Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. There are lots of issues going around the wrestling world, and a lot of them involve real life political issues. It has been a real treat to see some media places promote wrestling, but never did I imagine that the WWF would be involved in politics. Even worse, they could just be backing one presidential candidate! Well, I'll discuss this and more in today's PDC

Note From Tito: I got in late last night, and instead of staying up and watching 4 hours of wrestling, I chose to study for my Managerial Economics exam, which I have to take later today. So I haven't seen the Monday Night shows, yet, therefore, I don't have the right to grade them or review them. However, I did find two willing individuals to cover my impressions this week. They are Nick Ponton(RAW results) and Tyler Riggs(Nitro results). Both are easily the two best results guys on the internet, and it's an honor to me to have them fill in for me. Enjoy.


By Tyler Riggs

The show started off great with a decent Vampiro/Muta/Demon vs. Dragons match, Sting came in and took care of business with the Dark Carnival, but that adds no heat to Sting vs. Demon at the PPV this Sunday.

I thought the show was just okay throughout the night, but I REALLY liked the ending, the Gene kicking Kanyon stuff was classic, and the Kidman ordeal with Torrie was a little too long, but fun nonetheless. There was less wrestling tonight than in weeks past, but the show was still entertaining, thus I give Nitro a grade of


as it was a show that probably looked excellent on paper, but came across as nothing blockbuster, but still decent.

Nitro Phat Stats

Matches: 7
Clean Wins: 2
Screwjobs: 4
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 0


By Nick Ponton

Raw opened up again with another interview, BUT this one directly effected the action that would take place later in the show. Again this week, too many tag matches. With 7 titles in the WWF, more than one should be defended each week.

This week, the only title defense we got was the WWF Championship. After watching the match between Rock and Benoit, no one can possibly say The Rock has no wrestling talent. Benoit and Rocky put on a clinic tonight in an awesome match.

X-Pac and Rikishi accomplished nothing. I'm the world's biggest X-Pac fan and I'm already sick of this "friendly" feud.

Joe E. Legend finally made his RAW debut in his messenger role. Can't wait to see him get in the ring.

Tough bump by the Ho took the table shot from the Goodfather. Decent match from Dudleyz and RTC, but neither could carry the match.

The six man tag with T & A/Venis vs. Chyna/Too Cool was a waste of time. I may be one of the only T & A supporters, but again, this match served no purpose.

Another interview with Stephanie, Triple H, Kurt Angle, and Mick Foley. You have to admit, anything with Foley, Hunter, and Angle has the possibility of being hilarious. Again, this one directly effected the show.

The Tazz/JR segment did a nice job of getting heat. It looks like they are trying to make Tazz a badass heel and what better way than to attack everyone's favorite announcer?

Big Show/Edge/Christian vs. Acolytes/Matt Hardy was another waste of time. Now the Undertaker threw Big Show off the stage. Big guys throwing other big guys off stages is getting old. Can't they find another way to add fuel to this fued?

Angle/Jericho/Triple H was another good match, but didn't have the intensity the Rock/Benoit match had earlier in the hour. It's always harder for fans to stay involved when there are more bodies in the ring. I didn't really like the ending. I know there are about 5 guys right now who deserve a shot at the title, but the WWF just really needs to pick one and push that guy for a while.

Ponton Phat Stats

Matches: 6
Clean Wins: 3
DQ Wins: 3
Interview In-Ring Time 23 minutes

Overall, the best show in a long time. The Rock/Benoit match made it worth the time to watch. With 7 titles, there needs to be more than one title defense on each show. It makes the champions look like they are afraid to put their gold on the line. There are no matches set for Summer Slam yet, so why is the WWF protecting their champions?



just because there was only 1 title match.

I'll try to have my grades for tomorrow in my Ratings Analysis.

A PTC Vice President???

If you haven't heard yet, Joseph Lieberman will become Al Gore's running mate in the Presidential election 2000. Again, if you haven't heard, Lieberman is a council member of the PTC, or Parents Television Council, an evil group of parents who attack WWF advertisers for sponsoring the WWF.

So basically, the PTC is public enemy #1 for the WWF. The PTC, lately, has lost a handful of sponsors, and are in need of some help now. What better way for them to start more stuff with the WWF than to have a Vice President running mate? When contributors see this, they will then give support to the PTC. You know the PTC will run their mouth on how they have a council member as a possible Vice President.

But let's just say Mr. Lieberman gets elected...what will happen? Well, if you haven't followed Lieberman's career, he's a strong fighter against television content. He's one of the forces behind placing V-Chips in EVERY television set so that parents can limit what their children can watch. He just generally wants to censor television, or have some way to censor it, just like the PTC chases WWF's sponsors. As Vice President, he could help promote his ideas about television content much better, along with the wife of the President, Tipper Gore.

Mrs. Gore was a big opponent against content in the media, like radio, television shows, and so forth. This occurred in the 1980s, and many forget that she was actually the head of this movement. The movement died down really, as Al Gore, her husband, stepped into the political spotlight. However, at the Democratic convention, she's expected to head up a presentation against television content.

So if big Al Gore is elected president, it's only assumed that Lieberman and Tipper would have lots of political power to start stronger movements against television content. So really, if you think that the PTC is a pain in the ass, you ain't seen nothing yet here!

I wouldn't doubt that the WWF will publicly back George W. Bush because of possible ideas like this one. The PTC has caused the WWF to lose lots of ad revenue due to their evil threats. A good 5 million or so are able to vote and are WWF wrestling fans, so it should be interesting if the WWF decides to throw full support towards Bush's way.

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@That's all for today. I'll be back with MORE PDC tomorrow, so just chill...till the next episode. Sorry that I couldn't produce Impressions today, as this Exam is really important to me.

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