Welcome back to the ONE AND ONLY Phat Daily Column. Well, it's FOUR columns in a row. Aren't you proud of me? I'm sure you're about as proud as I am about my brother Michael... umm, that's a bad analogy. As proud as I am for my sister Latoya? Oh wait, that's not a good one either.

Lots of weird feedback about RAW last night. From what I saw, I thought it was just another day in the WWF office, with nothing on the main event level really sticking out, which is usually needed for a great all around show. I gave it a barely above average grade (B minus), with many agreeing, while others really torched the show.

And you know what the funny thing about the people who torched the show? They won't have any other columnists taking shots at them. Ohhhhh noooo! Only I get the columns aimed at whatever I say, no matter what my opinion is. Hell, there are times when I write all positive and I get criticized for that. I never knew I'd be the one, online, who everyone tries to get heat off of. It must be the "Mr. Tito" name or something, for I'm an attraction for a lot of cheap shots.

Oh well. I guess it's good to be loved in some respect. On to the PDC.

Thanks to Joe Green for this week's Ratings Analysis banner. I believe I have a few more saved up (I think) to debut for future weeks.

-RAW is WAR-

First Hour: -
Second Hour: -
Composite: 5.4
Composite Last Week: 5.7
Composite Last Year: 6.3

-Weekend WWF Shows-

Livewire: 0.7
Superstars: 1.0
Mtv Heat: 1.6

Well, without the reported hourly composites, we at least have the final composite to look at. As I expected coming in, RAW was down a little bit. However, it's not from any bad wrestling shows or anything of that nature. Oh no. I think that the big 5.7, which is one of the WWF's highs on TNN, was the highest that the current wrestling industry will push for cable ratings. With no competition to fuel extra viewers, the WWF should be happy with the rating last week and thrilled that it was still solid this week.

With the show as a whole, I do think much of the criticism comes from the unnecessary comedy that the show pushed last night. I believe that Stephanie likes a good laugh, therefore, she's been pushing for more comedy sketches anymore. I thought the wrestling from last night's show, though, was overlooked by many of the viewers. Although some where short, many of the matches were solid and had some good outcomes as well.

On the Weekend front, Superstars and Livewire are getting whatever ratings, and Mtv Heat slightly improved. Could that have been from internet hype for the Jerry Lynn vs. Rob Van Dam match?!? Ehh, I don't know if the rating is significantly different than last week's show, statistically, in the ratings.

-Wow, the MECW's big event in the ECW Arena in Philly is FREE this Saturday! That's right. Bring all of your relatives along, cause everyone and their mother can enjoy this show. You know, I wonder if they are going to have capacity limitations on the show or not if a huge demand for free tickets has just been created. Mr. John Collins is making a smart move, too, by doing this FREE show in Philadelphia. Philly fans can get hooked on wrestling like KFC chicken, and many probably missed their ECW. If Collins can provide a worthy substitute for the Philly fans' ECW craving, then he could slowly establish a strong following in the Northeast because the craving will spread throughout the area. Speaking of John Collins, you can hear him on the WrestlePalooza.com audio show by CLICKING HERE.

-Oh lord, it's sooooooo funny how Chyna is claiming that she left wrestling to go after an acting career. HAHAHAHA, what bullshit! Wrestling, namely the WWF, no longer wanted Chyna or her large ego anymore, so her only option is to become an actor.... excuse me, actress! See, this is what I'm talking about when it comes to Joanie Laurer (Chyna's real name) about how she changes her stories and hides the truth. She's so full of herself right now that she'll basically say anything at will. Now, she'll just have to make decent money through B-movies and syndicated shows, and suck it up, because wrestling rejected her for life. Maybe she could start a show with Sable, or compete for her roles in syndicated shows/movies! HAHA! The act and talk about the same, although Chyna is a lot larger in size.

-Kevin Nash announced that the first thing he'll do when his contract runs out , which I guess is when the clock strikes midnight for New Year's day coming up. Nash said that he'll be reforming the Outsiders with DRUNKEN Scott Hall for a New Japan show on January 4th, 2002. After that, it's likely that Nash will put on the old knee pads and suck up to Vince McMahon for his old job back. However, if the wrestling industry is beginning to decline by then, Hall and Nash will have a lot of negotiating power against McMahon and the WWF, which isn't a good thing. Hopefully, by then, the momentum of Royal Rumble 2002 will keep Big Lazy and the Jailbird out of the WWF for any return, whatsoever.

-With the appearance of the Planet of the Apes on RAW, what was the WORST shilling for a movie that a wrestling federation has ever done? Well, the hype for "Ready to Rumble" was pretty ridiculous, but since that was a WCW made movie, we'll lay off of it. The classic Robocop appearance to save Sting back in 1990 was very bad. If you didn't remember, the evil Horsemen were harassing the injured Stinger, and Robocop saved the day. The appearance of That 70's guy for Dude, Where's My Car was funny, but corny and not needed for WWF programming. That movie SUCKS by the way. Although I never saw it because I didn't have UPN back then, Arnold Schwarzenegger was said to have been the best movie shilling of all time on a wrestling program, since Arnold gave the appearance that he wanted to be there to not only hype End of Days, which is also a bad movie, but to be a part of the wrestling entertainment, too.

But those cases aren't the worse. Well.... the Robocop situation was very insane, especially since our human race has yet to create any cyborgs among us. But anyway, the most hideous movie shilling was for Child's Play 4, when we had Chucky coming on to a WCW screen to taunt Rick Steiner, I believe. It was so damn ridiculous and embarrassing to the wrestling industry. How can you have a puppet talk to a wrestler?!?! So in conclusion, having apes coming out is far less ridiculous than some of the cases mentioned here. Speaking of Planet of the Apes, I noticed that many have sent in your thoughts about the ending to that very movie. I've sorted those emails out and I'll read those coming up. I hope someone could really explain how "history" could be the same for "them" at the end.

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