The evil Jackson 5 singer turned internet wrestling column writer has returned! That's right... although it's nothing quite like the days when the Jacksons ruled the 1970s, but oh well. It's Sunday, and we'll be serving up lots of Daily Apples. Now can you like those apples?

Since I missed yesterday's column, here are the Week in Review awards, very quickly:

Wrestler of the Week - Booker T
Best Tag Team - Palumbo/O'Haire
Match of the Week: - Billy Kidman vs. X-Pac from RAW is WAR
Surprise of the Week - Long Term booking for Summerslam
FINGER OF SHAME - Bahamas trip on Tough Enough

You know what's sad? For Friday/Saturday's column about Tough Enough, my dumbass completely forgot about Kurt Angle's appearance on the show. The fact that the WWF just shit all over their whole talent roster by pampering 8 individuals who weren't paying their dues to get into the business made me get off the deep end. I did enjoy what Angle was trying to tell the contestants, and that is when you're in a hold, sell it like a champ! Kurt Angle has become soooo good that he's one of the best sellers in the business. Whenever someone slaps him in a submission, he looks like he's about to have a child, it hurts that bad!

But hey, that's what happens when one subject pisses me off that much. Let's eat some apples, shall we?

-Tonight, on Mtv Heat, the WWF will feature a match between Rob Van Dam and Jerry Lynn. This match should be HUGE for both Lynn and RVD, especially for Lynn. RVD, for the most part, has shown that he's the real deal and he'll be bringing his stuff everyday. Lynn, on the other hand, hasn't convinced WWF officials that he is indeed talented and has more potential than many of the WWF wrestlers on television today. This match should be interesting because neither guy will be wrestling on the small trampoline like they were in ECW. The WWF ring has more size, different ropes, and has much less bounce. We'll see how both guys manage to work the match and if it saves Jerry Lynn's career. Also, let's see if it keeps RVD's momentum going, too.

-If you didn't catch it, Smackdown returned to old form with an awesome 4.7 rated show. The mixture of the invasions and the return of the Rock has really bolstered the rating once again. But there's no need to celebrate now, especially since WWF ratings, these days, aren't exactly the most stable things in the world. The WWF must keep it going, at full power, to keep drawing the fans in now. There is no competition to push the fanbase up now, so the WWF must do it on their own now. Like I say a lot.... the WWF wouldn't have to worry about putting on Pay Per View quality shows if they put on better material during the months of May and June, where the Triple H/Austin vs. Undertaker/Kane LAME feud was carrying the show, while the midcarders were receiving no television time or respect. Duh huh.

-Tough Enough scored a 2.1 rating, which is their average, right? Well, whatever, I think the WWF is damaging themselves by alienating the wrestling fans. When an average wrestling fan tunes in and sees the Tough Enough contestants partying in the Bahamas like a Real World format, they'll turn the channel. But remember, we have blithering idiots in the production trucks and at the WWF corporate headquarters, so take what you can get, I guess. Plus, the rating could be down because Mtv replays Tough Enough nearly 6 times after it originally airs. Probably more.

-I wouldn't read much into the Chuck Palumbo/Sean O'Haire attitude problem scenario. If they were such headcases, they wouldn't have been given a win over the Hardy Boyz on Smackdown, now would they? Of course, the Hardys have been made into jobbers over the last few weeks, which is rather sad. With Palumbo and O'Haire, they are just young and they didn't have their attitudes adjusted when training in the Power Plant. Instead of, say, travelling to Ohio Valley Wrestling after becoming discovered, O'Haire and Palumbo went into a very nice training facility, where they were GUARANTEED a spot on the WCW roster if they graduated the training. So in reality, any wrestler could just pay their money and get a spot on the WCW roster, while WWF wrestlers had to earn their spots. BIG, BIG difference.

-My gosh, if you look at this week's Ross Report, you'll see NOTHING but injuries! WWF wrestlers, thanks to the needs by Vince McMahon to have people step up because of the lackluster months of May and June, have been going at full power and they are putting their bodies on the line in efforts to make the shows better. Geesh. No wrestling federation should go through as many injuries as the WWF is going through today. Sure, the WWF has a big roster right now, but these guys are humans, not wasteful commodities like Vince McMahon seems to treat them anymore.

-More rumors are circulating about bigname WCW stars coming into the WWF to be a part of the Alliance. As far as we know, Scott Steiner will be the only addition to the WWF, once his back heals up. After that, it's very unclear on who will come over. Bill Goldberg wants his guaranteed money, still, and I remember reading a report that he's not too enthused to wrestle anymore. Sting will most likely retire, as he's shown no interest, despite some saying he might jump once his contract ends next year with Time Warner/AOL. Kevin Nash is enjoying life with his huge Time Warner/AOL contract, and has said, many times, that he has no plans on getting out of his contract. Nash's deal ends sometime in early Spring of 2002 or somewhere around that, to which he plans on putting together a deal for the WWF to grab, thinking that the wrestling industry will be down by then and he'll capitalize! Slick Ric Flair has been reportedly discussing terms with WWF officials about his WWF return, and whether it will be worth trashing his ironclad Time Warner/AOL contract for it.

-With Ric Flair, what does he honestly have to lose? He's already made millions off of the wrestling business and other ventures. One last WWF run could more than make up for any money possibly lost through the Time Warner/AOL deal, and his star power would increase in the better environment. Flair should just remember the time where he was in the WWF for 1991 and 1992. Vince McMahon treated him with nothing but class and even pushed him to win 2 World titles in that short timespan. Flair couldn't ask for any better treatment elsewhere. Of course, Flair wouldn't be billed as a top wrestler now, but to have him as a talker would be more than worth his while.

-As for the NEW WWF television show coming... All it will be is a glorified version of Livewire, but just 2 hours long. Ugh. The claim that it will be a "magazine type show", when really, it will be nothing but the same old recap show. Blah. You know what the WWF could use these days? Remember Prime Time Wrestling from back in the day on USA Networks? Back then, the WWF put on some rare matches that were either dark matches, special attraction houseshow main events, or matches edited off a television show due to time constraints. That worked so well. But I highly doubt we'll be fortunate to get any good matches or exclusive matches on this new show, and it's only going to flood wrestling fans with too much WWF programming on the weekend. Let me rephrase that: adding the magazine show will only flood wrestling fans with too much SHITTY WWF television shows on the weekend, with this and Mtv Heat to watch.

-In the Ross report, you'll see JR talking about sending a bunch of WCW talents to Cincinnati to train in the HWA, you'll notice that a good many of them were a big chunk of the Cruiserweight division on WCW. Guys like the Yung Dragons, Shannon Moore, Kwee Wee, Elix Skipper, Lash LaRoux, Evan Karagias, Kid Romeo, and Jaime Noble will ALL be there. I mean, that's a shitload of solid Cruiserweight talent, and they were CARRYING the final WCW shows with their awesome tag division and more, with stars who have already debuted, like Billy Kidman and Hurricane Helms. Even better, Jim Ross is reportedly going to talk to Rey Mysterio about possibly joining WWFE, too. Even if Vince McMahon is stubborn about giving Lightweights a chance to shine, he can't deny how damn talented a lot of these guys are.

And Finally, you aren't seeing a Mr. Tito on his way out, as some of you have been questioning. As I've said before, school, work, and anything else that pertains to my life has been keeping me very busy right now. Especially the school part, as it's not only taking up time, but burning me out as well. Shit happens, and I have to do what I have to do. I am, in no way, retiring or toning it down. After this week, I should return to form after one of my classes end. At least I think I can.

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