Welcome back, once again, to the Phat Daily Column. Consider today a "make up day", as I'm going to quickly grade the Monday Night shows before I do Ratings Analysis. I apologize for taking yesterday off from the Impressions, as I had other matters to attend to. Thanks once again to Tyler Riggs and Nick Ponton for sending me their grades and impressions. Well, anyway, let's get on to the PDC, shall we?

But first.....

Thanks to Mike Aker for the sign on RAW the other night! As usual, I appreciate the support! Thanks again!

Make Up Grades


GREAT show here. The wrestling in this show was up a notch, as all of the matches were pretty intense. The endings on some of them, like the final match, could have improved, but oh well. I'm glad that Sting is taking a big part on Nitros now, because he helps to drive his opponents to a good match. Good match with Lance Storm NOT winning his 4th title against Booker T, and another good one with Jarrett and Awesome put on a good show too.

I was SHOCKED when I saw Reno come in and put on that spectacular spinning move on Kidman. Good God, that's the best new move I've seen in a while! I also liked good old Mean Gene kicking Kanyon during his match. Oh by the way, if they are phasing out Bobby Heenan, why can't they phase out Gene too? Sting is wrestling Vampiro, but he's going after the main eventers too. Rather strange. I do love Vampiro, Demon, and Muta together. They each looked great tonight. Please give me Muta versus Sting again! Oh please do that!!! Anyway, good show by WCW, which deserves a


in my book. I thought Nitro was slowly diminishing, but they came back with a good show this week.

-RAW is WAR-

The interviews were the only bore for me, as the rest of this show was simply awesome! The matches and action was just great! The angles involving Kurt Angle, Stephanie, and Triple H were well done as well. It was very well acted out, as little things like this is what keeps the WWF engine going.

The 3 Way Dance main event was just great though! 3 of the WWF's top performers were in there, although we had a double pin to cause controversy. I don't normally "mark" for anything that the Rock does, but I enjoyed his performance tonight. His best was brought out again by Benoit, and I enjoy his multiple Rock Bottoms at the end for some odd reason. The Dudleys vs. RTC match was very entertaining, although the Dudleys deserve much better. I'll give this show an


as well, for a good, solid show. Best RAW I've seen in weeks, and a great Madison Square Garden crowd!

Overall, one of the best set of Monday Night shows that I can remember! I LOVED both shows this week!

Ratings Analysis


First Hour: 2.7
Second Hour: 2.2
Composite: 2.45


First Hour: 5.5
Second Hour: 7.0
Composite: 6.25

Head to Head

RAW: 5.5
Nitro: 2.2
Nitro vs. Heat - Heat: 2.6 and Nitro with a 2.45, with 2.7 and 2.2 hours.

Lower End Shows

ECW on TNN: 0.8
WCW Saturday Night: 0.6
WWF Livewire: 1.1
WWF Superstars: 1.1

Oh where oh where did the wrestling viewers go? NO Monday Night football to fight off, yet the ratings are still lower this week than normal. Very strange. Especially for RAW, who only had a 5.5 in the first hour with a Madison Square Garden RAW. Forget that, WCW wasn't even above 3.0 in the first hour! Their second hour was even worse! Yikes! I thought it was a solid show too, but that's just MY opinion. RAW was a better show this week, and I wonder why theirs was lower this week. Hmmm.

Heat beat the Nitro composite and the second hour, but barely lost against the first hour. Both shows were down on viewers. 2.6 and 2.7 are too hard to call on significance, so I won't say anymore.

Yeah Vince Russo, GREAT IDEA with your damn Saturday Morning recap show. Nice 0.6 rating there, which really proves how smart he really can be. Again, it's time to give those Power Planters a shot on television, so put them on television and make it a wrestling show again, and possibly bring back Saturday Night! I'd say 1.3 ratings are MUCH better than 0.6...plus, you are furthering your company by showcasing young talent.

ECW, once again, defeated WCW SM, by a narrow 0.2 margin. ECW's ratings are lower this week, especially after the triumph of a 1.0 last week. I guess Billy Corgan can't keep viewers, eh? WWF Livewire tied WWF Superstars this week, as it should happen. I'm in a wonderful argument with a few readers about which show is better: Superstars or Livewire. Here is PROOF why Livewire is better.

Livewire- Better hosts, Marissa(!!!), good recaps of highlights, easy to follow.

Superstars- Annoying Kevin Kelly narrating, rehashed Livewire recaps, and repeats of WWF behind the scenes segments over and over again.

I remember Superstars used to recap Shotgun back in the day, but now it's just a hype show, whereas Livewire discusses the angles and characters from RAW and Smackdown.

-PTC Vice President??? again-

Many were confused on what I wrote about yesterday. I just mentioned a possible happening if Al Gore were to be president. I did NOT mean it in a way that Lieberman wasn't a good politician or that he wasn't able to do the job. He's probably one of the best Democratic congressman right now, but he just has this odd side to him about television content.

That was the point about it, as you can make your own decisions about Mr. Lieberman and the Gore campaign.

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