Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. It's WWF Day....yipee! I'm very short on time this morning, however, so this could be more brief than ever. In this very column, we will look at the night of Smackdown, other WWF stuff, along with the new Jackson 5 for the WWF! On to the PDC

But first...

Thank you so much to the individual who held up the LoP/Tito sign at Smackdown. Like always, it's greatly appreciated.


-Smackdown Thoughts-

Same pattern, again this week. Something with Road Dogg and Xpac in the beginning, and an interview to follow that. Same thing since Fully Loaded. Must be nice to be sooo far ahead.

Wow, the European champ loses to the Hardcore champ. Now if this were WCW, Perry Saturn would have won that hardcore title. Still, you should push your wrestler who has a singles title, and NOT let him lose to another singles wrestler with a title.

Nothing else to say, except for the fact that the WWF is slowly brewing up a good storyline with Triple H and Stephanie. Now, there will be more interest from Stephanie on Kurt Angle, which will FINALLY end this long and drawn out angle! It's been torture ever since Wrestlemania 2000 when it really got out of hand.


If you smell....what the REPUBLICAN....is cooking. Yes indeed, as the Rock made a good impression at the Republican convention from what I heard. It's even better that the evil Nazi and SS cult, the Parents Television Council, couldn't stop the Rock from making a brief speech. Better yet, he was on hand to announce the WWF Voting campaign, which is damn smart by the WWF! How can the PTC gain support when the WWF is promoting voting? They are getting their fans to vote!!!

WWFVOTE.com is the place to be, as Vince McMahon needs a pat on the back for this one....or whoever came up with this idea. You'll could have a good 6 Million registered voters that might need persuaded now, if the WWF is successful with their campaign.

The next question is......who will show up at the Democratic Convention? Hey, if you are going to show up at the Republican Convention, you might as well support the other side as well. Many seem to think that the Rock will show up there, too. I doubt it though, as another wrestler would be better to show. Some people have suggested to me that Stone Cold would be a good choice, although I disagree from his past antics on the storylines of flipping the bird and drinking beer. I'd suggest Triple H....oh wait, he had a woman drugged and taken to a cheap Chapel in Las Vegas. WAIT! Mick Foley is the one! Best selling author, a blue collar worker....he's perfect for the Democratic Convention. Plus, I'd love to see him cut a Cactus Jack like promo there!

I do love how the Rock confronted the head PTC cult leader. The WWF needs to somehow do much more of that kind of thing. The PTC obviously hides behind its donation money, and the WWF is just getting screwed royally thanks to the PTC angering sponsors. Now is the time WWF! They are getting weaker, and with good policies like WWFVote.com and other things, you can crush the PTC like a grape!

The Jackson 5

Remember, this wonderful top 5 wrestler countdown deals with a week by week rating, and not overall for this whole year.

1. Triple H- Injured, bruised, and battered, but he's still wrestling! By far, the WWF powerhouse for the past year, and he continues to show his hard work for this past week. He still is suffering from the pinched nerve, and his left arm is injured. He is the game.

2. The Rock- Performing solid throughout the week, but I still don't see what the World Title is doing for him? He's already popular, and his cheers haven't increased with the World Title. Rumors are floating about a Triple Threat match for that World Title with Jericho and Benoit. Damn, those two will bring out the best in the Rock!

3. Chris Benoit- Still making his opponents look so good! He has wrestled in a series of tag matches this week, to which he made the best of it, since he is the BEST technical wrestler in the WWF ever! Plus, he sold the Frankensteiner from Lita like a champ!

4. Lita- Yes, she's on here. She can wrestle damn well, and the fans are eating her up! The WWF made a smart move, which is now paying off, when they acquired Lita from ECW. It's just a shame that the team she manages is underappreciated.

5. Steve Blackman- Finally, a great gimmick or storyline for Blackman. He has always had the ability, but just not a way to express it. Well, now he has his Kendo sticks and other martial arts weapons to dominate the Hardcore division.

@That's all for today. Sorry that it's so short, but I'm heading out of town this morning. I'll be back tomorrow with ECW Day, which contains FULL ECW on TNN results, Fine Points, and the Jackson 5 for ECW! I'll see you tomorrow!

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