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Welcome back to the one and only, PHAT DAILY COLUMN. It has been a long week for me, and it seems even longer for Monday Night to arrive. I'm interesting in who will show up in each federation. Should be interesting. On to the PDC!!


-According to some reports, Eric Bischoff really wants to unmask the WCW Luchadores. Damn, that's wrong because many wrestlers symbolize their mask, and they cherish it. Being demasked is a dishonor to one's self, and to their homeland. Come on Bischoff, you unmask them, it will make them unhappy, and it will make them unreconizable. Hell, just look at Rey Misterio. He's successful unmasked, but he looks like a little 4th grader in the ring.

-Doh, I keep forgetting to mention this in the column. If you caught Thunder, you saw Savage mention that the Hummer Driver is coming!! Ha, it will probably be Sid..just like it was for Nash's mystery tag partner. Anyways, I think WCW dropped it, and maybe saw how many of us are making a mockery of the angle. So, hey, they decided to bring it back to make themselves look smart. Now watch it end up being Rodman...I'd be pissed.

-Poor Ric Flair will now be taking the remainder of the summer off. Oh darn, but wait!! That will give someone a great chance to dethrone David Flair now that Ric isn't around to make sure his kid is the United States champ. Of course, I'd want my kid to do great, but David Flair is horrible! He has no talent, no fans, and no right to be United States champ with so many other deserving wrestlers out there. If WCW will let another established wrestler tell them what to be it.


-Ha, some say there is some heat between Stone Cold and Jarrett over Debra. Can you say RUMOR or GARBAGE? Geesh. Although Stone Cold, like it has been widely reported everywhere, turned down matches with Jeff Jarrett on RAW, doesn't have any personal heat with Jarrett. Jarrett and Debra are good friends from their days in WCW, and that's all. There is NO heat, and plus, Jeff Jarrett is married, so why would he be jealous? Think.

-Whoa. According to Al Isaacs, Shawn Micheals will be at this upcoming RAW!!! Wow! Everytime HBK is there, it's always a good show. I'm wondering what he'll do. He could just make some crazy and fun matches like he did last time, or he could be returning to be a mentor of another debuting wrestler. Hmmm....we'll see on that. I hope RAW, for my gradebook's sake, lives up to the hype. After getting under a 6 in ratings, I'm sure it will.

-Well, yesterday I had my Tito Poll asking readers if WWF Attitude was good or not? Well, the results were 91% thought is was good, and 9% thought it was bad. I loved doing this poll, because it was rather funny. I stated a simple YES or NO, but instead I got like paragraphs from readers analyzing every part of the game!! That was funny. But anyways, it seems that WWF Attitude is living up to its hype, and that's good considering the stupid delays!! Oh well...maybe I'll jump back into video games again, and spend all of my money again.

@Ha, as Tony Shiavone would kinda say: "We're running out of Time!!! Tune in tomorrow for another PDC!!!!"

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