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Welcome to the 130th consecutive Phat Daily Column. Hey, isn't 130 kinda significant? I kinda think so. Now it's not as significant at 125, but it is a nice, even number. Well anyways, it's Possible WWF Angles time!!! That's right, this column is a MONSTER COLUMN, so allow yourself some time to read this one. :) On to the PDC.


-It seems that the Dudleys are on their way to the WWF, and good old Terry Taylor, I hear, was the fella responsible for it. If they have actually signed, expect lots of censorship on Bubba. If you heard his Heatwave comments or know about his crowd taunting, then you know that the WWF won't allow it. Hopefully, they don't flop like another tag team Terry Taylor brought in, you know, called Public Enemy. This is IF the Dudley's sign.

-This Monday could be EXPLOSIVE for the WWF, as Chris Jericho's debut seems likely to happen. Yes, as I keep getting tons of mail claiming that Jericho is the Millennium countdown. Duh, like I really didn't know that. Geesh. Anyways, it's uncertain if he'll wrestle on Monday, but there's a great chance he'll show up. Stevie Richards is also rumored to show up, but it's not official yet if he signed. We'll see on Monday!!!


-Yes!!! WCW is finally going to give Chris Benoit a good singles push. That's right, his defeat over DDP Monday was the start of it, and David Flair is now in his sights. Benoit is going to win the US title from stupid David Flair, and he will finally get some recognition that he's always deserved. I think WCW realized how upset he was when they had him embarassed by David Flair a few weeks ago, that they realized he's very due for a title and a push.

-Bob Ryder reported that the Women's match at Road Wild has been dropped?!? Well, for those of you really planning on buying Road Wild to see a classic cat fight, you might as well look away. I think the reasoning behind it is the fact that Gorgeous George, who Medusa was blaming for the feud, is too heavily involved with the Macho Man/Rodman feud. I think WCW thinks the women's match could take away heat that they want the Rodman vs. Macho Man match to have.

-Speaking of Macho and Rodman, WCW is really pissed at their actions and words from last Monday. It's strange how WCW works sometimes, as they get mad at some stuff that wrestlers do, and ignore other stuff. Anyways, expect WCW to maybe add a twist to the match, or make it a mixed match with Mona on one side and Medusa on the other like one time reported. I think if Macho and Rodman were in the ring fighting in singles competition, it could get ugly and result in a blackeye for WCW. But hey, cooler heads could prevail.

Time to have fun!!!

Possible WWF Angles Update

Ah yes, the fun WWF angles. Damn, they are so hard to call. The WWF is way less predictable than WCW is, since the storylines are so damn complex. But hey, I'll try my best, and just remember that this segment is OPINIONATED, and not fact. They are my predictions, and my predictions only. Sit back, relax, and hopefully enjoy!

Stone Cold Steve Austin - I see Stone Cold losing the strap somehow at Summerslam to Triple H. After that, I don't really expect Austin to go after the World Belt much. I think he will be involved with some side feuds to keep him out of the title scene momentarily. Maybe a high profile feud with Jarrett to help Jarrett get over. Hopefully not another Undertaker feud.

Undertaker - I see Undertaker causing chaos with the Big Show for a while, then eventually, like he said, stabbing the Big Show in the back, thus starting up their feud again. I somehow think that the Undertaker has accepted his role as kinda going downhill in his career now, and maybe he'll let Kane get the best of him.

Jeff Jarrett - Now that Jeff Jarrett is no longer IC champ, he can now follow his dreams and become a main eventer. He's been getting good heel heat, and I see Debra eventually dumping him...maybe for Stone Cold in an upcoming feud.

Kane - I think the WWF is really starting to appreciate how much of a star that they have made Kane. I have this great feeling that Kane will finally step out of his brother's shadow, and start winning big matches. Remember, he's a former champion, so he can handle it. I see him continuing his feud with Big Show and Undertaker, but I'm wondering if he'll find a suitable partner to go up against him. Whatever happens, I think Kane is do for something really good.

Mr. Ass - I see Mr. Ass continuing his main event climb, but I think he's going to pay lots of dues along the way. I think the Rock will lay the smack down on his monkey ass, but he'll get up from it to continue his main event push.

The Rock - The Rock is set and ready to eventually getting the world title push, which should be fairly won. He will defeat Mr. Ass, and go on, and hopefully not fight Triple H for the title.

Big Show - I think that Big Show is going to take a long time before he is truly considered one of the top wrestlers in the WWF. He's paying his dues, plus he needs to find a way to get over with the fans. He's probably going to feud with Undertaker down the road, after they break up, and he'll probably defeat Undertaker in a way to get over. After that, the title will be in his reaches.

X-Pac - I see X-Pac continually helping with Kane, and helping him become a champion. I think X-Pac will continue to have those little pushes, but his size really hurts him for any world title contention(not that he can't handle it). I think he'll tag with Road Dogg a lot, like he already does.

Degeneration X - I think X-Pac and Road Dogg will always support it, but it won't be like a group effort like it used to be. Maybe if they add someone, like a Kane or so, then maybe it could really take off.

Road Dogg - See X-Pac.

D-Lo Brown - My hero. I think he's in store for a long IC title run, and I think he'll either drop the Euro strap, or actually be stripped down the line. Either way, he's set for a nice IC title run, and quite maybe losing that down the road to someone like Edge. He could possibly feud with Mark Henry, but that's not for sure.

Corporate Ministry - I think with Vince gone, it won't function fully as a cohesive unit. Each wrestler will fight on their own, in their own feuds. Only maybe getting together if Shane needs something.

Triple H - I think he'll win the World Belt, finally, at Summerslam, and he will hold that for a good while. I think he will fight Mankind as his first title defense(s) and maybe lose it a few times to Mick. Whatever the case may be, Triple H will be seeing gold somewhere.

Test - I see him continuing his feud forever against the jealous brother Shane..and maybe doing some stupid angle where he will do something drastic with Stephanie...maybe marriage!

Mick Foley - Welcome back Mick! He'll return as Mankind, and he'll be the first man to go after Triple H. He could beat Triple H, and exchange the title with him like he did with the Rock. Joy.

Acolytes - I see the WWF truly trying to make these guys one of the finest WWF tag teams ever. I don't see these two dropping the straps for a while. If they do, it will be by the returning Hardy Boyz.

Edge - Big things expected for Edge, but he'll probably pay a little dues before winning the IC title again. I see a continuing feud with Gangrel before he goes after any gold.

Big Bossman - Quite possibly the last Hardcore champ ever, as I hear that title is in consideration to be dropped. Anyways, I see him getting out of the hardcore scene, because he quite simply isn't hardcore. He's going to do small feuds, or decent sized feuds, but I don't see any success from him.

Ken Shamrock - Not much, except that he's going to finish some business(feuds) then pack up for the UFC. I'll miss him.

Val Venis - Like I stated in my last WWF angles thingy, I don't really see anything new or spectacular from Val. He will continue to tag with Godfather on occasion, and then feud with someone who has a valet.

Godfather - Like Val, nothing new or spectacular.

Al Snow - He could eventually get his hardcore title back, but I see his career dwindling to just doing Shotgun matches. Poor guy.

Chyna - I'm so surprised at how much she gets hit. I see her trying to enter the singles ranks, men's ranks I mean, and who knows what will happen. She'll continually help interfere for Triple H and Mr. Ass.

Gangrel - I see him feuding with Edge for a while, but I truly don't see what else the WWF could do with him. Maybe some Shotgun matches?

Mean Street Posse - All they will ever do is get pounded for Shane..that's it.

Mideon(sp?) an Viscera(sp?) - They will both continue to take up space and job for the Corporate Ministry. Yay.

WWF Lightweight Wrestling!!! - Ha, I see this possibly starting again with some decent Lightweight wrestlers resurfacing, but like last time, it will go down the tubes.....

Steve Blackman - I see him fighting Ken Shamrock till he leaves for UFC, and then Blackman will either go down the tubes or continue to be the Corporate attacker.

PMS and Meat - I think Meat will continue his rise to becoming a up and coming wrestler, and I see Terri Runnels getting big as well. Whether she's behind G-TV or not, she's up to something.

G-TV - I predict, like all strange "who is" angles behind them, that it will be eventually dropped..unless, someone takes the role. I have heard so much stuff about how Dustin Runnels wasn't released, and how it has been all a work. I don't buy it. I'll say, G-TV will eventually be dropped like a Hummer driver! haha

Mark Henry - It's strange how the WWF tells him to lose weight, and now he's doing an angle of it. He'll probably just help out D-Lo and maybe feud with him down the road. Not much from Henry.

Kurt Angle - He'll continue to wrestle house shows and dark matches until the WWF really needs new talent to spread around. He'll probably grow like Shamrock did.

Hardy Boyz - I suspect that they could drop P.S. Hayes, but maybe not. They too, are going to pay dues on their way up to the WWF belts again. The WWF thought that they should hold back a little on them, and let them grow.

Hardcore Holly - I expect some great things out of him, since his Big Shot angle is really getting him over. He's like an X-Pac to the Big Show. Ha. I expect him to continue to bug Big Show, and maybe start a feud with someone kinda big. Too hard to call.

Droz and Prince Albert - Nothing big, maybe a few tag title shots sometime on Heat or RAW, but don't expect much.

Women's Wrestling - The WWF will push it for a while, but then it will crash like every other Women's division ever has. Damn shame and it's sad.

The McMahon Family - I expect Stephanie to continue to be good and be with Test, Shane to run the Corporation with daddy gone, Linda to sit at home and laugh at her family, and for Vince McMahon to take a good vacation and come back with a mean streak! I see Vince coming back because Shane will somehow do it since he's a controlling owner of the WWF. Quite simple.

Every other wrestler not mentioned here will mainly job, or have less of a role, or could be involved with the lightweight division.

And Finally.......

The Showstopper,
the ICON,
The Main Event

The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Micheals - How could I forget him? I have a feeling he's on his way back real soon, doing his usual booking matches role. I'm hoping that he'll get more involved, but don't expect it. Like he has in the past, he'll come and go whenever he pleases. I really wish he was able to wrestle again.

Oh yeah, forgot!

Future or possible WWF talent!

Chris Jericho - I think he start off by fighting some WWF strong midcarders, but I don't think he will have to pay as much dues as other wrestlers. He has potential, and on top of that, great mic skills. He'll grow with company, and in time become that main event wrestler that everyone expects him to become in the WWF.

Dudley Boys - Expect them, if signed, to become a fowl mouthed tag team. I don't expect much yet from them, but they could be great down the road. Maybe a bothersome team for the Hardy Boyz?

Stevie Richards (if he signs) - If he signs with the WWF, he will most likely, have a very small role in the WWF, unless the crowd gets off on him like I do. He's still young, and if uninjured, has so much potential. It would be real cool if HBK would be his mentor since he kinda looks and wrestles like him, but that WILL NOT happen. He'll be that midcarder that runs his mouth and can do a good feud on Heat or something. :(

Hey, wouldn't it be cool if Stevie and Chris came in together and teamed up on RAW Monday?

NOTE: If I forgot anyone, I'm soooo sorry!!! I'm only human. I hope you have enjoyed the WWF angles, because I put a lot of work into them. Speaking of that, like the last time, if you want to use these somewhere else, please credit me!! That's all I ask. Not too hard to do, and it's respectable. Thanks for reading.

@Phew!!! That was fun, and it only took 2 hours to make! Ha, the WCW one took me longer..hmm. Oh well, there you have it. I'll do the angles again in a few months. I'm not sure what to do next with the PDC, as I have my Wrestlemania things done, my Angle reports done, and my Top Ten wrestling influences done. Those were my goals for this summer, and I've completed them. Hey, maybe I could go on vacation now! Haha. So until the next PDC, just chill... This is Mr. Tito, Daily Columnist who lives up to being daily, signing off!

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Take Care, and Happy Wrestling.

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