Mr. Tito has gone mad!! He's gone insane, he's going crazy!!

Well, no actually, this is just a new column by the maker of the Phat Daily Column. It's a brand new and uncensored column in which I will rip the hell out of anything and everything. If there's anything in the wrestling world that Mr. Tito doesn't especially like, then it becomes a prison to my mental wrath. I will also have a re-butal to e-mail. Watch what you say or you could end up on the Phat Choping Block. Now onto the Show!

Oh no! Not another edition of Bad Tito!!!! Yes indeed folks, another edition. The column where I tell it like it is, no matter what the topic is. Let's get on to this bloody edition!

While going through my Wrestlemania collection I really noticed that wrestlers today have it easy. That's right, they never had to go through the horrible gimmicks that past WWF wrestlers went through. I'm talking about bullshit like Hakeem the African Dream who used to be the One Man Gang. Seriously folks, fucking One Man Gang was a semifinalist at the Wrestlemania 4 World Title tournament, and the next year they have him dancing like a fool in stupid clothing. That's not right, as One Man Gang is a gimmick that speaks for itself. I want to know who the fuck thought up of the Red Rooster? It's the dumbest gimmick ever, and even that stupid-ass Terry Taylor went along with it. He would bob his head like a rooster during interviews! What the fuck were they thinking?

Oh no...PTC!! Who gives a fuck about them, really? WWF does because this group of savages, WHO ARE PROBABLY UNRESPONSIBLE PARENTS WHO CAN'T CONTROL WHAT THEIR KIDS WATCH, are trying to screw them by attacking their advertisers. Well PTC, the demand is very high to advertise on WWF programming, so you better attack them all. The only ones you see that dropped out are the Army and Air Force, which are government agencies. The Government couldn't have their prestigious agencies taking any heat, so they dropped them. Coke, dropped out due to the PTC as well. The other advertisers are strong and have the balls to keep in this race. The only real way that I see the PTC getting the best of the WWF is if WCW starts winning the ratings...then advertisers would tap out.

Enough with the retirement reports!!! Everyday, I see this person here is retiring, and this person there is retiring. What the fuck? Any proof to back that shit up? No. First off, reports surfaced about Hogan retiring. How can that happen? Sure, he was on Extra..but can you notice that it's a work?!? Plus, Russo himself said in Entertainment Weekly (I think) that Hogan is just on the sidelines for a while, and he'll be brought back. Understand a work? Then, they said Stone Cold would officially retire. NO! You remember what happened after he hurt his neck vs. the Late Great Owen Hart? They limited his in-ring ability...which it seems likely that it will happen. They said he would retire last time, but I don't think so. Also, everyone is stating the Mick Foley has retired. Hell, even some fake AP articles say that too! Jim Ross said that Mankind will now have a limited work schedule because the man has taking the biggest ass kicking in his career than anybody. Basically, what I'm saying is that don't say someone is retiring until they say so themselves!

INTERNET BITCHING, as it's time to tell it how it is.

We are snobs? What the hell? I see many of those darned opinion boards saying how we at Lordsofpain.net are snobby and stuck up. Do they actually know us? Why do they think that though is my question. Is it because many of us are Exclusive to LoP only? We are somewhat of a family at LoP, as we work as a cohesive unit. We aren't board whores, since we don't post for every page in the net because we are dedicated to one site. We are sorry that some of use can't post for your pages, but it's just that we want to be exclusive just to help give the site, which we enjoy working for, some recognition. Also, they think we are stuck up because we get angry when people copy and paste our posts. Well, for the most part, those are the hotline reports that posters spent their hard-earned dollars to report, and kids would come around and steal them without any credit to the caller. The caller didn't pay that $20 for someone to steal their work. As for the rest of the posts, we are just angry at how lazy some can really be. Is all of this making us snobs?

My God, the internet wars continue as a few sites keep bashing other sites. When the fuck will it end? It's one thing to compete with a site, but it's another thing to try to hack or expose a site. I keep seeing those lame-asses writing columns and showing pictures of your favorite internet personalities. When will they let their "great page" speak for itself instead of bashing other pages? Do their features suck so much that they have to lower themselves by bashing other pages. It would appear so.

As for laziness which I mentioned up above, why is it that everyone must be sooo lazy? Seriously. I see reports done using Scherer's, Micasa's, or Ryder's news, but yet instead of going to their pages, they copy and paste another person's post about the news on their sites. It also happens with Lucas's news, as they are too fucking lazy to listen to it themselves, so they steal a report. Hell, they are too lazy to reword it!! That's even worse! I'm sure if you looked around on the net you'd see your favorite reporters doing that over and over again.

Alright, thanks once again to everyone who wants to take part in the Phat Farm. Like I said before, I'm sorry if you really wanted a spot and that I turned you down. But don't sweat it..I don't have long term deals with my current columnists there. They are evaluated every week, and you never know when a spot will be open. Now, I'm not putting a fire under the asses of my current writers, but I'm just mentioning the rules of the Farm. So keep sending in your columns and ideas if you would like to in case a spot just happens to open.

#I guess that's it for this edition of Bad Tito. I just want to thank anyone who has sent me feedback on the Phat Farm, as it's greatly appreciated. Please continue to send in feedback just so I can do whatever it takes to improve whatever on the Phat Farm. Thanks, and so long...for now!

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