BAD TITO - The Extra Column done by Mr. Tito, who also writes the Phat Daily Column.  Sort of call this a column to blow off steam or just to have fun writing.  Originally a special part of the Evolution, it now makes it home on the Phat Pharm.  Enjoy.

-Mr. Tito

Yes, the bad one has returned! Well, actually, just the same old Mr. Tito with a horrible attitude problem! Well, no, it's just a rant column. Well, whatever you want to call it, it's been a while, so I'm sorry if I couldn't squeeze this column in between the 7 columns I produce every week. My bad.

Myself and Jaymz had some interesting feedback on our joint effort for the last Bad Tito. If you thought that was bad or if you thought we went overboard, you should have seen the version before I edited it! Oh my God! If you thought we offended everyone with that interview, well the original one was about 5 times as bad! It's sort of too offensive to post the unedited version, even for Bad Tito standards, and I usually don't give a fuck on what goes on here. Now that's shocking.

So what the hell am I talking about today???? Duh.....well, I have ranted in the PDC about something. What is that something? Well, one day, I ranted about the links at the bottom of my column. I only link my Phat Pharm or my Backyard BBQ, which in no way give myself any things to get off on. They are intended to help out others. The Phat Pharm features up and coming writers who can get a chance to show their skills and develop into bigtime columnists, and the Backyard BBQ features over 80 Backyard Sites to view, whereas before, they couldn't get any hits with no advertising.

Those two sites aren't places with ***NUDE PICTURES OF STEPHANIE McMAHON*** or ***TRISH STRATUS NAKED WITH ANOTHER WOMAN IN A SHOWER***. Sorry, I don't feature stuff like that, as it seems that many others do that to make you visit their sites. Blah! Fuck that. Let's get a description of the fools who would do such a thing.


The ones who do this are usually young, and don't know right from wrong. Well, I'm kidding there, but they have set goals. Their goals are to get as many hits for their sites as possible for one of two things:
1. Hits to Brag about
2. Ad money from Impressions
Yes, they are somewhat related, and yes, getting money off the internet is always fun, right? Yes in some ways, but what is really going on here? The sites who do this will do ANYTHING to get those hits. Let's name those, shall we?

First, they will create a massive Women of Wrestling section, intended for many young males to jack off over. They scrape the bottom of the internet to find any pic that looks nude or revealing, or go to official sites and steal their pictures like there is no tomorrow! Hell, I've even seen cases of homemade pictures, like Stephanie in a thong. Yes, that is the dream of champions, but it's NOT going to happen. Stephanie might wear really tight shirts sometimes, but she's not that kind of person to strip down to BRA and PANTIES. Therefore, some asshole, with some good Adobe software, created that pic, which many of these fucking sites plug at the bottom of a news post. ARGH! Same with the Trish in the shower with another piece of was professionally done!

Then, those dildos will plug ***EXCLUSIVE NEWS*** on the bottom of their sites. Ok, I'll admit it, I've done this before, to help out other buddies sites.  But I only said "Good News" or "More News", and not false headlines about someone showing up for RAW, or just claims of exclusive news, and none being present.  With myself, I did it to help out a site in need, here, these kids are doing it to get ad revenue or just bragging rights about thousands of hits.


Finally, some idiots will post something, and have a newsbyte or just some hot poon in the title, and then it's just a plug to their site. Ugh, I fucking hate that. It shows what they are posting for. They aren't posting as a service to the site to where they post news for...oh no, that's NOT it. They post because they want fucking hits! They will post on as many sites as they fucking can to do this, even if it's over 20 of them. Fucking stupid is what it is.

Hey, since I'm totally making this shit up as I go along......a thought or idea just came to me. I'm going to look at how those "reporters" plug their sites....this should be fun. I'll put the plug in BOLD, and discuss it below. Got it?

** EXCLUSIVE **- Full Details on Steve Austin's RETURN at Fully Loaded! **CLICK HERE**

Ah fuck, this is what I mean. Oh by the way, we are NOT mentioning the losers posting this stuff, because I don't name names, ok? So I click on the plug....what do I get?? Not a damn thing about Steve Austin returning to Fully Loaded! NOT A DAMN THING FOLKS!!!!!! This punk also had a babe of the day, which seems to be popular among kids, even if they aren't even wrestling related. Same pictures for hte babe of the day, which you can find almost anywhere.

*EXCLUSIVE*-Full Details on Steve Austin on RAW! **CLICK HERE**

Why the fuck does Stone Cold have to be the EXCLUSIVE NEWS? Because Stone Cold is the highest wrestler in demand, and idiots will click to see these EXCLUSIVE newsbytes. By the way, this link lead me to the same stupid site as before, and NO Stone Cold news to be found anywhere!


Download Gourgeous George's Hidden XXX Video No BS Now!

Wow, nice use of grammar here. Guess what site it led me to though? **Hint** I used to post there for a while **Hint** It saddens me to see such a great site lower themselves to shock plugs like this. To show you what fucking sellouts these guys are, and that they only care about money(trust me here, a webmaster from this very site told me he only cared about banner money), the Gorgeous George video is a BANNER to a site which makes you pay money to view it! So if you want to see it, you pay the site a Pay-Per-Click, and then you have to pay top dollar to see this porn flick. So sad.....

Torrie Wilson in PENTHOUSE?!? Trish Stratus in PLAYBOY?!? **CLICK HERE!**

Strange. This is the same site with the two Stone Cold tidbits. There is NOTHING on either of these pieces of ass in either great magazine. These guys are sooo full of shit, and if you don't know better, you'll click this fucking link, and give this site hits!

Information on the upcoming Wrestling Games! Click Here!

Why have them at your site? How about doing the current page a favor by giving them a post filled with your wrestling game news? Why not try that? They do let you post at their precious site, so why hold back news for them? It was actually a good post at the site for the wrestling games, which again, was held back because this guy wants hits for his fucking site!!!


*EXCLUSIVE*-FULL Story on Stephanie McMahon POSING for *PLAYBOY* **CLICK HERE**

This is the fucking thing that was blown WAY out of proportion. Stephanie and the Byte This guys joked about this, and suddenly EXCLUSIVE NEWS pops up everywhere. She is NOT fucking posing for Playboy! Why would Vince McMahon pimp out his own daughter to Playboy anyway? I know his values are sometimes down, but that's his own flesh and blood. FUCKING THINK sometimes, please. Oh yeah, there were NO actual news posts about this on the site. See, they are making up shit to click the plugs!

***==>Smackdown Spoilers! Austin at Raw! Hancock to strip again? CLICK<==***

You know, Smackdown spoilers can be very hard to come by. If you actually have them, why not let the site you are posting at have a piece of the action? Why not? Why hold back? Why hold back on your proof about Austin being at RAW? Why hold back on news about Ms. Hancock? You see where I'm getting at yet? They want you to click, and they could care less about the site they are allowed to post at.

Finally....saving the best for last.....

**...Chyna - with HOTTER PICTURES than her PLAYBOY PHOTO-SHOOT!!**

Hotter pictures than being nude? This makes no fucking sense to me, as this individual does some crazy Hot Poon of the Day feature on his site, which he will hype in his post headline or just the first paragraph of his news. Whatever. Again, this individual doesn't care about the sites he works for, only the site he owns and gets hits for. Please.


These guys don't give a fuck if it helps the site they post at, as long as they can rub some of the site's hits their way. Then they will go around and brag how they are the second coming of Christ because their Shitbox numbers are out the roof because the plugged ***Stephanie McMahon is Pregnant by a WCW Superstar*** all over the net. Please. How convenient for me is that I found all of these plugs on ONE site. That's rather interesting, as those owners should really look into the greedy motherfuckers they have posting for them. Maybe they should use their banner money to buy a clue??

It's been my pleasure,
-Mr. Tito