Welcome back to the ONE and ONLY Phat Daily Column. No Pay Per Views to discuss today, as it's two Mondays in a row without any significant news from any event. Oh well, there's always Monday Night Hype! Tonight, we'll see the WWF attempt to keep their momentum up, along with Nitro trying to get past 3.0. No Monday Night football to contend with either, so it should be a battle. On to the PDC.


-RAW Hype-

Tonight, RAW is at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Usually, any RAWs in this building are HUGE! The first time Vince McMahon received the Stone Cold stunner was in this very arena, among other huge feats. The WWF should intend on giving us a good show so that the very hot crowd can explode.

Hey, we'll see Summerslam matches tonight. Since the WWF now believes in throwing everything together, we'll see a damn Fatal 4 Way match between the Rock, Triple H, Chris Benoit, and Chris Jericho. See Wrestlemania 16 for details on how well a 4 way goes. The only way this match would even be worth my dime is if Benoit or Jericho get the title, period. It's time to elevate someone WWF, and not become what WCW became with their exclusive Main Event club.

Expect the angle with Stephanie and Triple H to continue tonight, as we slowly get progress there. The WWF is going to drag this angle out, just like they did with the married couple starting out. I'm sure we'll see a long 20 minute segment of where these two will kiss and make up. Yipee. I like those behind the scenes skits, as they provide a good laugh. Why? Very short and to the point. Those interviews just go on forever without making any sense.

Many considered last week's shows dull because of the absense of Chris Jericho and the Undertaker. Well, the baddest mamma-jamma and the American Badass will be back in action tonight. Remember folks, Jericho suffered internal injuries by Benoit, and Undertaker's knee was destroyed by Shane's men. Care to sell those injuries that you used to take time off for your weddings?

The DirecTV goes as following:
1st Hour: Kurt Angle and Stephanie
2nd Hour: Who versus the Rock at Summerslam?
If this preview is correct, which it struggles to be at times, then we'll see some more "hugging" by Angle and Stephanie and so forth. The second hour should bring true the "rumored" Fatal 4 way, unless the WWF decides to pull a fast one on the internet and everyone else. We'll see tonight!


-Nitro Hype-

Booker T has a rought opponent tonight...his name? Well, you just need to know where he's from: I'm from Calgary.............................................................Alberta, Canada. Good old Lance Storm will do his best Kurt Angle impersonation...ok, I'm kidding there, so quit opening your Outlook Express please, and he will go after the FINAL singles belt that he doesn't have. Hell, I wonder if WCW will give him the World too? WCW has lots of confidence in Storm, and a World Title around his waste would really put him over. I doubt we'll see that, as I predict a guitar for Lance Storm via Jeff Jarrett. Hey, Jarrett vs. Lance Storm on Thunder anyone?

We also get Kevin Nash vs. Rick Steiner in the Bore-A-Rama 2000 match! Yes indeed, as if the match between Scott Steiner and Nash didn't suck last week, we get Rick Steiner now trying to fight this tall slug, especially since Scott is the more interesting one to watch. Expect lots of run ins for this match, along with a very low quarterly rating for this match.

I thought I heard Sting versus Scott Steiner tonight, but the WCW.com preview says NOTHING about it. Hmm.

With a rumored mud wrestling match at New Blood Rising, Miss Hancock and Major Gunnz are expected to do something tonight. Hey, I got it! Why not have them wrestle on the ground for a while, thus stripping off parts of their clothes. That way, Russo's ideas can just SMELL THE RATINGS.

Poor Jindrak and O'Haire. Tonight, they have to face Kronic, and take their stiff shots and put up with their no-selling of their moves. Kronic has done nothing really with those titles, fighting here or there. Although I agree that Jindrake and O'Haire need built up more, Kronic isn't a big ratings draw there fellas. Hey, maybe let them do more 420 references....that will get them ratings(by the way, this will be next week's Bad Tito, Mr. Neon).

Oh God, more Kanyon and the Bagwell family wars. Gee, do they wonder where these rumors of an unhappy Kanyon come from?

The Cat will be in the building, doing his usual craziness. Although I'll always like Mick Foley, the Cat is the best commissioner in wrestling right now!

Vampiro will be in the building, and hopefully Muta too, but not ICP.

@That's all for today's column. I'll be back tomorrow with the Monday Night Impressions, so just chill...till the next Episode.

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