about his "EXCLUSIVE NEWS on STONE COLD SHOWING Up FOR RAW" when Stone Cold did NOT show up at RAW. Funny enough, this reporter cursed back at the LoP poster! He was guilty of trying to get hits, and he knew it! But here we are today, and this piece of shit is still doing it.

Austin vs. Triple H *CONFIRMED* Know when it will happen by **CLICKING HERE**

Again, if it's sooooo confirmed, why not post it here? So where the fuck was this news? No where on this site. It's still uncertain to how Stone Cold will come back, if he can truly wrestle, and to say that there is a confirmed time for a match with Triple H is ridiculous! This reporter just wanted to get you to go to their site and get fucking impressions for his banner.

SEXY Photos : Stephanie in a SKIMPY mini-skirt! No lies! **CLICK HERE**

Gee, this is a BIG plug. Stephanie wears those SKIMPY mini-skirts every week, but they never happen to go up like say Francine's. Another bullshit plug, and if you don't think about it, you'll click it and give this asshole hits for his little site. Then, he can go into a chatroom and talk like he is big shit for all of his hits!


*EXCLUSIVE*-*TOPLESS* photos of Ms Hancock and Trish Stratus! **CLICK HERE**

This wonderful reporter is actually correct. Well, when you get your shirt off, exposing your bra, it's technically becoming *TOPLESS*. Shit, I'm kidding here, as it's just another way for these fucking kids to get hits to their site. T&A always turns on other kids who read their posts, thus giving them their precious hits. With the ad money they gain from this, why don't they just buy a life?

*EXCLUSIVE*-*Stephanie McMahon says YES to *PLAYBOY* Full story! **CLICK HERE**

Damn it, these kids need to give it up! Stephanie is NOT posing for Playboy. In fact, when you go to this shitty site, you'll see NO STORIES AT ALL about Stephanie saying yes. Indeed, it's a lie!!! This kid is full of shit! Click his banners!!!

*EXCLUSIVE*-Sneak PEEK at Chyna's *PLAYBOY* SHOOT with Photos! **CLICK HERE**

Please, tell me where the fuck these EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEAK PICTURES are. Again, no where to be found on this dumbass site. I love how these retards use the same "*EXCLUSIVE*" and "**CLICK HERE**" to persuade you to go to their site. This shit cracks me up!


Alright, I'm getting bored of doing these plugs right now, because they are the same shit each time. I will say this. Last week's column inspired a few to stop doing this, and I've seen some reporters use better ways to plug their sites...and I say Thank God.

However, again this week, I just used ONE site to find my shitty plugs. The site is regarded as one of the sites that many board whores work to get on...that's all I'll say. The webmaster of this site needs to get his head out of his ass, and fast! He needs to look at the quality of the posts there, and how "caring" his reporters are for his particular site. He needs to notice that he has many posters who will post anything from anywhere just to get that extra plug to their site.

BAD TITO Challenge: If you see anyone using these cheap methods to get viewers to their site, harass them! Tell them how you feel about seeing bullshit plugs and then coming up empty handed when you go to their sites. Jump all over them!!

How ya like me now?
-Mr. Tito