By Mr. Tito
Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. It seems like a long time for Monday to arrive, as both federations are gearing up for supershows Monday. I figure both weren't satisfied with their lower than normal ratings, so they will be ready to pump those ratings back up! Oh well, on to the PDC.

But first, yesterday's column had an error which I was corrected via e-mail a lot. I stated that Snoop and Smashing Pumkins would be performing live, but they are just going to be in the crowd. Oh, so they are just going to be in the crowd, eh? I didn't know the Smashing Pumkins and Snoop were WWF fans. Hey, and if hypes that they are going to be there, don't ya think they will do more than just sit in the crowd? That's what I was guessing, but of course, I'm so wrong. Oh well, like I've said a million times, I'm not perfect. Also, it shows that many read my column closely, and I'm thankful for that. :)


-Expect Mick Foley to be on WWF television in a few weeks. He's fully recovered now, but the WWF wants him to wrestle a few house shows to make sure that he's ready to come back to television. He came back a little early after Stone Cold hurt his knee to fill in for him for house shows. Mick COULD be held back until after Summerslam when Triple H will probably be champ. That way, he can continue his feud with Triple H and exchange the title in many matches. Oh hey, Ross report says he'll probably come back after Summerslam, instead of RAW like many say.

-Yipee! Stevie Richards is signed with the WWF, and he's almost certain to show up somehow on RAW Monday. That's great news to me, but I'm not sure how the WWF will use him. Some stupid talk said that he'll be involved with Chris Jericho, but I highly doubt that. Stevie is still young, and he does have some developing to do, and I truly hope that the WWF can make him a superstar. I just hope he doesn't team with Blue Meanie again, because just look what re-using past angles did for Stevie elsewhere. (ex. being Raven's flunkie again in WCW)

-Hold the phone, the Dudleys have verbally agreed to sign with the WWF. According to the Ross Report, they should sign within sometime this week. That's great news for the WWF, as a good, dirty, heel team is always a nice addition. I'm wondering how much they would allow the Dudleys to say. Sadly, they will be missed in ECW. Without them there, the tag division won't be as solid. The WWF really got some good talent though. If signed, look for them after Summerslam.

-Haha, it's funny how people claim that Mr. Ass's contract runs out in January, but for the past two weeks, Jim Ross has clearly stated that his contract ends in 2001. Duh, if he says it, and since he works for the WWF, then it's true. Just that simple.

-J.R. also stated that the WWF is impressed with Test lately. That's good to hear, since he's young, and he seems to be wrestling better each month. Hopefully, he gets a new angle or feud, because I'm tired of seeing him jump or get jumped by the Mean Street Posse every week. The Intercontinental Belt right now wouldn't be bad right now...but too bad the man, D-Lo has it.


-Oh joy, I'm sooooo pumped for Chad Brock this Monday. I know I'll turn the channel when he performs. The only way his hyped up country performance would be enjoyable is if someone came out after his performance and stomped a mudhole in him. Since he was at the WCW powerplant for a while, that would probably set up a match down the road with someone. Hey, that could be a pay per view match!! Country star vs. Wrestler. It doesn't need hyped.

-According to Dave Scherer, Hak will be out for another month to recover from the Junkyard Match recently held. Hak took a ton of bumps, like he always does, but now he's really banged up. WCW should consider this when using Hak like that. Sure, he can take the hard bumps, but when he's the only one taking the shots, they will take their toll on his body. Other wrestlers don't even have the testicles like Hak does to take any bumps like he does. Hak is the only thing holding up that hardcore division because he's the only one willing to put his body on the line, and now he's out of action for it. Notice: when Hak is hardcore division. Kinda ironic..don't ya think?

Tito Poll: Alright, now that the most hyped video game in the history of video games is out, I'm wondering what it's like. Yes, I'm talking about WWF Attitude!!! I want to know if it's great! All you have to do is send me a simple YES or a simple NO. I'm just curious to see if it actually lives up to it's hype.

@That's all I can muster up for today. I'll attempt to be back tomorrow with yet another installment of the PDC. I hope I didn't make any mistakes today. This is Mr. Tito, not perfect but just a hardworking columnist, signing off!

Lords of Pain!!!

Take Care, and Please Remember that We All Make Mistakes.

Mr. Tito 1999

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