By Your Hero, Mr. Tito
Mr. Tito has gone mad!! He's gone insane, he's going crazy!!

Well, no actually, this is just a new column by the maker of the Phat Daily Column. It's a brand new and uncensored column in which I will rip the hell out of anything and everything. If there's anything in the wrestling world that Mr. Tito doesn't especially like, then it becomes a prison to my mental wrath. I will also have a re-butal to e-mail. Watch what you say or you could end up on the Phat Choping Block. Now onto the Show!

Alright, welcome to another edition of Bad Tito. Sorry that I couldn't produce a Bad Tito last week, as I'm sorry that I couldn't pump out my 8th column of the week with school and everything else in my way. Anyway, this column will mark a new era for Phat Farm. What am I talking about?

The New Era at Phat Farm As you can tell, there is a new design here at Phat Farm. Why did I switch? Well, the site designer, the Great Christopher Micheals went berzerk with designing one day, as he organized the LOP main page so nicely, and he also re-did the Phat Farm as well. It looks great, and I thank him very much. I held off the design until today because of the fact that I wanted to mark somewhat of a new era for the Phat Farm. As you have noticed, there has been a big turnover of columnists here at Phat Farm. 4 out of 7 columnists are gone from the original batch that I hired, and I feel that I currently have the other 7 that I need to keep this page updated everyday. One column, the Warpath, made it on to the main page, two columns were let go due to personal or creative reasons, and the other one retired on me. I've hired 4 new columnists recently, 2 already debuted, and I hope to keep this Farm system going!

Miscrediting news is a big topic of conversation on the net lately. I like how some of the bigger sites only put restrictions on LoP to include the reporter's name as well as the site's address, unlike the other pages. I keep seeing other pages just credit the reporter only, and not the site. If we at LoP do that, we get a nice e-mail about it. Geesh. Other garbage that's going on is the miscrediting of who broke the news first. Lots of cheap ways to avoid crediting the ones who break the news, like calling the hotline that they saw another reporter do. Others could look into somebody's post that broke the news, find out more information on the story, and then make a large post about it and take all the credit of being first. It's a never ending saga folks, and it's a headache to the ones who break through with a huge story.

Reporter payoffs is also an interesting topic of conversation, as top sites are willing to pay top reporters of other sites to make the jump to their site and post news. It's rather sad for those sites to do so because anybody, and I mean anybody can find news to post and call the hotlines. Webmasters are complete idiots for paying off some reporter to become their instant top reporter on their site. If the webmasters want hits so bad that they hire another reporter of another top site, then they should invest their money into something useful that would generate more hits than paying off a reporter....and some call it advertising!

There is lots of garbage floating around on the net about trying to expose reporters on those hateboards, that many will make racial or just overall ignorant comments to bash a reporter. It's rather sad to see that, especially considering it's from another reporter who is trying to provide you with news as well. It's a damn shame to see this shit constantly happening on the internet scene, and someone needs to get the balls to stop it. Just post your news, beg for hits at your sites, boardwhore on sites to get your hits, and just shut the fuck up about other people!

I think that I've become the one who everybody all of the sudden sends opinions to. When I briefly evaluated on what was going on with the #13 on the Tazz screen promos, I got lit up with many e-mails from everybody about what that fucking number would be! Ahhhhh! Oh well, I guess they sent them because they knew that I read my mail, and that I reply to my mail. Of course, there were so many of the Tazz 13 e-mails, that I didn't read all of them. Oh well, thanks to all anyway for sending in your opinions.

WWF has 6 deadly weapons at their disposal if anybody wants a piece of them in the ratings. 6 individuals...Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, Tazz, Undertaker, HBK, and Debra. All just need a phone call to show up, or just some motivation I guess when somebody wants to step up to the plate and challenge the WWF. That's way too much power for one federation to have, and with WCW bottoming out lately, it practically makes the WWF the top federation for many years to come. That is until they start getting really lazy due to lack of competition and then the other federation figures out a groundbreaking angle(just like the original NWO).

WCW is really hurting now. Many of their top stars are in disorder or are injured. There is so much confusion in WCW, it's ridiculous. Vince Russo first brought hope to WCW, but then he proved he was not the Messiah that WCW hoped for. Now, WCW has the booking committee that failed miserably before Russo, and it's trouble for WCW. Any friends of the bookers, Hogan or his friends, or just old guys who have been in the sport forever will get the pushes and the titles, while hardworking midcarders will continue to be held back. Of course, Russo didn't do much for the midcarders...except for Benoit.

ECW is really going to challenge WCW for the second spot now. I'm hoping that ECW decides to put on the Monday Night special when the WWF is shelved for the fucking dog show. It would be a great opportunity to see how ECW can step up to one of the big boys...to see what they are made of. And who knows, ECW could pull a ratings victory out of their asses on that night with proper advertisement. Nah, ECW still hasn't got the word out on their product yet for them to have a chance in hell at winning the ratings. I'm sure they would make a decent dent in Nitro's ratings hopes.

#I guess that's it for today's edition of Bad Tito. I try my best, really. Anyway, keep an eye out on Phat Farm every day as I attempt actually have a NEW column for you to read each day of the week. Now ain't that some shit?

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