Mr. Tito has gone mad!! He's gone insane, he's going crazy!!

Well, no actually, this is just a new column by the maker of the Phat Daily Column. It's a brand new and uncensored column in which I will rip the hell out of anything and everything. If there's anything in the wrestling world that Mr. Tito doesn't especially like, then it becomes a prison to my mental wrath. I will also have a re-butal to e-mail. Watch what you say or you could end up on the Phat Choping Block. Now onto the Show!

Unfortunately for you, Bad Tito has returned! This is the column where I tell it how I see it, so can you dig that?

This week, I've recieved tons and tons of e-mail regarding the Phat Farm spots. I've never read so many columns in my life. As you might have noticed, the spots filled up VERY slowly. Why? I was very picky on originality. I recieved over 500 columns of things that are already done on the net. Not to be mean, as this time of accepting applications proved to me that the net can truly write, but many of them were the same things that you see on the net already. Stuff like reviews over television shows or pay per views, angles, or the current news going around. I also got nailed with a ton of pay per view predictions. Basically, what I was looking for was columns that were unique. Something that entirely hasn't been done before, or something just very entertaining to read. I wasn't looking for columns that were like "here's how I feel about the WWF or WCW..blah blah blah blah". No, I was looking for original columns..and mostly with good themes. That's all I was asking. Although I turned down so many applicants, I want to tell everyone good job for the effort. It showed to me that many on the net are very willing to participate.

Just remember, that the spots CAN get open at ANY TIME. So keep your eyes open for that, and keep sending in some sample columns for me to review. Also, the columnists that are there are reviewed on a weekly basis. Not to be putting pressure on them, I'm just telling everyone the current policy on how to get on at Phat Farm. Like I said before, I'm proud that the writing skills of the net are very high right now. The participation is great as well. If you could add some originality to it, you're set...no doubt about it!

Why is it that the WCW employees are very cocky right now? They are boasting how their new show is the most innovative thing since sliced bread, and how they are going to beat the WWF's ass. They are very cocky right now, at a time where their highest rating on Nitro has only been 3.4. Now I admit, it's a better Nitro, but I don't like the cocky attitudes of the WCW employees now. They bash the WWF more than ever now, as they rip on every small little fault that they do. Do they think that bullshit will attract fans? The WWF is playing the silent approach to it, and they are still on top. Nuff said.

The WWF however is still struggling with stale storylines. Now that Stone Cold is gone for a good while, the need to rely on 'no-heaters' to step up in the main events. I'm getting tired of DX already, the Rock isn't making any progress, and the Big Show isn't over as a champion!! The WWF's true key is having Shane and Vince on camera all the time. On the camera, they must wrestle. Especially Shane. Everyone loves to see Shane wrestle for some reason, as he really gets into it. Vince is also entertaining as well, as he always tries to show off his figure.

On the other end, ECW can't get themselves out of the 0.8-1.2 ratings for the TNN show. I thought this show was supposed to pull 2.0s everyweek? Blah, blame it on a Friday...as it should have grown just a little bit by now. But nooo, it's in the ones one week, and back to 0.8 or 0.9 the next week. Somebody at TNN or ECW needs to start busting their balls. Sure, ECW on TNN is TNN's highest rated show...BUT it's not improving like it should. Do some advertising, or whatever! Do ANYTHING!!

INTERNET BITCHING, as I first start out with something very funny I discovered the other day. I was looking at the Hitbox rankings, as I usually do everyday to see how the wrestling sites are doing, and I noticed that a certain site, Paul's WWF/WCW Wrestling Page, was doing really well as it's in the top 20. Why the fuck do I bring this up? IT'S ON AN ANGELFIRE PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's right. Paul, or whoever owns it, is beating the many high spent domain names, and he's getting free webhosting. Many "kids" buy these web domains which they spend their hard earned allowances on, and they try their hardest to get recognized with their names. But look at Paul! He's on an angelfire page, and those pages are always hard to remember! Now I'm not bashing his page or anything, but just saying that it's shocking to see any Angelfire page beat so much ass against the millions..and I mean millions of domain names on the net. Someone give him a trophy!

Copying and Pasting without credit continues, as it's a never ending battle! I was furious this week when I saw a few people copy and paste my WWF Heat results, as I had to write the results as the show was going on notebook paper, and then spend an hour to type it up cause my television isn't near my computer. But that's not the fucking point! The point is that I was asking nicely at the bottom to please credit myself and Lordsofpain.net. That's all I was asking, and a bunch of fuckers couldn't do that. Fuck them! The thing that kills me is that some of the top hit getting sites are the ones doing this. What the fuck?! Don't they have some professionalism? Hell, a so-called Newsboard Administrator from a "100,000 hits a day site" copies and pastes without credit everyday. Shame on him..and if only his "100,000 internet users" would know his dirty secrets on the news that he tries to provide.

It seems that the Internet BOOM is now over, as I see many Hypermart pages and domain name pages disappearing. Before, everyone and their mother had a Newsboard with EXCLUSIVE NEWS. Now, they are all giving up after a year of hard work. I gotta give everyone credit though. Many want to participate so bad, and they also want their sites to become huge. I know some young webmasters that truly busted their asses on their pages only to satisfy it with 300 hits. Now that's a fucking shame. Some of the pages were really good..but they just weren't getting the hits. It's just a chance to start a webpage these days in such a competitive market.

#That's all for this unfortunate edition of BAD Tito. Bye Bye..for now!

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