BAD TITO - The Extra Column done by Mr. Tito, who also writes the Phat Daily Column.  Sort of call this a column to blow off steam or just to have fun writing.  Originally a special part of the Evolution, it now makes it home on the Phat Pharm.  Enjoy.

-Mr. Tito


     After a few months off from doing the 8th column, BAD TITO has returned.  What happened to it?  Well, with time being very short these days with 7 other columns, work, school, and a personal life to factor in everyday, this ended up getting cut from my weekly routine.  I thought this would be a good time to bring the column back, so here we are.


     First, let's talk about being an internet columnist.  For me, writing the Phat Daily Columns is a hobby.  Each day, I enjoy writing about the wrestling world.  I grew up watching wrestling, and even though I criticize a lot of it, I eat, breathe, and sleep wrestling.  It's my favorite thing on television, and I hardly watch anything else.  Back to the columnist thing.  It is just a hobby.  Do I get paid for doing the Phat Daily Column?  Not a dime.  Calvin Martin has never paid me, nor do I have a contract with for X amount of years.  I've been a wrestling columnist on LoP ever since late October 1998, and I've worked for free.  Why would I do such a thing?  I'll say it again, I enjoy writing about my favorite entertainment each and everyday.  I wouldn't wake up early in the morning each day to do it if I didn't.


     Most columnists on the internet don't get paid a dime by sites.  The ones that do get paid are the large corporate ones who usually have big name reporters with their "exclusive news".  With this being said, many take these "hobbies" as being internet columnists WAY too seriously.  For the columnists, if they are released from a site, they literally go off on the site that released them...even though the site wasn't contractually obligated to keep that columnist.  For the readers, they will jump all over a person who is having fun writing a column about their opinions on the wrestling world.  So basically, columnists take a lot of criticism for nothing at all.


     Do readers or other columnists have the right to say anything about other columnists though?  Why yes they do.  Just like a columnist presents their opinions, they have the right to express opinions about the columnist.  But does that columnist deserve all of it for working for free?  I guess that's the burden of taking on the task of writing any opinionated column for free.


     Does criticism get out of hand?  At times, yes it does.  When someone who writes earlier that they enjoy your column, and then turn around and hate it.  That's the kind of criticism which I see throughout the internet these days.  If they find any reason to make up to hate you, they will try to bash you at every sentence they write.  Call it being a hypocrite, or just desperate to gain any attention to his/her column. 


     I've seen it ever since I started in 1998.  Columnists bashing other columnists for attention.  With more and more message boards popping up, it continues to increase each and everyday.  If they find a reason to hate you, they will say anything to put you down just because you are enjoying a hobby.  Oh yeah, that's what doing wrestling columns for free is!


     I guess you just have to accept criticism when it comes.  If you are getting criticized, that means you are being read closely by someone.  For myself, I have a daily column to be looked at.  Any error or any opinions that aren't well perceived will get bashed or scrutinized.  I see it each day, and I'm pretty much used to it.


     In fact, a lot of columnists or others will claim that I have a massive ego in my position as a columnist at  That always baffles me because for one, I do the column because I enjoy it.  I don't do this for a paycheck, I do it because I enjoy writing and I enjoy wrestling.  I don't brag about being Mr. Tito, nor do I expect everyone to bow down to their knees when they see me. 


     Many criticize this Phat Pharm as a way to "stroke my ego".  What??  First off, I started the Pharm because I wanted to give the opportunity that I was given back in 1998.  That's all it has ever been.  Some seem to think that when a Phat Pharm columnist gets on the Main Board, I get off on it.  Please.  It's more like I'm worried to find another columnist to fill in the spots to keep the Pharm running.  Plus, I've worked with a lot of Phat Pharm columnists on ideas for their columns.  I also post their columns each and everyday, reading them all closely for suggestions on how to possibly improve.  I'm also trying to help out Backyard Wrestling sites with the Backyard BBQ, and I'm willing to accept any links sent to me. 


     I also see people calling me an egomaniac because of all of the signs I get at wrestling events.  I don't think I'm topshit because I get those.  I'm just delighted to see any reader hold up a sign with my columnist name on it.  Who wouldn't feel that way?  I'm very thankful for just even getting one sign ever on any wrestling show, let alone many.


     Now would someone with an ego help out readers?  I get hammered with e-mails each and every day of the week.  Whenever a reader asks a question, I gladly answer it.  Many other columnists, from what I'm told, will ignore any questions or help needed from a loyal reader.  I guess I have such a big ego for doing that everyday.


     You are probably reading this and thinking "when will Tito start bashing those who constantly bash him?"  Well, I'm not going to personally bash those who enjoy bashing me.  It's not that I'm afraid to do it, but that I that I feel no need to do it.  It's never been my style to bash others, even if they attempt to bash me whenever they get the chance.  In fact, it simply isn't worth it.


     So for the ones who keep bashing me, just wonder if it will have any effect on myself writing.  I enjoy writing about wrestling each and everyday, and I've been taking the criticism for over a year and a half now. Always remember that column writing is meant mostly for fun and enjoyment of the wrestling world.  Some seem to forget that.



-Mr. Tito