Argh! Yet another week without a Pay Per View to hype. Sundays seem so slow without any upcoming news concerning a Pay Per View, and just the energy of a Sunday is gone without one. Oh well, that's what improvising is for! Today's column will feature the wonderful "Show of the Week". Now the wrestlers of the week will be now represented in the new feature, The Jackson 5 for each "day". All of the tag teams will now be showcased in newest column on the Main Page, Makin' the Tag, which you can check out by Clicking Here. With that being said, on to the PDC!

Show of the Week

ECW on TNN- Easily the best show, especially since the other shows were just decent this week. Hell, even if the other shows were stronger, it would be hard to beat this show. It had some excellent "wrestling", along with a 20 plus spot to end the show really iced it for me. The 3 way dance between Corino, Lynn, and Tajiri was just spectacular, and the others were pretty good. This show was just action packed, and it had under 10 minutes of commercials! That's unheard of for ECW shows, as they average around 14 minutes. ECW seems to be really stepping it up lately, either to prove how stupid TNN is, or just to land a deal with, say, USA Networks. Great work this week ECW!

-Heat Preview-

Since I see that has a wonderful Heat preview, it's time to review it!

Mick Foley will be at Heat tonight. Why? Because the WWF is spiking this show beyond belief to
A) make themselves look good for Viacom and Mtv
B) have the bragging rights to say that a 3rd ranked show can defeat another federation's 1st ranked show.
I guess from last week, "all hell broke loose", so you could say it's going to happen again? Hey, that's what they are hyping, and that's why they want YOU to watch their best show on television.

Want an awesome match to make you watch this show? Try Tazz vs. Eddie Guerrero. As long as nobody runs in, at least in a short period of time, and that Eddie can still wrestle decent, since he's injured, it should be a spectacular match! Let them wrestle!

Also, Edge and Christian, who just could become the next New Age Outlaws, will be in the house. Oh yeah, since Mick Foley is there, Edge and Christian will have their own little run in with him. I'm sure Mick and them will get in a wonderful conversation, and Mick will then proceed to book them against some evil tag team. Hey, and Edge/Christian will escape losing again!

Trish Stratus will be there, along with her 40 pounds of silicon. Don't know what she'll be doing, as she isn't bending over for Triple H on a Heat show. Maybe she'll do a "shoot" interview. Hell, maybe she'll manage those uncharasmatic T&A wrestlers. Joy, joy, joy!

I did not read the spoilers for this show, so if I said anything against those spoilers, please disregard it!

WCW Problem guys

Yes, I've seen the rumors of the Time Warner higher ups going to axe certain wrestlers. Those certain wrestlers are the ones way over their prime, take a lot of time off, or are complete headcases. Let's evaluate each one!

Buff Bagwell- Why WCW even puts up with this headcase, I don't know. I will agree that this man is very talented in the ring. He still gets a decent pop from the crowd, and is still wrestling well. However, his out of the ring problems and backstage attitude is killing him! He's considered to be very cocky and not willing to work with the Booking team. He's done crazy incidents like punching the ring crew guy. WCW can obviously live without him, especially since he said he could leave WCW in a heartbeat, and join the WWF to be one of their top guys.

Bill Goldberg- Goldberg would be fine if he would just be willing to work with other wrestlers and bookers, and NOT only worry about himself. If he would actually work with wrestlers, his career would be much better off than acting for me, myself, and I. The tension with Goldberg is killing any furthering within WCW of their storylines, as Goldberg is a bad roadblock.

Diamond Dallas Page- DDP, right now, is still recovering from injuries suffered on the 3 cage match, and he's taking time off to cool things with his family and WCW. He was used well during the beginning of Russo's second run, and then Russo's ideas about wrestling got WAY out of hand. DDP seems to take time off when the backstage politics get way out of hand, and I would too.

Hulk Hogan- He's a problem that WCW does NOT need to deal with right now. The locker room is now finding new leaders in Booker T, Jeff Jarrett, and others. Hogan will just destroy everything that has been fought for. Hogan is WAY past his prime right now, and isn't worth losing more viewers with.

Scott Hall- Drunken Scott Hall more like it. I'm proud of Brad Siegal, because Hall is nothing but a joke anymore. He always comes back WAY out of shape, and because of that, he's always injured. His drug and alcohol problems ALWAYS come up, and he's also past his prime. He's not worth the trouble anymore.

Lex Luger- Because Luger was unwilling to work with a jobber named Chuck Palumbo, he's punished. He was always a willing worker before, although he was wrestling in a main event status then. I say give him ONE more shot, especially since Luger is in one of his best conditions ever. Besides, he still wrestles the same as he did in 1988, and he hasn't lost a step!

Somebody does need to rule WCW with an iron fist right now. Some of these guys are real problems for WCW, and always have been. Something drastic needs to be done, and fast. WCW is getting the same subpar ratings each week, and the arenas sure aren't filling up like they used to still. Especially when you might lose over $60 Million this year alone.

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