BAD TITO - The Extra Column done by Mr. Tito, who also writes the Phat Daily Column.  Sort of call this a column to blow off steam or just to have fun writing.  Originally a special part of the Evolution, it now makes it home on the Phat Pharm.  Enjoy.

-Mr. Tito


     Oh my God!  Bad Tito is back!!!  Run!!  Hide!!  Yes, the bad one is back.  However, what has happened to this column?  On one hand, I'm getting praised for writing such nice and informative columns.  However, I'm also being asked to bring back the Bad Tito of old.  You know, the one who would use lots of fucking curse words when ripping shitty things a part.  I have no damn clue what the fuck happened, but hey, shit happens. 

     Oh let me see here....what to talk about this week.  Let's spin the wheel!  No, not the "Spin the Wheel" make the deal crap that WCW ran a few years ago.  NO!  Vanna White, get in here.

Vanna:  Hi Tito!  After being stuck with Pat Sajack or however his last name is spelled.

Must be.  Are you ready to spin this wheel like it's done on Wheel of Fortune.

Vanna:  No.  I thought I was supposed to turn letters? 

Well, this ain't no Wheel of Fortune, so spin the wheel! 

Vanna:  But I can't.  The only thing I've learned how to do in life is to provide viewers by turning letters and males on. 

*spins wheel*  Security!  Take her away!  Ahem.  Let's see...the wheel just happens to say:

Web Site Design

Wow!  How ironic, especially since changed their design just this past Monday morning.  It's like rain....on your wedding day!  It's a free ride, but you've already paid.  It's some good advice, but you just can't take....ack!  *stops being possessed by Alanis Morrisette*



     So why do sites get new designs?  Well, to freshen up things of course!  Especially for webmasters.  If you look at the same page each and every day, wouldn't you get sick of the current design too?  Plus, as many say, Change is Good.  Why not liven things up a little with a brand spanking new design?


     Of course, you will get sites who change their designs about once a week to *attempt* to brighten things up.  Little do they know that it's not their design failing to attract users.  It's their content. 


     Yes, it's true, it's true.  To have a beautiful, sparkling, pretty design, you better have more than just a design to flash around.  You could have the best looking site on the net, and the content could absolutely suck!  How many times can you jerk off looking at one pages design?  After a while, you realize that the page blows, and you move on to another.  Oh yeah, that's why many sites fail when they attempt new designs.


     But how will the new design serve up any criticism?  The fact is that it won't.  It's just the way humans because we all have our own preferences on everything.  We are all picky in our own ways, therefore, you might not be satisfied with a change.  You are soo used to the old design, and have grown so accustomed to it, that you just can't live without it now!!!


     It happens to me each time we here at LoP get a new look or design.  Just when I'm soo used to one design, it gets changed on me, and it takes a while for me to get hooked on the new one and so forth.  But's the content that really matters in this case, and NOT the looks.  Like relationships.  Sure, for a one night stand or whatever, looks on the outside will mean a lot in the short period of time.  But for a long term relationship, you mainly want someone who is wonderful on the inside, with a good heart and a wonderful personality.  Same here with content.


     Oh my God, that was the worst analogy ever!  What am I thinking?  Anyway, I've gone through 3 designs here myself at the Phat Pharm.  I was attached to the first one, and I took criticism for the design on that as well.  Then, I get a new design, which I get attached to and liked, but took criticism on that one too!  Same with the new, current design! 


     Again, it's hard to satisfy everyone's tastes.  If we could, we'd be in a Brave New World were everything is controlled.  Instead, we use our opinions and thoughts to decide on what is to like and what not to like.  Nobody tells us our feelings on whatever, nor are you forced to do whatever you don't want to do. 


     So for the new design, if you don't like it, I say give it a chance!  In time, you'll be screaming with anger when the next design goes up(whenever, if ever that is).  But always remember that looks don't mean crap, especially for websites.  You MUST have the goods to back it up, or else your precious design won't mean a damn thing. 


How you like me now?