By Mr. Tito
For the millions...upon Millions of the Tito's fans, welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Tonight is going to be a powerful night of wrestling, according to the hype. Let's hope both federations live up to it, or else I'll have no conscience doing my grades. Oh well, on to the PDC.


-Can the WWF live up to the hype tonight? You have the Millennium thing revealed tonight which is probably Chris Jericho, you have a possible debut of my boy Stevie Richards, the return of the Showstopper, the Icon, the Main Event, the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Micheals, and Jesse the Body Ventura. It better live up to the hype, because they suffered a small ratings loss last week. RAW should bounce back, because many are on vacations nowadays, and the ratings will go back up once school starts again.

-Uh oh. You realize what is coming up? The US Open of course! You know how USA loves their tennis! You know what that will mean, don't ya? Pre-empted or late RAW is WAR!!! I think it's so damn funny how the US Open, which gets way less ratings than Monday Night RAW, can always push the WWF out of it's spot. Hey, USA pays big bucks for the US Open too. Just goes to show you how much respect wrestling gets.

In the Middle: I just love the recent war between Diamond Dallas Page and Chris Jericho. The latest Jericho commentary ripped DDP, and Diamond Dallas Page responded with a few choice words of his own against Jericho. Although Jericho took the DDP part out of his Commentary, it's still causing war of words, and if they ever meet outside of wrestling, it would be a real treat to see them go at it for real.


-Damn, I hate this hummer driver angle. First, they hype it for one pay per view, and Sid arrives. The next night, it's revealed that Sid wasn't the hummer driver, and that he's still out there. They keep the mystery up with that part with the NWO Sting in the hummer, then they drop it! Ahh!! Anyways, it's back now, and my money is either on Scott Steiner or Lex Luger. I still say Lex Luger, but since I haven't heard any injury news on Steiner lately, I'll assume that he could be one too. We'll see.

-Damn, I keep hearing that Dan Severn is talking to WCW. That's probably garbage, as Dan Severn is the king of No-Sell. If you watched him in WWF, you would have noticed that he didn't sell any hits at all, and he wouldn't let any of his opponents slap him in a good move. Dan Severn is nothing like Ken Shamrock in terms of professionalism. Shamrock wasn't affraid to lose a match, nor did he care who hit him with a move. Oh well, if he does go to WCW, they will be getting a real winner.

@That's all for today. Be sure to catch both shows tonight, to see if they live up to the hype!! I'll be back tomorrow to attempt to rip apart both shows(kidding) and to continue the legacy know as Phat Daily Column. Thanks for reading, and chill till the next episode. This is Mr. Tito, wrestling fan, signing off!

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Take Care, and Happy Wrestling!!

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