Mr. Tito has gone mad!! He's gone insane, he's going crazy!!

Well, no actually, this is just a new column by the maker of the Phat Daily Column. It's a brand new and uncensored column in which I will rip the hell out of anything and everything. If there's anything in the wrestling world that Mr. Tito doesn't especially like, then it becomes a prison to my mental wrath. I will also have a re-butal to e-mail. Watch what you say or you could end up on the Phat Choping Block. Now onto the Show!

Oh my God!!! Look in the sky! It's a bird..it's a plane! No, unfortunately for you, it's another fuckin' edition of Bad Tito. This is the place where I tell it how I see it, so if you don't like it, then that's tough. Lots to cover in this lovely edition, so on to it!

Oh no! The "I hate Americans" angle is back! Noooooooooo. God damn, can Russo and Ferarra book a worse angle? I don't know if those bastards were responsible of when the Hart foundation was anti-American, but it certainly rubbed off on them. It's an angle of horrible taste, and it's even worse when you have Americans doing it! What the fuck? It was sad to see such an accomplished technical wrestler like Dean Malenko bash the United States. It's by far the worst WWF thing that Russo/Ferarra brought in with them from the WWF. You have the DX-wannabes (Filthy Animals), G-TV(Kidman Cam), and you have the Powers that Be that are starting to shape like the Corporation!!! Oh well, all of that is better than this fucking "I Hate Americans" angle! Dumbasses.

I never knew there were so many Too Cool fans until I decided to bash them in my column last Tuesday. I said that they belonged on Jakked, and many I guess hardcore Too Cool fans let me know how they felt about that comment. I just feel the crowd is silent, I guess it's just me, during their matches, and they only cheer for them when they are dancing with Rakishi Fatu. I also feel that they are both too small to really make a dent in the competition in the WWF. I feel that they look the same as they did when they were wrestling Jakked(called Shotgun then), so that's pretty much why I made that comment. Sorry if it offended any true Too Cool fans, but it was just my opinion!!! So settle....

Will Mike Awesome ever fight anybody? ECW has lots of talent for Mike Awesome to fight, but do they match them up with him? NO! I'll admit...Mike Awesome is one tough motherfucker, but he's facing guys like Mike Awesome, who are washed up, or Rhino, who needs experience. He also fights Masato Tanaka too much, as he should know that man like a book now! I mean at least pit him up against Taz(one on one I mean), who is leaving for the WWF at the end of this month! That would get him credibility, and another highlight reel for ECW to show off on their TNN show. I want to see wrestlers like Sabu, Rob Van Dam, Tommy Dreamer, the Sandman, and Raven to take a crack at Mike Awesome. If he can beat them, then that's great, but until he steps into the ring with them, he's just fighting a bunch of candyasses.

I have had a few comments about Phat Farm that you would only get hired by having some sort of gimmick on your column. A few people have criticized me about that, but they don't understand. Ever since I've started the Phat Farm, I have recieved well over 800 applicants for the Farm. Many of the columns share the same ideas like: "Here is how I feel on this federation...." or "My impressions from this wrestling show was" and so forth. You already see many of these columns all over the net already, and the majority of the applicants that I recieved were just like that. I just want something original and somewhat innovative. Something that can make ideas fresh and fun about wrestling at the same time. That's all I have been asking. Yes, I did turn down many many columns...and I'm sorry about that. I understand that those who have applied worked hard on their application only to get turned down. Like I said, sorry. Just keep in mind that a position can open at any time, so if you still want a spot, keep sending in ideas.

INTERNET BITCHING, my favorite thing to write about in this column! Let me see what will get it today!

Why do sites always lie about hits? Seriously. Let something like Hitbox or TheCounter tell everyone how good your site is doing. I've seen a few important members of rival sites bragging how they get 100,000 hits a day! HA, BULLSHIT! WWF.com doesn't get 100,000 hits a day, so what are you thinking? I also have recieved a few e-mails from savages telling us how badly they are beating us on hits, but yet they present no tracking device for their large amount of hits. Shame on them, but that kind of bragging doesn't bother us. We worry about our site, and nobody else's. Maybe some of those annoying sites should start doing that too.

Speaking of some of those sites, do you ever notice how some of them won't let you access their e-mail addresses on their posts? Don't you think that is rather odd, as you can't correct someone on a news byte or ask a reporter questions? That's kind of rude, as those sites don't care for their readers who get them the hits everyday. Whoever e-mails me, I try my hardest to reply to any questions or concerns that they have. Why do I do that? Because the readers take time out of their day to read my material, so I feel that it's common courtesy to take time to reply to their e-mails. You help someone out, they'll keep coming back. Maybe those sites should notice this to keep their hits up.

The copy and pasting battle continues, as some "reporters" just don't fucking get it. We put up with it every damn day, and it's fucking annoying after a while. We have even started up the Hall of Shame to combat those dickheads, but they keep doing it! Many of us, pay good money for hotlines, and spend good time writing up reports to present everyone. If you are going to use something that we've posted, at least credit whoever for typing it. It gets real sad when idiots try to copy and paste something that they can easily find on the net, like something from 1wrestling or Lucas's report. They are just too damn lazy to do anything for themselves, so they resort to stealing other's work. Fucking bastards!

#That's it for this lovely edition of Bad Tito. Like I said in the last edition(I think), please send your comments and feedback about the Phat Farm to me so that I can make the Farm a better place. Like the Doug character said from the show called "the State" which isn't on MTV anymore(DAMN SHAME), I'm outta here....

Need I say more?

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