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Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. What's next for the PDC? Well, right now I'll do stuff on the fly, and I'll do whatever comes to mind when righting something extra. As for yesterday, many people wrote me about my Undertaker comments. Well, the reason for that was my opinion on how the Undertaker now isn't the same Undertaker from back in the day. That's all, and I thought he would play a lesser role. Anyways, on to the PDC.


-Oh lord, Tony Shiavone will be returning to the announcer's booth this Monday on Nitro. Argh, that bothers me because Shiavone is so damn annoying to listen to, and he overhypes everything. Shiavone can't call moves if he tried, and he can't sell any of Heenan's comments. Scott Hudson was a pleasant commentator, and he made the announcing fresh and easy to listen to. Shiavone has that damn high pitched voice that makes you want to scream. Looks like I'll have to put Nitro on mute again....

-Damn, I am hearing that Ted Debiase's contract is running out. Will WCW pick up the option to re-sign him? Doubt it, as they have used him only on Backstage Blast(Nitro online), and they have kept him off camera for a while. If you think that he would go to the WWF, think again. He's an ordained minister, and I don't think he would go for WWF's adult themes. Debiase will probably do a few church oriented independent shows or just go around the US or so preaching.

-Well, some rumors say that Dustin Runnels will show up on Nitro. Ha, if he does, it will end all speculation that he was behind G-TV the whole time, and that his release/divorce was a work. I hope so, because I hate when a federation messes with my head. If Dustin Runnels enters WCW, it's hard to say if he'll do a shoot (for real) interview versus the WWF. We'll find out Monday.

WWF is reporting that Ken Shamrock will take the year 2000 off to train and compete in UFC. That's cool, as I thought he would finish his WWF career soon, but he will be around for a little more. Many say if all goes well for Shamrock in UFC, he might stay there permanately. If not, he'll return to the WWF. He has stated that he's enjoyed his run in the WWF, and that is WASN'T a wrong career decision to jump from the UFC to the WWF.

-What the Hell is WWF thinking? They have one Smashing Pumpkins playing at RAW, and two Snoop Doggy Dogg singing as well. Argh! Now it's not like I hate these musical acts, it's just that I feel musical acts have no place in wrestling because they hardly generate ratings. Look at what it has done for WCW. Let's see here...Master P...failure....Megedeth...failure... Now sure, my favorite ICP marks will write me saying how great their guys are, but I'm talking about live performances on Monday Night shows.

-Nothing is official on the signings of the Dudleys or Stevie Richards. Some jump to conclusions that when talent is in "talks" with a federation, that automatically means they are entering the WWF. Stevie Richards is having "talks" with the WWF right now, but nothing has been officially reached. The Dudleys are the same way, and it does seem that their ECW careers are over from their recent actions. We'll see if any of these guys show up Monday!

-Speaking of Monday Night RAW, says that Jesse "The Body, not the mind" Ventura will show up at RAW. Ha, his downward political career will really begin there. I still say Ventura made a stupid mistake by being part of the WWF, especially the new adult themed WWF. I suppose his running for Governor of Minnesota was only a joke.

@That's all for today. I'll attempt to be back tomorrow with yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. Until then, why not chill... This is Mr. Tito, Daily as daily can be, signing off!

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