Welcome to RAW is TITO, the Phat Daily Column with the most DEVASTATING RAW review on the internet. Today, we'll look at the RAW that was and be warned, I didn't like the final segment of the show with Triple H and Shawn Michaels, so be warned!!!

You know, just imagine if Shawn Michaels was a "born again Christian" in 1999 or 2001, the two other times they tried to bring him back as a regular character. Meaning, what if he was said to be a changed and much better man backstage. In 1999, Shawn Michaels came back to rejoin Triple H as a heel duo, but he went on Byte This and expressed his opinion about Stone Cold refusing to drop the World Title to Triple H at Summerslam. While his comments were just, they shouldn't have been made public or on a WWF show for that matter. Secondly, in 2001, before Wrestlemania, he arrived at RAW backstage "unable to perform", meaning that he was either a jerk, drunk, or on some kind of drug or drugs.

Aside from his few appearances as commissioner, HBK hasn't really been big since his DX days in 1998, which was, by the way, 4 freakin' years ago! His many failed attempts at a comeback on a non-wrestling role has hurt his star, therefore nobody cared when he joined the NWO in 2002, nor did they care last night about the "who attacked HBK" angle.

Too bad, eh?

It's just great that Paul Bearer's wife, Dianna, beat Cancer. If you read his column by Clicking Here, you'll find out the details about the battle his family went through. I'm very happy for them.

On to the PDC. By the way, check out "Signs" at your local theater if you will... Quite a movie.


Chris Jericho, the talent taken from Smackdown last week, comes out and says that Bischoff knew the difference from a superstar and a loser. Wow, that made tons of sense, given that Bischoff didn't know that in late 1998/early 1999, now did he Chris? After running his mouth, Triple H came down to a face pop, although he's supposed to be playing a heel. Triple H would cut a face promo on Chris Jericho, despite being a face. See the sense this is making? Triple H even made sure to mention how Jericho can never beat him, as he did with the Wrestlemania 18 reference. It then transitioned to the HBK mystery, making me wish that the Pirates were playing last night so that I could watch that. I dislike preseason NFL football games, but I thought the duo of Al Michaels and John Madden was excellent. Rob Van Dam would then come down and challenge Jericho. I'm glad they brought back the old "Mr. Monday Night" title for RVD, and I hope they keep pushing that name.

Our first match was a Tables Match, with Bubba Ray Dudley taking on the Big Show. Hard to watch, just as every Big Show match is. Somewhat entertaining in a way, as Bubba had an uphill battle to beat the Big Show's fatass in this match. Then, thanks to help from another Dudley and Trish, Bubba won the match. Rightful role for the Big Show, to elevate other talent. About time.

The stuff Lance Storm was made to say in the Unamericans interview was completely tasteless, and I hope the WWE loses some television sponsors, ala Bill Maher for the comments made. Storm took a bad shot at President Bush for saying he couldn't protect the country for the attack that happened on September 11th. Am I the only one who has a problem with a heel wrestler using events that killed thousands as a promo? More nasty stuff was said, making me hope that many sponsors leave the WWE, until Sgt. Slaughter appears. Oh lord, that guaranteed a bad wrestling match to watch later on.

I liked Tommy Dreamer versus Bradshaw. Although it wasn't a mindblowing hardcore match, it was still watchable and it actually had Bradshaw putting over Tommy Dreamer here. The fallaway slam from the top was DEVASTATING, as was the powerbomb and the finishing DDT. Very acceptable midcard wrestling here.

I'm sure when Chris Nowinski nails Molly Holly, thus not making her a virgin, he'll be called "Fatass Fucker" or some other pathetic gimmick for someone who likes asses of Molly's size, as if it's really that big.

Goldust is freakin' hilarious this time around, as he now has Mini-Dust (a play off of Austin Powers's Mini-Me). He's just so funny with his impersonations and his trademarks of feeling himself and saying "fffffffffffffffffft, Goldust". And you know what's great? The tag titles are on RAW, and Booker T and Goldust can now go for them.

Nice touch in having a video promo for Kane's upcoming return. That's what they should do for any returning wrestler or one who is debuting. Too bad they didn't do that for Victoria, as seen later on.

Crappy match with Test and Sgt. Slaughter. Amazing how Ric Flair is older (I think) than Slaughter, but who can still look good in the ring? Apologies in advance if Slaughter is actually older than Flair... Anyway, I don't think Test will greatly benefit from beating someone who is way passed his prime.

Next match was a good tag bout between Goldust and Booker T against William Regal and Chris Nowinski. What really helped was how the crowd was really into Goldust and Booker T as a team, which is a sign on who the Unamericans should fight at Summerslam. I didn't really see too much wrong with Nowinski, either. Give Booker and Goldust the titles, and you could be sitting on a goldmine... Amazing how I hated this team a few months ago, yet love it now, eh? I like being proved wrong. Just remember my past comments about the Hardys, Angle, Lance Storm, and many others. I badmouthed them before being amazed by their talents or something they did.

Next, it was Trish Stratus vs. Victoria. Looks like Victoria has been well trained, but the match lacked the crowd reaction to make this match anything special. Plus, Jerry Lawler, as I discussed in my column yesterday, totally sucked commentating on this match. He had an absolute boner about how Molly was a "virgin". Victoria won, but let's introduce her better the next show. They should have ran promos on her coming to the WWE or something. Or at least mention how she went from being a Godfather Ho to a seriously trained professional wrestling. That's a story right there.

Lance Storm/Christian vs. the Hardyz was next, as both Jeff and Matt are unfortunately back in their rightful roles. They just can't cut it as singles wrestlers, and that's too bad because they've done everything possible as a tag team. Good tag match here, with 4 capable wrestlers going at it. I didn't like the lame DQ ending, though, as this seems to be a common thing in the WWE these days. So sad...

So we had this announcer competition between the legendary Howard Finkel and Lilian Garcia. Howard Finkel is hardly on WWE television anymore, so who cares? This only served as a way for Bischoff to order the Island Boys or whatever they may be called to do a violent act for pathetic shock value. I don't care for this crap, as it was so 1998 or 1999 and/or tasteless in anything these days. Props to Lilian, though, for taking that violent slamming move, and they say she's not liked backstage...

The final match, but not segment, of the night was Chris Jericho versus Rob Van Dam. Good bout overall, and I wouldn't mind if this was the final segment of the evening. D'oh, it wasn't. They could have built up the "Mr. Monday Night" versus "Monday Night Jericho" feud up for Summerslam, but whatever anymore. Instead, it will be Chris Jericho vs. Ric Flair at Summerslam, and I have no problems with that. RVD won, thanks to Ric Flair, and that should hype Jericho vs. Flair quite nicely, while pushing RVD in the process. Who can RVD fight though?

And now, a very lame ending to RAW. Eric Bischoff had Shawn Michaels via satellite, talking to Triple H. This was so boring, it wasn't funny! Thanks to very unbelieveable video production, it was found out that Triple H did in fact attack HBK. You know, maybe having X-Pac as the man who attacked HBK would have been interesting and helpful for Waltman's career. That's all I'll say about Waltman for the sake of getting into many fights in my feedback forum. But anyway, Triple H would laugh at HBK, saying that he can't ever wrestle. This would lead to HBK trying to make a statement that he can "fight" when he needs to, and they'll now be fighting at Summerslam. Again, this is like 2 or 3 years too late in the making. Boring in this day and age.

LAST WORD: I enjoyed the matches this week on RAW, and that gets my rocks off enough to not really bash this show. However, I just don't personally like the HBK-Triple H feud, which just seems to not get any interest from me right now. This show gets a


(B minus) for lame "main event feud", with nothing spectacular going on but with good matches overall. I hope I clearly explained myself here... I expect a 3.7 in the ratings, thanks to the weak beginning of the show.

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